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Patrick Mayo Staff Writer December 1, 2012 3:51PM EDT

Do you feel comfortable starting Greg Jennings in his first week back? 

Not at all. There’s chance he returns to vintage form and you’ll be furious you left him on the bench, but I certainly don’t want a zero in my lineup at this point of the season. He’s a low-end FLEX. – Pat Mayo

All depends on what the other options are, but I can roll him out as a WR2. The Packers were careful about not rushing back too soon. – Scott Engel

Desperation is a stinky cologne, and it's seeping from Jennings' pores. Photo Credit: Jeff Gross

No, but that really depends on who else you have. Starting a guy the first game after he’s been out for 10 weeks usually isn’t safe. – Adam Zdroik

About as comfortable as Heidi Klum is wearing a bikini at the beach. – Dr. Roto

YES because I said so… – Lou Maione

Not unless I’m desperate. It’s been widely reported Jennings will be on a snap count, and this is in an offense where he wasn’t exactly a target master when he was atop the depth chart. Give him a week to shake off the rust and then re-evaluate. – Adam Ansell

I like him as a WR3 and I think he actually surprises this week. Two full practices – as of Thursday – and he’s got to showcase himself for new potential teams.Jennifer Millman

Don’t like playing Greg Jennings this week. He’ll be on a snap count and just too many other targets for Aaron Rodgers to throw to. –  Gregg Sussman

How about Darren McFadden

It’s too tough for me. I need to see him do it first, and prove he’s healthy. You need to be desperate to plug him in. – Pat Mayo

He may get a split workload, but I would definitely consider him at flex. – Scott Engel

Considering how well Reece has played, DMC won’t be getting a ton of touches and he wasn’t doing anything before his injury anyway. I’d put Reece over DMC this week. – Adam Zdroik

Not thrilled with him this week. I need to see how he cuts on the field. Wait till Week 14. – Dr. Roto

NO WAY “ditto”. – Lou Maione

Yes. And that decision is easier to make if you own Marcel Reece, just in case DMC is a late scratch. If you don’t own Reece odds are McFadden is better than whoever you’ve been starting. – Adam Ansell

He starts, you play him. And just don’t draft him next year. No one needs this headache every season. – Jennifer Millman

DMC’s ankle will be very prone to re-aggravation. Splitting time with Marcel Reese and not 100% healthy is not what you want in a big week. –  Gregg Sussman

I need a tight end again this week, who’s it going to be? 

Jacob Tamme has cracked 48 yards the last two weeks and even managed to find the dancing area against the Chiefs. Expect success to persist against the Bucs and their complete lack of pass defense. Plus, he presents one of the more enjoyable Sunday experiences, screaming ‘TAMME’ in a Timmy voice after every catch. Aggravating to anyone near you, extremely pleasurable to do. – Pat Mayo

Marcedes Lewis. He has become relevant since Chad Henne took over as the starter. – Scott Engel

Josh Freeman finally realized Dallas Clark can catch the ball and he’s getting more looks every game. Clark is available in most leagues. – Adam Zdroik

Dallas Clark. VJax gets Champ Bailey, Mike Williams gets Tony Carter. Clark gets a light chicken gravy type LB covering him. – Dr. Roto

KELLER because I said so… – Lou Maione

Martellus Bennett. The Redskins give up a ton of Fantasy points to TEs, and Bennett looked healthier and quicker after the Giants’ late-season bye. – Adam Ansell

Marcedes Lewis has been doing well with Chad Henne. May not have another 2 TD week like he did when Henne first came in for Gabbert, but he’s become reliable in PPR with Henne under center. – Jennifer Millman

I went with Kyle Rudolph last week and without Percy Harvin, I’m doing so again. He’ll play and be productive. –  Gregg Sussman

My defense has a tough matchup, who can I plug and play? 

The Jets are terrific option, so plug them in if they’re still available. If not, my Mighty Bills seem like just the defense to remind Chad Henne he actually stinks. – Pat Mayo

The Jets or Arizona. They face each other, and it could get real ugly on offense. – Scott Engel

Panthers vs. Brady Quinn. Jets vs. Ryan Lindley. Take your pick. – Adam Zdroik

Pat Mayo’s own Buffalo Bills. The Bills play better at home and you have to think that the Jaguars won’t like the frigid Buffalo weather in December. I know I don’t, so maybe I am projecting. – Dr. Roto

JETS….’ditto’. – Lou Maione

The Jets. Coming off a humiliating home loss, they will do better against Ryan Lindley then they did against Tom Brady. – Adam Ansell

The Bengals have put up double-digit points in most leagues for three consecutive weeks and it’s not like Philip Rivers’ offensive line is any good. – Jennifer Millman

If you can, go with the Patriots. They have had monstrous weeks and should have one more in them. If not, Dallas is a good plug and play. –  Gregg Sussman

If he continues to start, is Colin Kaepernick a Top 10 QB the rest of the season?

YUUUP! Couldn’t love Kaepernick more the rest of the season. If you failed to grab Rodgers, Brees, Ryan, Brady or Manning in your draft – Keapernick is the answer. Also, what ever happened to Storage Wars anyway? Its lifespan lasted somewhere between “winning” and Benny Lava. Depressingly, my crippling addiction to online novelty apparel shopping will make sure I’ll never forget. I just think of it as the $4.99 I would have enjoyed more taping to train tracks – which is considerable fun. – Pat Mayo

Borderline. The mechanics, delivery and upside are there, but defenses will have opportunities to figure out his weaknesses the more he plays. – Scott Engel

Top 10 is a little high for a team that runs a ton. I’d be wary of Top 12 as it is. Honestly, it depends who they play. This week, he is not. – Adam Zdroik

He absolutely could be a sleeper who leads teams to Fantasy titles this season. – Dr. Roto

YES… bottom 10. – Lou Maione

Yes. The rushing element is just too big to ignore. Kaepernick plays in a balanced offense with quality play makers and and has a very favorable schedule to close out the season.Adam Ansell

Top 10, no. But you could make an argument for Top 15. He has a pretty friendly schedule the rest of the way. – Jennifer Millman

With the run/pass combo and the clear really cool factor, Colin Kaepernick is a top 10 QB from here on out. –  Gregg Sussman


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