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    4 FFPC Best Ball Tips Using the Best Ball Tools

    4 FFPC Best Ball Tips Using the Best Ball Tools
    Anthony Amico March 11, 2019 8:55AM EDT

    Using Best Ball Tools To Approach FFPC Best Ball Leagues

    In case you missed it, RotoExperts has some awesome best ball tools as part of the NFL365 package (did I mention that you can save 10% by using promo code “amico”?). The tools are excellent and can help you to form your strategy to dominate best ball contests.

    There is a ton to explore using the tools, but I figured I would help get you started. Here are four simple lineup-building tips to crush the FFPC this season.

    FFPC Best Ball Tip #1 – Take 3 Kickers and DSTs

    It isn’t sexy, but this one simple tip can have a huge impact on your results and is bared out using our Best Ball tools

    5 FFPC Best-Ball Tips Using the Best-Ball Tools

    A two percent edge may not seem like a lot, but it’s a huge advantage in a format governed by so many decisions. It is also a huge edge against non-conformers. Here are the win rates for other constructions:

    Two or fewer kickers – 6.6 percent
    Two or fewer DSTs – 7.1 percent
    Two or less of both – 5.8 percent

    Defensive scoring is highly events-based, so more cracks is good if it doesn’t hurt volume elsewhere. Meanwhile kickers, while predictable in a weekly DFS setting, is highly variant over the course of a full season. The incremental points gained at each position throughout the year add up in a major way for fantasy gamers.

    FFPC Best Ball Tip #2 – Draft WRs Early

    One of the great features of the FFPC tool is that you can check not only how many of each position to draft, but when to select them. Wideouts should be your position of choice in the early goings of the draft. Here are win rates by WRs taken in the first five rounds:

    WRsTeamsWin Rate

    You can likely ignore the full five WR start data due to the sample size, but there is an otherwise consistent increase in win rate for those willing to draft more WRs to open their drafts. The elite players at WR are often the only ones who can put up the kinds of high-end performances that can make a huge difference in your best ball contests. More is better.

    FFPC Best Ball Tip #3 – Go Zero RB

    You can think of this as a corollary to tip number two, but obviously, if we are opening our drafts with a heavy-WR approach, it naturally means that we will eschew the RB position.

    Teams taking zero RBs in the first five rounds had an 11.4 percent win rate. And we can take that one step further. Teams who took at most two RBs in the first 10 rounds had an 11.5 percent win rate.

    Typically folks relate Zero RB to leagues that have a waiver wire, but this shows that waivers are not necessary to a successful Zero RB team. That’s because Zero RB is based on anti-fragility. An anti-fragile roster is one that stands to benefit from the chaos of the NFL system. In this case, RB injuries. If we target pass-catchers and backups in good offenses, it is not necessary to draft them early in order to be successful.

    FFPC Best Ball Tip #4 – Make Room For An Early TE

    It is already clear that WR needs to be a priority early in drafts, but it would be prudent to reserve an early selection for a TE as well. The FFPC format awards 1.5 points per TE reception, giving an even larger edge to the elite players at the position.

    The win rate for taking a TE in the first round is poor (2.6 percent), but taking a TE by round two (9.8 percent), three (10.2 percent), or four (8.8 percent) proved profitable. If you can get a piece of Travis Kelce, George Kittleor Zach Ertz, it would be a good idea to do so.

    Be sure to check out the tools for yourself and come up with even more edges to win your leagues in 2019!

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