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2018 Fantasy Football Offensive Line Outlooks and Strategy

2018 Fantasy Football Offensive Line Outlooks and Strategy premium
Brandon Murchison July 11, 2018 8:29PM EST

2018 Fantasy Football Offensive Line Rankings and Strategy

Every year the eb and flow of success in Fantasy Football can change just like the weather. Some offenses hit peak years while others can hit a valley in production. But the truly consistent offenses can be tied to the strength of their offensive lines. The play of the line can either help or hinder an offense in terms of production from a Fantasy standpoint. Take for example just last season; teams like the Saints and Eagles had some of the more impressive lines in the league and their numbers in Fantasy showed just that. While teams like the Bengals and Seahawks, riddled with inconsistent play, showed just that as their offenses provided little to write home about in 2017. So how do you evaluate this in preparation for your drafts in 2018? Knowing which offensive lines are among the best in the league can lead you into buying players that you typically would not target. So how do the offensive line rankings shake out?

Offensive Line Rankings (via Numberfire)


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