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Mike Trout Was Robbed? Really Riley?

Mike Cardano Senior Fantasy Analyst November 16, 2012 10:11AM EDT

Mike Trout wasn't robbed of anything...

An avid reader from San Diego, CA sent me an email last night with the heading “Mike Trout was robbed.” So here I am thinking, “That sucks. Someone stole the kid’s shit?” So I opened the email to see what this was about. What was inside the email was a link to an article written by Riley Schmitt of Rant Sports titled, Mike Trout Was Robbed OF AL MVP Award. The emailer wanted to know if I thought that Trout should have won the American League MVP.

Here’s my position on this. I don’t know Riley Schmitt, I’ve never read his stuff. I don’t know if he’s young or old, short or tall, gay or straight and I don’t know his upbringing or ethnic background. It doesn’t matter. No matter how you slice it Riley is an irresponsible moron to suggest such a thing.

Riley writes,

Miguel Cabrera brought home the hardware, but Trout was the guy who deserved to win the trophy.”

Really Riley? Let’s have a look see…

Forget analyzing every statistic one by one and arguing point by point. The game is about producing runs. If you are not scoring one yourself, making someone else score or preventing someone on the other team from scoring, in the end, nothing else you do matters. As for Trout’s defensive prowess, he deserves a gold glove and should be recognized, but no one ever won the league MVP for their glove and never will. (I suspect that Mr. Schmitt might pen an article that Ozzie Smith was screwed out of multiple NL MVP’s in response to my comment.)

Mike Trout drove in 83 runs (30 of which were himself from HR’s) and scored 129 times; in total he produced 182 runs for his team. Cabrera drove in 139 (44 of which were himself from HR’s) and scored 109 times; in total he produced 204 runs for his team, a league high.

Riley writes,

Not everyone can win the triple crown.”

Riley, ya think! “Not everyone?” How about no one in 45 years!

Schmitt’s argument for Trout holds absolutely no water. The Angels missed the playoffs finishing the season in third place five games out with Trout on the team. If he wasn’t on the team they would have likely finished in fourth place perhaps 10-15 games out. Who cares if you finish third or fourth? The Tigers on the other hand would have not only not have made it to the World Series without Cabrera, they would not have been a playoff team.

There is a reason that Mike Trout finished second in the voting getting 21 second place votes. He had the second best season. There is a reason that Cabrera received 22 of 28 first place votes, and it’s not because there were 22 morons voting for the award. Riley on the other hand…


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