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Buy Low on Falcons RBs, Sell High on Steelers James Conner

Buy Low on Falcons RBs, Sell High on Steelers James Conner
George Kurtz October 8, 2018 4:02PM EST

Trading Strategies, Buy Low/Sell High Targets and More

At this point in the season, if I have a 4-1 or 5-0 team, I start trolling Fantasy owners in my league who aren’t doing as well. I’m looking at those owners who have to win this upcoming week. They have a below .500 record and it’s pretty much either pull out a victory in Week Six or start looking forward to Fantasy Baseball or Basketball. They may have a good player(s) who are on bye in Week Six. Someone they normally wouldn’t consider trading, but also someone that does them no good on the bench if they can’t pull out a W. You may be able to pry that player loose from them with a lesser guy who is playing this week. It can be a hard sell, but one that is worth the effort. What’s the worst thing that can happen by checking in? They turn you down. No harm no foul there.

If you’re atop your division and looking like a playoff definite, it’s a good time to try and solidify your roster. There is nothing wrong with taking advantage of struggling league members. They may have to make hard decisions. It’s for this reason that you always check your league’s waiver wire, even if you feel you don’t have a weakness on your roster.

Buy Low

  1. Devonta Freeman/Tevin Coleman, Atlanta Falcons: Neither one played well Sunday. It’s at this time if I own one or the other, I’m contacting the other owner to see if we can make a deal. Either I want to acquire the other or trade my half of this duo. The reasoning is simple, I don’t believe that Freeman will stay healthy for the remainder of the season. So, If I own Freeman, I want to get Coleman to assure me of one starter, or trade away my piece to get a player that I feel more comfortable starting each week.
  2. Nelson Agholor, Philadelphia Eagles: Yeah, the Eagles offense looks lost right now. They just aren’t hitting on all cylinders and I think that was to be expected. Carson Wentz was coming back from a long layoff after knee surgery. Wentz is still working out the kinks. Wentz will get better, and so will the entire offense.

Sell High

  1. Eric Ebron, Indianapolis Colts: I’m going to lose a game because Rob Gronkowski played Thursday. You see, if he was inactive, I was going to pick up Ebron and as you must know, he went off to the tune of 300 yards and six touchdowns or something like that. Andrew Luck didn’t have anyone else to throw to Thursday. Luck should have T.Y. Hilton and possibly Jack Doyle available in Week 6. Ebron won’t see anywhere near as many targets. Tight end is a vast wasteland so far this season. You should be able to move him for a solid player in return.
  2. James Conner, Pittsburgh Steelers: What you’re hoping for here is panic from the Le’Veon Bell owner. Yes, Bell has stated that he will return after the team’s bye in Week Seven. Well, that doesn’t mean he will pick up right where he left off. Maybe it takes him a couple of weeks to get into the swing of things. Maybe he pulls that hamstring or groin. I’m trying to sell Conner coming off the big game versus Atlanta on Sunday.
  3. J. Yeldon, Jacksonville Jaguars: As with the Atlanta duo, I either want Leonard Fournette if I’m the Yeldon owner or Yeldon if I’m the Fournette owner. We are already hearing that Fournette is questionable at best to play versus the Cowboys on Sunday. If you had both backs, you’d be a little less worried, as at least you would know you have one back that is good to go.

No Trade Value

  1. Derrick Henry, Tennessee Titans: Henry hasn’t rushed for more than 60 yards in a game this season. Henry has yet to score a TD and only has three receptions on the season. Henry is just not helping your Fantasy team. I don’t want to release him as it’s generally not a good idea to release starting RBs, but he’s adding nothing to your team. Henry is planted firmly on your bench for now.
  2. Doug Baldwin, Seattle Seahawks: Baldwin just isn’t healthy and may not be all season. You can float his name out there on your trade block and hope you get a bite but coming off Sunday’s one reception for one whole yard, the only return you’re going to get is a problem player from another team.
  3. LeSean McCoy, Buffalo Bills: I wanted nothing to do with McCoy coming into this season because of his possible legal problems, lack of weapons on the Bills’ offense, and the possibility that he would have TDs vultured. Maybe you can trade on his name and get something of value in return, but that would require an owner who isn’t paying much attention. But hey, they’re out there.


  1. Royce Freeman, Denver Broncos: It’s frustrating seeing Freeman lose touches to the electric Phillip Lindsay, especially when Freeman is the type of RB that needs high volume to wear defenses down in the second half. The volume should tick up for Freeman as the weather turns and the Broncos realize that putting the ball in Case Keenum’s hands is not a recipe for success.
  2. Josh Gordon, New England Patriots: After the Patriots defeated the Colts on Thursday they get a few extra days to figure out how to get everyone involved in their offense. Julian Edelman didn’t look like he had any rust to shake off, but the extra time can only help him. Rob Gronkowski should have enough time to get over his sprained ankle and Gordon may need more time not only to learn the playbook, but also gain the trust of Tom Brady. This offense may finally be ready to hum.

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