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Bob Lung Staff Writer January 5, 2012 2:15PM EDT

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the 2011 Fantasy Football Consistency Awards! I’m your host, Mr. Quality Game Scores, Bob Lung. First off, I want to thank my many fans for their adoption of the Quality Game Scores into their Fantasy Football teams this season and congrats on their domination in their leagues.

Is Aaron Rodgers this season’s Mr. Consistency at quarterback?  Photo Credit: Icon SMI

Second, I want to thank some of the special guests that have gathered here tonight to enjoy this special event.

Let’s start with my “boss”, Scott Engel, who consistently yells, “CONSISTENCY!!!” every Friday morning when I come on Sirius/XM Fantasy Sports Radio with him. I want to thank him for his consistent support all season.

I also see Adam Ronis has made his appearance. As he consistently does, he was late as usual, so I assume he just got out of jail again. He’s talking with The Miz and is explaining why Denarius Moore is the most consistent receiver in the NFL with the first name of Denarius.

Corey Parson is standing over in the corner trying to explain why the Cowboys consistently miss the playoffs every year and why Daniel Fells could be the next consistent tight end in 2012.

I’m trying to figure out who the people are in the back of the room. They’re just standing there talking to each other and scratching their heads and shrugging their shoulders. Oh, I know who they are; they are the Fantasy Football writers for the New York Daily News! They’re lost because they have no idea why this consistency concept is important to Fantasy Football.

And last, but certainly not least, I see all of my fellow RotoExperts writers, who are consistently the most knowledgeable Fantasy sports writers in the business! 

Thank you all for attending this special event.

Ok, let’s start with some of the lesser awards before we hand out the Mr. Consistency Award for the most consistent quarterback in 2011.



The most improved award is basically the quarterback who has taken that next step in consistency from prior seasons.

The nominees are: Eli Manning, Matt Ryan and Mark Sanchez

As we look at the candidates, Eli Manning had a fairly consistent year and in fact, I heard many tv and radio football analysts speak of his “breakout” season this year from a statistical standpoint. He did, sorta. Manning was ranked eighth last season and had a 56 percent Quality Success Rate (QSR). This season he was ranked sixth overall and had a 69 percent QSR. Nice improvement, but not overwhelming.

Matt Ryan had never exceeded a 50 percent QSR in his career and was basically one of my whipping boys regarding his Fantasy value versus real value. In 2010, he was ranked 10th overall and had a 50 percent QSR. However, this season, he stepped up and ended the season ranked eighth overall and had a 75 percent QSR and ended the season ranked tied for fifth in Quality Games.

Mark Sanchez did improve over 2010 because he was horrible last season. Sanchez had a 33 percent QSR and was ranked 18th overall. This season he improved to 10th overall and earned a 50 percent QSR. Nice increase, but still not a big enough step.

The WINNER is: Matt Ryan

As I mentioned above, Ryan did step up his game this year and could possibly become a Tier 1 quarterback in the Fantasy world next season.


The most disappointing award is for the quarterback who had the highest ADP, highest expectations, etc. for the 2011 season and let Fantasy owners down with his actual performance or lack thereof.

The nominees are: Josh Freeman, Joe Flacco and Michael Vick.

Josh Freeman surprised many last season with his rank of ninth overall in total points and a sixth place rank in Quality Games and had a 63 percent QSR. His drop in 2011 was bad as he ended the season ranked 14th overall and had a measly 47 percent QSR.

Joe Flacco also had a very good season in 2010 as he ranked 12th overall and also had a 63 percent QSR. This season he ended up 15th overall and had a 38 percent QSR.

Michael Vick was the top pick for many leagues, even ahead of Aaron Rodgers and Drew Brees. His 2010 QSR was 92 percent and he was ranked third overall even though he missed four games. However, Vick missed games again in 2011 and ended the season ranked 11th overall and had a 69 percent QSR.

The WINNER is: Michael Vick

You can’t be listed as the top overall pick or at least, the top quarterback pick and underperform like this. Vick runs away with this award.



The most inconsistent award goes to the quarterback who was a starter for many Fantasy teams and whose overall points ranking is high and yet his QSR is poor.

The nominees are: Mark Sanchez, Philip Rivers and Ben Roethlisberger

Mark Sanchez ended the season ranked 10th overall and earned a 50 percent QSR.

Philip Rivers was ranked ninth overall and had a 63 percent QSR.

Ben Roethlisberger was ranked 13th overall and had a 47 percent QSR.

On paper, this is a pretty tough call. Rivers’ numbers are as bad as Sanchez, but he was a much higher pick in most drafts. However, I have made my decision.

The WINNER is: Mark Sanchez

It was close, but sadly there will be some Fantasy owners who will see Sanchez was a Top 10 quarterback in overall Fantasy points and believe he’ll be ready for that next step. He’s not.



This award goes to the rookie quarterback who showed the most consistency in the Fantasy world this season.

The nominees are: Andy Dalton, Cam Newton and Blaine Gabbert

Andy Dalton started for the Bengals from Day One and was a very impressive quarterback in leading the Bengals to the postseason. However, fantasy-wise Dalton was below average. He ended the season ranked 16th overall and had a 38 percent QSR.

Cam Newton was unbelievable! I haven’t seen a rookie quarterback be this huge for a Fantasy season for a long, long time. He ended the season ranked fourth overall in total points and had an 81 percent QSR. Only Aaron Rodgers, Drew Brees and Tom Brady had better Fantasy seasons.

Blaine Gabbert. Pfffffffffffttttt. Sorry, that was rude. On a positive note, he did have more Quality Games than Peyton and Archie Manning combined in 2011. He ended the season with one Quality Game and had a QSR of 7 percent over 15 games. Ok, yeah…he sucked.

The WINNER is: Cam Newton

This award was the biggest landslide by far.


Ok, folks….the moment you have all been waiting for!



This highly coveted award is based on the following criteria:

  1. Highest Quality Games Earned
  2. Highest QSR
  3. Most points overall
  4. Highest QSR during Fantasy playoffs (Wks 14-17)

The nominees are: Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers and Drew Brees

Tom Brady came back to Fantasy stud level in 2011 after a down year in 2010. He was ranked third overall with 432.70 points. His QSR for the season was 94 percent and he was a perfect four for four in the Fantasy playoffs.

Aaron Rodgers continued to show that he’s a top quarterback pick every season as he ended the season with a perfect 100 percent QSR. He ended the season tied with Brady and Brees with 15 Quality Games and was ranked second in overall points with 449.60 points. However, Rodgers did not play in Week 17 due the Packers locking up the home field in the playoffs. Therefore, he hurt any Fantasy owners’ chances in Week 17 and had only a 75 percent QSR during the Fantasy playoffs.

Drew Brees ended the season ranked first in total points with 457.40 points. He was tied for second with Tom Brady with a 94 percent QSR. He was tied for first in Quality Games with 15 and he also was a perfect 100% QSR in the playoffs.

The WINNER is: Drew Brees

Brees did it all and since he had three first places and one second place and Brady and Rodgers each had only two first places, one second and one third, Brees took the coveted Mr. Consistency award for the quarterbacks in 2011. Congrats to Drew!


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