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RotoExperts Staff December 22, 2012 7:41PM EDT

Yay or Nay to leagues that don’t have their Fantasy Bowl this week?

Never. If your league plays into Week 17, get a better league. Pronto! – Pat Mayo

Lunacy. Try to argue you can “strategize” for Week 17. You can’t. We don’t know who is going to have byes, comfortable leads, or which coaches have the Coughlin approach and sit no one. Luck is already a significant factor, don’t add more by playing Week 17 when lineups are crapshoots. – Jake Ciely

If you’ve held onto McCoy this long, you have to use him. Photo Credit: Elsa

Terrible. Especially the leagues that have two-week playoffs extending to week 17. Could possibly have two of the best teams not play their starters in full for Week 17. – Adam Zdroik

Week 17 championships are insane! Stop the madness!!! – Dr. Roto

There’s all sorts of alternative Fantasy formats out there, so I don’t see why these leagues shouldn’t exist. I, personally, wouldn’t want to play in one, but maybe other people do. As long as it’s fair, any format is fine. Don’t like it, don’t play in it. Duh. – Jennifer Millman

Would you start LeSean McCoy with you title hinging on his success?

I can only say that I’m starting McCoy over Jonathan Dwyer as my RB2, so I have a little faith in the face of lesser options. – Pat Mayo

Depending on my options, yeah. Philly wants to win: divisional game, chance of spoiler and Andy Reid’s last home game. Plus, the RB landscape is a mess! I ranked him 20th. Maybe too high, maybe not enough. Just try to find a RB2 with more upside. – Jake Ciely

I’m in this current situation and I may have to. It really depends who else you have, but Bryce Brown hasn’t been good lately, so maybe that helps McCoy’s touches. – Adam Zdroik

Not in this, or any other lifetime… – Dr. Roto

If my other choice was Bilal Powell or one of the San Diego RBs, yes. – Jennifer Millman

Tight end to plug into your lineup for Week 16?

Ben Watson. Bullying is not acceptable, except in the case of tight ends picking on the Broncos. I’m good with that. – Pat Mayo

Dennis Pitta anyone? Extremely hot and facing NYG. Otherwise, I picked Finley in my article this week, as much as it pained me to do so. – Jake Ciely

I’m going really deep with Tony Moeaki, Marcedes Lewis and Lance Kendricks, in that order. – Adam Zdroik

Greg Olson or Dennis Pitta. Both have good match-ups and are playing well. – Dr. Roto

Are ya desperate? So is Matthew Stafford. Deep leagues, Tony Scheffler.– Jennifer Millman

An available defense that can deliver double digit points?

Lets go Panthers. There’s a chance we may see Terrelle Pryor at some point in this game, that should be good for 10 points on its own. – Pat Mayo

Go Chargers Go (in best Arnold voice)! Packers too, but likely taken. San Diego faces Tim Tebow… wait… make that Greg McElroy. ‘Nuff said. – Jake Ciely

I said the Rams last week and got killed, and the Panthers are an obvious pick so I will go with the Colts. They can reach the playoffs and their defensive ends are healthy. – Adam Zdroik

As James Taylor said, “In my mind, I’m going to Carolina…” [Mayo Note: And I thought my references were out of date!] – Dr. Roto

Colts. Poor defense overall but been putting up double digit points against bad teams and, since the Chiefs don’t know how to use Jamaal Charles, they are one. – Jennifer Millman

One RB/WR to pick up and use in my FLEX spot?

If Ronnie Brown is active, roll with him. Especially in PPR formats. – Pat Mayo

At this point? Fat chance. Jackie Battle? Although, I don’t have him flex-worthy. Brandon Gibson vs TB? But like Battle, not worthy. Trust the ones who got you here! – Jake Ciely

Jason Avant and Dwayne Harris. I’d use both of those guys over Curtis Brinkley. – Adam Zdroik

Vick Ballard. He should get goal line carries this week and has been improving steadily all season. – Dr. Roto

Ronnie Brown if he goes, assuming we’re talking deep leagues. Jets can’t stop the run and at this point, who knows if they’ll even try anymore. – Jennifer Millman

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