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Roll with Cardinals David Johnson, Rams Josh Reynolds in Week 15

Roll with Cardinals David Johnson, Rams Josh Reynolds in Week 15 premium
Brandon C. Williams December 14, 2018 6:50PM EST

Your Week 15 Targets and Touches Report

Fourteen weeks of whimsy has brought us to the Fantasy playoffs, where fortunes and fate can go Freaky Friday on us. A seldom-used player can turn into a performer who carries a Fantasy franchise to the finish line while a season-long sure thing can transform into a blubbering waste of roster space. The gloves are off, kids, as either your team is putting up and playing next week or shutting up and giving you a head start on planning for your 2019 Fantasy baseball drafts.

Take the money over the bragging rights. I’m all for fun and league pride, but there’s not a chance in hell you’ll ever see me walking around with some kind of Fantasy championship belt. Vince McMahon does not sign my paychecks and I lack the star power of The Miz, so if I do win my league, the extra cash for a roadie early in the new year looks more appealing than looking like a near 48-year-old dork walking around with a “championship belt.” If that’s your cup of tea, more power to ya, but don’t think that belt will be the gateway toward getting the phone number of the Lizzy Caplan-looking waitress at Hooters.

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