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Injury Concerns About Packers Aaron Rodgers, Texans Deshaun Watson Heading Into Week Six

Injury Concerns About Packers Aaron Rodgers, Texans Deshaun Watson Heading Into Week Six
Inside Injuries October 12, 2018 8:15PM EST

Important Week Six Injury Insights from insideinjuries.com

Aaron Rodgers QB, Packers: knee injury

Aaron Rodgers suffered a setback last week with regards to his knee injury. Rodgers did not participate in practice on Thursday and the Packers will likely try to give their QB as much rest as possible before Monday’s game. While we don’t necessarily think Rodgers will sit out Week 6, it’s definitely possible that Rodgers will have to regress to a larger brace as he attempts to play through the knee injury. Rodgers is far from 100%, and we doubt he will be at any point this season.

Matt Breida RB, 49ers: ankle sprain

Matt Breida miraculously escaped with just a standard ankle sprain after getting rolled up in Week 6. While he avoided the dreaded high-ankle sprain, we still think he needs close to 4 weeks until he’s ready to play. A DNP on Thursday was no surprise, and he had another one Friday, though he does have an extra day to get healthy this week as the 49ers take on the Packers on Monday. Even if he does play, his High Injury Risk and Poor Health Performance Factor are huge red flags.

Dalvin Cook RB, Vikings: hamstring strain

Dalvin Cook is trending in the right direction, but he’s still a week and a half away from his Optimal Recovery Time. Cook tried to return from a hamstring strain in Week 4, but just ended up aggravating the injury. He took a full week off before returning to practice on Wednesday. He was upgraded to a full participant on Thursday, which means the Vikings are giving him the green light for Week 6. It’s hard to tell you not to start Cook, but he’ll likely be just as ineffective as he was when he tried to return in Week 4.

O.J. Howard TE, Buccaneers: MCL sprain

Howard is less than two weeks removed from an MCL sprain, but a weeks worth of limited practice sessions and a full one Friday suggests he’s going to try to make a return against the Falcons in Week 6. Needless to say, we don’t think that’s the smartest idea. His Optimal Recovery Time is 4 weeks, which means he’s still got 2 weeks until he will be healthy enough to play in a game. Howard is an Elevated Injury Risk, and his Below Average Health Performance Factor tells you that he’s too much risky for Week 6.

Lamar Miller RB, Texans: chest injury

Though he was technically active for Week 5, Lamar Miller never stepped foot on the field. He was limited through the week last week before being labeled technically “active.” This week, he was upgraded to full on Thursday, suggesting he’s making strides towards actually playing in Week 6. Chest injuries generally come down to pain tolerance, hence why he was on emergency duty last week. If he’s wearing extra padding this weekend, it could affect ball security.

Deshaun Watson QB, Texans: chest injury

Watson took some big hits against the Cowboys in Week 5, hence his limited practice sessions this week with a chest injury. We don’t necessarily think Watson is in danger of missing Week 6, but this should be a wake-up call to the Texans that they need to better protect their QB. Watson was seen being examined with a stethoscope on the sidelines against the Cowboys, which means something isn’t right. If he takes a big hit to the mid-section in Week 6, it could take him out of the game.

Cooper Kupp WR, Rams: concussion

The Rams’ receiving corps took a hit last week when both Kupp and Brandin Cooks were diagnosed with concussions. It’s possible for a player to complete the protocol within a week, but it can be difficult if a player has suffered multiple concussions. Luckily, this is Kupp’s first concussion (that we know of). He seems to be progressing, as he was upgraded to a full practice participant on Friday.

Brandin Cooks WR, Rams: concussion

Cooks is in a similar position as Kupp, but there is a catch. Cooks has a history of concussions. He suffered one in last year’s Super Bowl and also suffered one in 2015. Three concussions in as many years is a major concern. While Cooks appears to be on track to clear by Sunday, his injury risk will remain High.

Greg Olsen TE, Panthers: foot fracture

There is no other way to say this. Greg Olsen should absolutely not play in Week 6. Or Week 7 or 8. Olsen fractured his foot for the first time last year, and suffered a setback after returning before his Optimal Recovery Time. Then, he re-fractured the foot again in Week 1! He has yet to undergo surgery, but expects that will come after the season ends. The damage that Olsen could do to his foot if he tries play in Week 6 could be career-ending. There is absolutely too much risk here.

Chris Thompson RB, Redskins: ribs and knee injury

Thompson had to leave Week 5 in the second half after sustaining a ribs injury and he is also now dealing with a knee injury. He’s gotten in a week’s worth of limited practice sessions, and has been listed as questionable for Week 6. Thompson is likely dealing with bruised ribs or a single fracture, which he can play through. The main hurdle will be pain management. We haven’t heard much regarding Thompson’s knee injury, but a grade 1 sprain usually needs 2 weeks of recovery time. Thompson will be a High Injury Risk if he plays this weekend.

Isaiah Crowell RB, Jets: ankle injury

Crowell’s availability to Week 6 will likely come down to the wire. He was held out of practice until Friday (limited) with an ankle sprain that we assume he suffered during his monster Week 5 game. A mild, grade 1 ankle sprain usually requires two weeks of recovery time, but a moderate sprain could require a 4 week absence. Either way, he won’t be healthy if he plays against the Colts on Sunday.

Others to Monitor:

Randall Cobb WR, Packers: hamstring strain

Geronimo Allison WR, Packers: hamstring strain

George Kittle TE, 49ers: knee injury

Rob Gronkowski TE, Patriots: ankle sprain

Sony Michel RB, Patriots: knee injury

Josh Gordon WR, Patriots: hamstring strain

Will Fuller WR, Texans: hamstring strain

DeAndre Hopkins WR, Texans: foot injury

Mohamed Sanu WR, Falcons: hip injury

Pierre Garcon WR, 49ers: shoulder and knee injury

Adrian Peterson RB, Redskins: ankle, knee, shoulder injuries

Paul Richardson WR, Redskins: knee and shoulder injuries

Jamison Crowder WR, Redskins: ankle injury

Larry Fitzgerald WR, Cardinals: hamstring and back injury

Jimmy Graham TE, Packers: knee injury

Chris Hogan WR, Patriots: thigh injury


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