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Jake Ciely Senior Writer April 8, 2013 9:51AM EDT
@na—77: Ware’s injury reminds me of Dave Dravecky’s…both sickening and made you feel so sorry for the player” I was at that game

@allinkid: Lawrence Taylor thought that was gross!

This is how we started our week – with Louisville’s Kevin Ware suffering one of the most gruesome injuries ever in sports. I still get a bit queasy when I see it; don’t watch it unless you have a strong stomach. So, side note, did any of you have more than one team (Louisville) in your Final Four? Didn’t think so…

@sh—03: Freese, Goldschmidt or Seager?

@allinkid: I’m a Freese fan, but even if wasn’t on the DL, Goldschmidt

Third base is thin yet again. However, as I explained in the preseason to many, you can’t overvalue players based on scarcity. That is a mistake. You can use scarcity to break ties when drafting, but if you overdo it, you’re sacrificing numbers for the sake of theory. I projected Paul Goldschmidt at .269, 82 Runs, 26 HRs, 87 RBI and 12 SB. Meanwhile, I had David Freese at .285, 63, 17, 73 and 2. Even if Freese provides those numbers with missed time, he still falls short of Goldy. Most people wouldn’t think to include Kyle Seager in this group, but with a projection of .264, 68, 16, 70 and 10, he’s in line with Freese, but again, not in Goldschmidt’s territory.

@DA—hi: what about Cowgill, he was legit when I saw him play in the minors. Do you like him over Matt Joyce?

@allinkid: like Cowgill over Joyce. Has real upside now that #Mets committed to him as everyday guy

I still don’t know where Collin Cowgill’s power comes from though! The man is 5’-9”, 185 lbs (probably soaking wet). Don’t get me wrong, I like Matt Joyce, as he can near 20 HRs. However, where Joyce tops out at .250-.260 for an average, Cowgill has potential for better with legitimate double-digit power and the ability for 15-plus steals. If I’m playing it safe, I’ll take Joyce. When we’re talking similar value with deeper players, I’ll risk the upside guy.

@Mo—82: getting offered Cargo and Dickey for Trout and Y Gallardo… It’s a head to head points league… Pass or take it?

@allinkid: pass, too early to trade & Trout has the most upside by far w/ pitchers not being that far apart

I feel like this guy when people want to trade this early into the season!

And this question came in on Wednesday! Look, don’t trade just to trade, and don’t overreact to a few days worth of baseball. You did the best job you could drafting your team (unless you’re one of those schmucks who didn’t show and got auto-picked), so play it out for a few weeks – at least two – before you start wheeling and dealing.

@ni—oz: Holliday for Ortiz and Pierre? What about Ortiz and Revere? 15 tm OBP

@allinkid: Holliday easy. Revere decent, but if can wait/take risk, Ortiz better

What did I JUST say?! Okay, to be fair, not all of my tweets will be read by everyone… although, I don’t see why you wouldn’t make it a daily regimen. In any case, Matt Holliday is significantly better than both options, especially in an OBP league. When healthy, David Ortiz can rival and pass Holliday in OBP, but who knows what Ortiz will be like, and Holliday is better all around anyway. Oh, and how did Ben Revere even get into this conversation?

@Mo—82: Keeper league: Luck in the 4th, Griffin in the 6th, or Kaep in the 11th?

@allinkid: Luck bit high or right price, so RG or Kaep & w/ RG uncertainty, Kaep – prob lean him anyway w/ that value

Football questions never stop! Pretty simple answer anyway. Colin Kaepernick will come off the board in the first four rounds, at least. To have him as your 11th rounder is insane value.

@bl—26: Sergio Santos worth a pick up? Is he getting the closer role back?

@allinkid: doubtful. Janssen is the closer unless struggles

You’re talking about the Sergio Santos who had one “closer” season back in 2011 with the White Sox? The same Santos with a 3.52 career ERA, who is sitting behind Casey Janssen – a closer that posted a 2.54 ERA and 0.86 WHIP with a 9.5 K/9 last year? Look, backup closers are normally worth owning in deep enough leagues. If you’re in a standard 10 or 12-team league though, Santos doesn’t do well enough in ERA or WHIP to warrant having in your lineup in the off chance that Janssen falters or is injured. You’re just going to have to scramble like the rest to grab Santos of the waiver wire if so.

@FF—le: 5 too few, but dig it ALOT RT @allinkid Revamp QS requirements to 5 to 6 2/3 IP with 2 ER or less, 7 IP or more with 3 ER or less

@allinkid: still better than wins or current QB

We were discussing the fact that 300 Wins guaranteeing a spot in the Hall of Fame was a threshold that was now too high. My point was Quality Starts wasn’t just a category that should be used in every.Fantasy.league.period. but that we should also consider it over Wins for the HOF. Although, the simple six-plus IP with three or less ER is antiquated too. We can argue whether five IP is too few, but at least my solution trumps the current requirements.

@Kg—ny: Mike Trout and Adam Dunn for Yu Darvish and Prince Fielder?? I’d get Trout

@allinkid: sit tight – find SB elsewhere because that’s the main upgrade you’re getting at way too much of a cost w/ CY contender + Fielder

Okay, I gave him a full answer… but seriously… STOP trying to trade already!!

@aa—78: was proposed E. Aybar for A. Simmons, should I take it??


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