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Fantasy Trading Guide: Buy Low on Vikings Dalvin Cook, Sell High on Lions Kerryon Johnson

Fantasy Trading Guide: Buy Low on Vikings Dalvin Cook, Sell High on Lions Kerryon Johnson
George Kurtz October 23, 2018 6:27PM EST

Buy Low and Sell High Tips for Week Eight

I can’t say this enough, all is fair in Fantasy. There is nothing wrong with picking on a Fantasy owner whose team is struggling. If you’re 5-2, 6-1, or 7-0, you should be looking at your counterparts who are below .500. They may feel the desperation of having to win this week in order to stay in the playoff race. They may trade a better player who is on bye for a lesser guy who will play this week. They need the points and you can afford to take a short-term loss for a long-term gain. I traded Mitchell Trubisky and Marquise Goodwin for Odell Beckham Jr. last week. The other team needed a QB (superflex league) and I had four of them. I was able to sell high on Goodwin after the big Monday night game. They needed to win and I was looking for the best overall player. The other team won their matchup this week, so this may be the definition of a deal that works out for both parties, but I’ll still take the better player every time.

In this column we will take a quick look at three players who are buy lows, three that are sell highs, three that you’d like to deal but can’t get equal or much value for, and three you should hold.

Buy Low

  1. Dalvin Cook, Minnesota Vikings: The strong play of Latavius Murray has allowed the Vikings to be patient with Cook and not rush him back from his hamstring injury. If you can find an impatient Cook owner however, one who is just tired of his questionable status week in and week out, then now may be the time to pounce and try to acquire Cook for less than he’s worth. Would there be a gamble in acquiring Cook? Yes, that’s why you should only do so if you’re not paying full price.
  2. Christian McCaffrey, Carolina Panthers: Remember when the Panthers said they were going to give CMC 20-25 touches per game in the preseason? Yeah, that hasn’t happened, as CMC is just not built to take on that kind of workload. His value is purely in the amount of passes he can receive. In PPR leagues we will take this. You can sell the fact that he only has one TD this year to another impatient owner.
  3. Leonard Fournette, Jacksonville Jaguars: Everything I stated about Cook above applies here also. If the Jags were truly worried about Fournette’s injury being season-threatening, they would’ve placed him in IR when they acquired Carlos Hyde.

Sell High

  1. Carlos Hyde, Jacksonville Jaguars: As you can figure out from what I wrote about Fournette above, I do believe Fournette returns, which just makes Hyde a very good backup RB. If you can find someone in your league who believes that Fournette is done for the season and Hyde will be the starting RB for the second half of the year, then sell and sell quickly. Granted, Blake Bortles’ meltdown and the possibility that Cody Kessler starts some time soon doesn’t help matters any here.
  2. Tyrell Williams, Los Angeles Chargers: Yes, I know Williams has three touchdowns and 236 receiving yards in his last two games, but when you take a deeper dive into those statistics you might get a little worried. Those numbers came on only seven receptions and eight targets. It’s not like he has become a main focus of the passing game. What will Fantasy owners do once those big plays dry up?
  3. Kerryon Johnson, Detroit Lions: I love Johnson and think he will be a very good NFL RB, but the problem is that he will have a majority of his touchdowns vultured by LeGarrette Blount. Yes, Johnson had a great Fantasy day Sunday with 150-plus yards rushing, but Blount had the rushing TD. Blount will continue to limit the kind of Fantasy damage that Johnson can do, and 150-plus rushing yardage games come along once or twice a season. Fantasy owners need those games where he only rushes for 75 yards, but hits paydirt to save his Fantasy day.

No Value: Can’t Trade ‘Em

  1. Corey Davis, Tennessee Titans: Davis has 30 receptions, 395 yards, and a touchdown this season. On It’s face those are below average numbers, but if you take out his nine reception, 161 yards and a score versus the Eagles in Week 4, you have a pretty abysmal season for someone who came in with so much hype. Sure, some of the problems are quarterback or play-calling related, but the bottom line now is you can’t start Davis and everyone in your league knows it also.
  2. LeSean McCoy, Buffalo Bills: Really you can put any Bill on this list. That was the Colts that shut them down Sunday. You know, the team that has a terrible defense that generally can’t stop anyone. Even in a league where every RB with a pulse has value, good luck getting anything for McCoy (concussion) unless he is traded by the Bills.
  3. Jordan Reed, Washington Redskins: He is one of the few Washington offensive starters that has remained healthy this season. How ironic is that? Yet despite this health, he just isn’t a major part of the offense. He only has 22 receptions this season, this even though Alex Smith has been looking to throw the ball short. In a Fantasy season in which we are scrambling for TEs, Reed is barely startable.


  1. David Johnson Arizona Cardinals: One of the biggest mysteries this season is why the Cardinals weren’t trying to get the ball to Johnson in space. Running room was always going to be hard to come by with a below average offensive line and no threat in the passing game. This seemed obvious but wasn’t happening under the old offensive coordinator. Hopefully under Byron Leftwich, the Cardinals will realize they truly only have one offensive threat and need to get the ball into his hands any way possible.
  2. Nelson Agholor, Philadelphia Eagles: I keep waiting and waiting for Agholor to look like the player he was last season. It’s just not happening, even with the return of Carson Wentz. The offense and Agholor are to good just to send him to the waiver wire. Hopefully Wentz will remember how good their connection was last season, but until that happens, Agholor is planted firmly on my bench and has no trade appeal.
  3. Deshaun Watson, Houston Texans: Watson hasn’t been himself the past couple of weeks, but that will change. Watson took several big hits in the Dallas game several weeks ago and has still been feeling those effects. The Texans were so worried about his chest injury that they didn’t let him fly to their game in Jacksonville (something about the air pressure). They had him take a bus instead, but he was still cleared to play football. How does that make any sense? Anyway, when his chest injury heals, his Fantasy stats will rise once again. You can’t get much for him now anyway.

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