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Packers Off a Bye is the Way to Go

Adam Zdroik Staff Writer November 14, 2012 11:24PM EDT
People have started asking for my picks as I’ve been at the top of the Yahoo game for a few weeks now. Hopefully this doesn’t jinx me and hopefully my competitors don’t read this. Here goes.

These were last updated on Wednesday night and a lot can change between now and Sunday. Most of my picks are what I consider safe. Now is not the time to be risky. If you have any questions about my picks, just throw a comment in below and I’ll reply.

Dolphins. The Bills put everything they had against the Pats last week and are in for a letdown. The Fins tend to be better on the road and this may be their last chance to save any playoff hopes.

Falcons. I think the Cards will play them tough, but still not going against them.

Cowboys. Like most Dallas games, this won’t be easy. Still, their defense is too good to lose this.

The Packers are coming off a bye and should be able to win on the road.

Packers. I was thinking about the Lions here, but you can’t go against the Packers coming out of a bye. This is the Lions last chance to make a move toward the postseason.

Bengals. If their defense shows up like last week, they should win. The Chiefs gave it all against the Steelers and were let down in OT.

Rams. St. Louis is a good home team and the Jets are struggling.

Redskins. Nick Foles looked good at times, but for the most part he made some really bad decisions. Can’t really trust the Eagles in any game.

Panthers. I thought the Panthers would’ve fought more last week, but their defense has been doing better. Newton should be able to move the ball enough to squeak out a win.

Texans. Yeah…

Raiders. Maybe I’m still mad at the Saints for winning last week. Maybe I’m not. Brees on the west coast, outside. Oakland isn’t great, but they can score.

Broncos. Would say the Chargers here for an upset, but I don’t really want to go against Peyton right now.

Patriots. Luck will definitely make this a game, but the Patriots will want to show the Colts they aren’t back yet.

Steelers. I’m not sold on this one, considering the Steelers QB situation. I don’t think the Ravens are that great though and the Steelers will take being home underdogs any day.

Bears. The Bears didn’t have a great offense even with Cutler. Now they have Campbell at SF.

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