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Sarah Bojarski Staff Writer January 10, 2013 8:37PM EDT
Now, I know that Fantasy playoff leagues aren’t nearly as much fun as regular Fantasy football leagues, but at least it’s something. Hopefully, you had a successful Wild Card weekend. Now it’s time to look at all teams. Some played last weekend with the strategy of picking players for your lineup that were on a bye. This way they would be set at their salary or get a 2x multiplier for this coming week. It’s no secret you should start the studs, but sometimes in salary leagues you have some other lineup decisions to make after using most of your money on guys like Tom Brady and Arian Foster.

Here are some possible sleeper players you can use in your lineup if you are looking for players on the cheap. These guys are somewhat of a gamble, but there are two ways to play this kind of game. You can fill your roster with mid-range guys and hope for the best, or you can have a few studs that take up most of your salary and then fill out the rest with cheap players.

Without any further ado, here are some options for those looking to go cheap:

DuJuan Harris, RB, GBP

Likely not on any regular Fantasy teams, Harris is the running back to own from Green Bay. He is likely the starter and will stay on the field as long as he’s producing. In Week 17, Harris had 70 rushing yards and two receptions for 17 yards. Against Minnesota, he had 47 rushing yards and a touchdown and added five receptions for 53 yards. While this production was the result of Green Bay not having to throw the ball and trying to see what Harris could do, he succeeded. He’s proven that he can be a pass-catching back as well as a decent runner between the tackles. The Packers also know that they need to have at least some semblance of a ground attack in order to succeed. If Harris can provide that, defenses will have to respect the run as well as the Packers passing game.

John Kuhn, RB, GBP

With Kuhn, you’re hoping for a touchdown. It’s pretty simple. Against Minnesota, he found the end zone twice. He had three carries for four yards and a touchdown, and two receptions for 15 yards and a touchdown. That stat line could go from a 13-point Fantasy day to a one point Fantasy day if he doesn’t hit pay dirt twice. He’s a true gamble, but he’s Green Bay’s clear goal-line back. If they get near the end zone he’ll be in the game. The good news is that even though Aaron Rodgers likes to throw the ball he may end up throwing it to Kuhn. Plug him in your lineup and cross your fingers. San Francisco has allowed seven rushing touchdowns this year (and 19 passing touchdowns), so it is certainly possible that Kuhn will plow his way into the end zone again.

Knowshon Moreno, RB, DEN

Moreno might not be super cheap, but he’s certainly not going to be as expensive as the studs. He’s the lead back in Denver, and even though Baltimore’s defense looked better last week, they still aren’t the Ravens D that is so formidable you wouldn’t start your running backs against them. Since earning the starting gig in Week 12, Moreno had over 100 total yards in four out of six games. He had three touchdowns in that span. He also had at least 20 carries in five of those games (in Week 17 he only had 15 carries, but he didn’t play the last quarter because the Broncos were leading). Moreno has been reliable. He’s not super quick, he’s not super flashy and he’s not likely to break off for a long run. However, he’s a good bet to put up somewhere near 100 total yards. He’ll have a few receptions and he might even find his way into the end zone.

Randy Moss, WR, SF

Moss isn’t a great option, but he is the No. 2 receiver in San Francisco. He’s likely going to be pretty cheap in leagues with a salary cap, and he is certainly capable of finding the end zone. In the last five games of the season, he’s had at least two receptions and 28 yards in each. That’s your average stat line from Moss. He only has three touchdowns on the season, but the looks are going to increase as the other 49ers keep getting injured. He’s still capable of catching the long ball, and Colin Kaepernick isn’t afraid to let one fly.

Michael Crabtree, WR, SF

The safer receiver in San Francisco is Crabtree. While he won’t be as cheap as Moss, he’s certainly less expensive than some of the other elite receivers. If you are looking for a mid-range guy to fill out a receiver slot, you could do much worse than Crabtree. There is clearly a repertoire between him and Kaepernick, as he has 66 targets since Kaepernick has taken over the starting gig. In the last five games of the regular season Crabtree averaged over 107 yards per game, with four touchdowns and an average of seven receptions per game. If there is someone that is going to catch the ball and be as close to a sure thing as you can get for a San Francisco pass catcher, it’s Crabtree. If you can get him fairly cheap add him to your roster.

Anquan Boldin, WR, BAL

He didn’t do much in the regular season, but last week against Indianapolis Boldin put up a 5/145/1 stat line. He had only topped 100 yards once in the regular season and only scored four touchdowns all year. He did step up toward the end of the season, but he also battled a shoulder injury. Looking healthy last week, he was the best receiver for the Ravens. It’s likely that Joe Flacco will look for him again based on last week’s success. While Torrey Smith remains the deep threat, Boldin will help the team get down the field. The Broncos defense is stingier than the Colts; Boldin should still put up good numbers to help your team. He may not be cheap, and I’d still go Crabtree over him, but if he’s reasonably priced play him.

Delanie Walker, TE, SF

Sure, Vernon Davis is the No. 1 tight end, but things have been rocky between Kaepernick and Davis. While Walker isn’t going to be the star of the game, he’s found the end zone in two of the last three regular season games. You’re looking at a 2/40/1 stat line on a good day. Walker is someone to add to your roster if you’ve filled out all of the other positions and are looking for a cheap fill-in to compete your team. He’s going to be inexpensive in salary leagues, and he’s the better tight end to own in San Francisco. If you need a low-priced option, go Walker.

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