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Injury Concerns About Bengals A.J. Green, Chiefs Tyreek Hill

Injury Concerns About Bengals A.J. Green, Chiefs Tyreek Hill
Inside Injuries October 30, 2018 2:41PM EST

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A.J. Green WR, Bengals: toe injury

A.J. Green could be looking at another case of turf toe. Green left late in the Bengals Week Eight /”

comeback win with a toe injury and didn’t return. This one could be serious, but the team has yet to release any update on his injury. Green previously battled turf toe in 2014, forcing him to miss a month of the season. If this is anything like his last toe injury, it should lead to a multi-week absence.

Turf toe is a ligament sprain to a joint in the big toe, and it’s especially difficult for a WR like Green to play through because it affects any movement that involved pushing off. That means accelerating and jumping, two important pieces for a WR to be successful. The only good news here is that the Bengals have a Week 9 bye. If mild, the Optimal Recovery Time is 2 weeks, so he should medically be ready to return Week 10.

Tyreek Hill WR, Chiefs: groin strain

Hill left late in the Chiefs win due to a groin injury and did not return. When asked about the injury after the game, Andy Reid said “we will just see how he does here.” That’s not exactly promising. Consider Hill week-to-week as he recovers. A mild groin strain comes with a 2 week Optimal Recovery Time, but if it’s a moderate (grade 2) strain, the ORT jumps to 5 weeks. He is now Elevated Injury Risk (19%) with a Below Average Health Performance Factor (60%). The algorithm indicates he will see a significant drop in his output if he is active Week 9. We will need to monitor his practice participation closely this week to get a better idea of the severity of this groin strain.

Hill had a great first half of the season, but a groin strain could significantly affect his performance if he tries to play through it. It’s an injury that is also easily re-aggravated and made worse.

Chris Thompson RB, Redskins: ribs injury

After missing two games with rib and knee injuries, Thompson returned to the field Sunday but remained a High Injury Risk (33%). He then left with a new rib injury to the other side. This is going to be a pain management issue. Rib injuries can be incredibly painful to play through, even if there isn’t a fracture. And as a running back he needs to be prepared to take quite a few hits. Based on how things went with his last injury, it wouldn’t be a surprise if he misses another game or two while his latest injury heals. Our algorithm is showing a two week Optimal Recovery Time, but even once he hits that mark he will remain a High Injury Risk.

Ronald Jones RB, Bucs: hamstring strain

Jones may be the backup in Tampa Bay, but over the last few weeks he has seen his playing time increase, slowly taking snaps away from Peyton Barber. Now he could be looking at a multi-week absence as he recovers from a hamstring strain. Inside Injuries is showing a minimum Optimal Recovery Time of 2 weeks, and that’s if this is a mild (grade 1) hamstring strain. A moderate (grade 2) strain needs closer to 4-5 weeks to heal. Barber will continue to carry the load with some help from Jacquizz Rodgers, who could be heavily involved on passing downs.

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