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Oh Those Dallas Cheerleaders…

Mike Cardano Senior Fantasy Analyst November 9, 2012 8:59AM EDT

And they call it a sporting event...

When someone says “Dallas cheerleaders” you immediately think of the Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders. Over the years the cowgirls have become so popular that they’ve created their own brand. As if the Cowboys don’t get enough national attention themselves, the girls that cheer on “America’s Team” have thrived on their own creating a successful business based on… well… sexual innuendo really. Sure they are athletic, they can dance and they chant positive things in support of the football team they cheer for, but the reality is that their eye candy for the public.

"Look mom, no pole!"

It always cracks me up when squads that cheer for profession teams have tryouts to make the “team.” If you ever seen one of these tryouts, they look very much like the pre-season mini camps that the fellas trying to make the teams go through. Then when the “team” is formed they start to market themselves in everything from calendars to swimsuits to lingerie. These cheerleading squads have their own PR department and you can hire members of the squads in whole or in part (pieces of eye candy) for corporate events, birthday parties or whatever event you want the recognizable scantily clad women to show up for.

Displaced because of Hurricane Sandy and hold up in a hotel I started flipping through the TV earlier this week when I came across a Dallas game. Not a Dallas Cowboys game, a Dallas Mavericks game. Within seconds of placing the remote down there was a time out on the floor and the cheerleaders ran out to do their thing. Va va voom! Well lookie here!

I’m not certain what these girls had to do to make the “team,” I’m guessing waving Pom Poms above their heads and dancing had something to do with it, but whatever it was certainly made for an interesting watch. Here’s to the cheerleaders across America who entertain millions of fans each season. While there may be only one fan base that’s happy after a sporting contest because it was their team that won, attending games now offers an experience sure to leave all fans with a smile on their face and happy where it counts…

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