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NY Jets Press Conference Comedy Recap – The Tattoo is Real

Mike Cardano Senior Fantasy Analyst January 8, 2013 12:26PM EDT

Clearly Rex Ryan has naked pictures of Woody Johnson somewhere. No matter what flaws were pointed out in Rex’s skill set by the media, Woody had a woody over Rex being the best man for the job.

The much anticipated New York Jets end of season comedy show press conference with Jets head coach Rex Ryan and team owner Woody Johnson has finally happened. As you might expect, the team couldn’t even get that right. Under league policy, teams are required to schedule a press conference with the head coach during the week immediately following the end of the team’s season which was last week. The Jets had originally scheduled a conference for 4:45 p.m. ET Dec. 31, but it was canceled “due to an organizational decision.” It’s unclear if there will be any disciplinary action from the league based on the rule violation.

You would have thought that the entire national media left South Beach after last night’s viewing of A.J. A.J. MacCarron’s girlfriend BCS National Championship Game in South Florida and took a red-eye flight up to Florham Park, NJ to see the show, press conference. The fact that the Jets off the field show is more entertaining than the one on the field is something that needs to change if this franchise is going to move forward.

It’s become fashionable to make fun of the Jets. They’ve become a TMZ-like circus. Last night Mark Sanchez’ ex-girlfriend, Kate Upton, who has circa 660,000 twitter followers, took to the twittersphere with the following jab late in the BCS National Championship Game.


Here’s what we knew before the press conference occurred.

Mike Tannenbaum was out as GM and quarterbacks coach Matt Cavanaugh and offensive coordinator Tony Sparano were out too.

Here’s what we know after the press conference occurred.

Mike Tannenbaum is out as GM and quarterbacks coach Matt Cavanaugh and offensive coordinator Tony Sparano are out too.

Press Conference Recap

– Woody has no idea who the Jets GM will be going forward. Shocker…
– Rex has no idea who the new offensive coordinator will be going forward. Shocker…
– Rex admitted he has not done a good job formulating the offensive side of the ball. I wonder if he really believes that or someone just told him to say that?
– Rex says that he’s approaching this situation as it’s his first day on the job. Does that mean he’s going to start trash talking again?
The funniest part of this is that Woody Johnson is going to let Rex Ryan be a part of the process to pick his boss, the GM. If that’s the case why the hell doesn’t Woody just give Rex Ryan both roles, GM and Head Coach?
– 14:30 into the press conference the first question about Tim Tebow came up and neither Rex nor Woody would commit to whether Tebow will or will not be on the team next season.
– At 19:30 into the press conference the first question about Mark Sanchez came up and neither Rex nor Woody would commit to whether Sanchez will be the starting QB or even on the team next season.
– With all the reporters trying to keep a straight face asking football questions hoping that someone else would bring up Rex Ryan’s tattoo, about 35:00 minutes into the 43:00 minute useless gathering, it finally happened… WNBC-NY’s Bruce Beck finally stepped up to the plate and asked what everyone came to hear, “what’s the deal with the tattoo.”

Rex answered that he has had the Tattoo for three years… and then joked that he would change the number on the jersey if Sanchez doesn’t play better…

The Jets concluded the press by saying “Thanks for coming, We’ll be here all week.”

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