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Patrick Mayo Staff Writer November 24, 2013 10:45AM EDT
*****SUNDAY UPDATE 12:10pm ET*****
(Scroll to bottom for RANKS)

No significant inactives to note. Although, rumors are swirling that Hakeem Nicks may sit out against the Cowboys because of his abdominal strain. Nicks has said all week that he’s not going to miss the game, but he may prove to be a liar. If Nicks is out, bump Rueben Randle all the way up to WR #15, one spot behind Jarrett Boykin. If not, start Nicks with confidence in a terrific matchup. If you need to make the decision before the 1:00pm games, just play it safe and start Randle.

Other than that; Adrian Peterson, Nate Burleson and Joique Bell are all a go. So is Greg Jennings, IN A REVENGE GAME!!!!

Apparently, I’m just the black widow of injury predictions. Skim through this column and I’m fairly certain you’ll find me saying I thought we’d end up seeing both Jordan Reed and Julius Thomas in uniform are various points of the week. Now, I’m guessing that’s not so much the case. We know Reed won’t be around, and things are pointing more and more to Thomas sitting out Week 12 too. NFL Network’s Ian Rapaport is a pretty trustworthy source, I see no reason for him to put that claim into the public sphere if there wasn’t a strong likely hood it was true. There would be no upside to it if he was merely throwing darts. Hopefully, we’ll find out pre-early games what Thomas’ official status will be, but you can’t count on that.

Yesterday, I made a list of tight ends I’d start over Thomas regardless (if we didn’t know his availability):

Rob Gronkowski
Vernon Davis
Coby Fleener
Greg Olsen
Delanie Walker
Jason Witten

But with these recent developments, i’m adding…

Jason Witten
Antonio Gates
Jordan Cameron
Martellus Bennett

… to that group as well.

Remember, there’s still a chance Thomas goes tonight. Although, just by typing those words, I probably crushed whatever slim chance he may have had to suit up. BLACK WIDOW’D!!!!!!

Pat Mayo Hour – Full Week 12 Fantasy & Spread Preview: Rankings, Starts & Sits

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Well, after spending all that time spilling words over what to do if Jordan Reed’s concussion remained unknown Sunday morning, he has now been officially ruled out for the Monday nighter, rendering that whole discussion inert…………. or did it? No. No, it did not – Because the exact same scenario has cropped up again, just with Julius Thomas. Thomas practiced sparsely all week after taking that nasty looking hit to his knee against the Chiefs, and appears to be a true game-time decision. Which blows. But the same logic applies, if we don’t know his availability by 12:55pm ET Sunday, there are worse players at the position I’d start so I don’t risk a big fat zero. I went 10 deep when it came to Reed, but since Thomas is better, that list shrinks, obviously:

Rob Gronkowski
Vernon Davis
Coby Fleener
Greg Olsen
Delanie Walker
Jason Witten

Now, I’m higher than Dwayne Bowe and Santonio Holmes combined on Fleener, Olsen and Walker (DW in PPR only), and I understand if everyone doesn’t share those sentiments – it’s a pretty risky move. So is waiting it out for Thomas, though.

I’m actually irrationally confident that Thomas will end up on the field Sunday night, but I have no evidence to support that claim, just a gut feeling. However, it is one reinforced by Dr. Roto. I texted him this afternoon, “Think Thomas plays?” and he promptly responded with the reassuring, “Yes, I think he goes”. It’s unanimous!!!!! Still, I’d feel more comfortable with those other six names in my lineup in the off chance my random speculation is slightly off the mark.

So what to do if decide you wait it out? I’m suggesting a two-pronged approach. First, I’d grab Walker (since he remains shockingly available in a ton of leagues) or Mychal Rivera


Mychal Rivera finishes with 5+ receptions & 60+ yards (maybe even a TD!)

… now 5-60 doesn’t sound like much, but it certainly is for Rivera, whose only real accomplishment is having this babe for a sister. That, or having the most hilarious spelling of “Michael” since MiQuale Lewis was still at Ball State. Matt McGloin wasn’t scared to use Rivera as a safety blanket against the Texans last week, and I don’t see why that would be different seven days later, especially considering Denarius Moore won’t be on the field to pilfer targets away.

Both Walker and Rivera play in the second set of games, as does Rob Housler, so having them on hand could pay off if Thomas is declared out sometime between 1:00pm and 4:00pm. All are higher floor options than Joel Dreessen, who you’ll have to play if Thomas ends up inactive. I’m not a big Dreessen fan since he’ll have to rely on finding the endzone to score his Fantasy points. I’d rather the safety of the others. Oh, and don’t bother with Fred Davis, Logan Paulsen or Chris Neild (Yes, that’s a real person), Dreessen is a far better alternative than that triumvirate of suckatude.

As mentioned, Denarius Moore is skipping the Raiders game versus the Titans because of his wonky shoulder, and people have scurried to plug Rod Streater into their starting lineups. NOT SO FAST. Tennessee has been a WR graveyard so far this season, ceding an average of just 12 Fantasy points per game to the position. That’s the fewest of any team. Credit allowing just two TDs to wideouts in 2013, and none since Week 2. Yes, I’ve bumped Streater up a little because of the expected target increase, but he’s certainly not a must start. This is also why enjoy Rivera’s prospects so much. While the Titans have abolished the opposition’s passing success to WRs, they’ve been rather soft vs TEs – they’re the eighth most generous to the position of any team. In the deepest of leagues, Andre Holmes will likely inherit Streater’s role as WR2. Again, not the greatest of plays this week.

Adrian Peterson says he’s going to play. I believe him. Although, if you’re a Peterson owner or not, you should be adding Toby Gerhart if you have the bench room. If Peterson does end up missing this game, or eventually gets shut down, having Gerhart will come in handy. Either as bench depth or simply blocking the Peterson owner in your league from getting him. It’s2 almost Fantasy Playoff time, gotta be BABE RUTHLESS from here on out.

Colts OC Pep Hamilton says the Donald Brown/Trent Richardson time-share will continue. I’m guessing he was drunk. It’s a terrible matchup against the Cards anyway, but I’d still start Brown if I had to. However, there is no circumstance in which I would have T-Rich in my lineup. Unless you play in a “lack of talent-only” league.

Mike Brown has been limited all week and we probably won’t know whether he’s in or not until Sunday morning. I’d look for a better option if you need a FLEX or WR3, but I do like Ace Sanders as a sneaky PPR play if Brown winds up missing the game.

Nate Burleson looks like a go against the Bucs. I’m starting him in a slew of leagues this week. I just hope he’s in game shape, not pizza shape. Also, he’s a much better PPR player than standard; he was averaging 6 receptions a game before his injury.


  1. KC
  2. CAR
  3. BAL
  4. TEN
  5. CHI
  6. NYJ
  7. HOU
  8. IND
  9. PIT
  10. ARZ
  11. SF
  12. CLE
  13. GB
  14. WAS
  15. SD


Falling victim to the Jordan Reed dilemma?

Reed, still not cleared to resume practicing after suffering a concussion against the Eagles, now doesn’t play until Monday night in Week 12. Meaning, we likely won’t know if the ‘skins tight end will actually be in uniform……….. until it’s too late – i.e. after kickoff Sunday afternoon. So what to do? Well, I see this playing out two ways:

NUMBA ONE: You have to determine who is above your threshold of playability at tight end. Where is the cut off point for you to gamble on Reed’s upside versus the down side of having to sub in Fred Davis or LoganHis name is RobertPaulsen at the last minute if he’s inactive against the 49ers? If only someone made a list of the players above that cut off… BOOM!!!!!!!!!

Rob Gronkowski
Julius Thomas
Vernon Davis
Coby Fleener
Greg Olsen
Delanie Walker
Jason Witten
Antonio Gates
Jordan Cameron
Martellus Bennett

If Reed’s status remains unknown by the time you have to set your roster for the early games, these are the ten names I would plug into my TE spot instead of waiting it out. You’ll notice Jimmy Graham hasn’t decided to tag with this group. Is it because I hate Jimmy? Nope. It’s because you should have already played him on Thursday, DUUUHHHH. What a terrific audience. Actually, beyond my hard-hitting analysis to “start Jimmy Graham”, there was a reason I brought this up: many Reed owners may be thinking about starting Tony Gonzalez in his place against Graham’s Saints. I would not recommend doing that; starting Tony G is far riskier waiting on Reed (if Gonzalez is active for the game, that is).

Gonzalez barely played last week due to his toe injury (not sure if that’s turf toe, broken toe or toe arthritis from being 735-years-old) and proved to be nothing but “OKish” – 7-63 – and that game ended being a pass fest for the Falcons. Not saying it won’t be again against New Orleans, but the Saints have been one of the stingiest defenses this season to the position: sixth toughest to be exact, allowing just under 6 Fantasy points per game to tight ends. Now, looking at average numbers against TEs doesn’t only always present the full case, since some teams don’t really use big men as a focal point of their passing game. It’s unlike RB and WR in that sense. But we witnessed New Orleans shut down Gonzalez back in Week 1, holding him to a paltry 3 receptions for 36 yards. Granted, he salvaged his day by hauling in one of those catches in the end zone, but touchdowns are capricious and he could have easily ended up touching his feet down on the one-yard line. Then, he finishes with a devastating Fantasy day. And since the opener, the Saints’ defense has only got better, the Falcons’ offense has been rendered inert and Gonzalez is significantly more dinged up. I’m not starting him, can’t do it.

Obviously, Gronk, Thomas, and Davis should all be started over Reed regardless, as they’re better, but some of those other possible-sufferers-of-gigantism listed may come as a surprise. Fleener has a bunch of things going his way at the moment. Since Reggie Wayne exited the Fantasy realm with his knee injury, Fleener’s no longer required to lend his assistance to the Colts pathetic offensive line. This has resulted in back-to-back games where he’s seen double digit targets, and finally put them to good use last week against the Titans, producing the best stat line of his career. But that’s secondary to his match up. Tight ends against Arizona are OBJECTS AT REST, they simply cannot be stopped – the Cardinals have played 10 games this year and they’ve ceded 10 touchdowns to the position, even giving one up to some guy on the Jags last week I literally didn’t know existed – Danny Noble (Gas).

While Cameron has clearly not been the same since Jason Campbell took over center, he’s still a formidable red zone option, and eventually he’ll start producing again. Gates and Witten haven’t been producing like their vintage selves, but both are consistent enough on a week-to-week basis that you know they have something to contribute to your squad. Bennett actually has a poor match up with the Rams, but he’s transformed into a player that’s been trustworthy at the position and able to overcome defenses that normally hinder the Fantasy production of the position – much like the entire Bears offense in general. Marty B’s a big body and deadly around the goal line; I’ll give him the benefit of the doubt. And, in PPR formats, Walker is a compelling option because of Ryan Fitzpatrick, whose FITZMAGIC doesn’t stretch beyond 15-yards from the line of scrimmage. I wouldn’t anticipate another 10 receptions like he Snagglepussed against the Colts – heavens to Murgatroyd – but seeing another 10 targets should be consistent.

Oh, don’t pass on Greg Olsen either. He’s crossed the goal line in three of his past four outings. Plus, I think he may actually be Dexter and don’t want to live in fear of him abducting me, saran wrapping me to a gurney and casually murdering me. I just can’t have that. Plus, that sounds like it would be theeeeee shits.

Keen observers will notice Garrett Graham is MIA in a pretty juicy match up against Jacksonville. That’s because Garrett Graham is dead to me – more dead than your dead mother. In two straight contests sweeter than my lovely grandmother, Graham was a complete Fantasy wasteland. Then, in a middling match up – after I cut him on all my teams – he goes out and destroys the Raiders. Screw you Garrett Graham – Jerk store called, and I’ll bet you know what they’re all out of.

NUMBA TWO: Reed’s status is announced before 1:00pm ET Sunday and you slot him in behind Fleener in the Rankings. Problem solved.


Familiar with Toronto’s crack smoking mayor Rob Ford? Really, how couldn’t you be at this point? For me though, actually living in the city, the coverage is 56378929 times worse. It’s gotten so overwhelming I now choose to only follow his antics in GIF form. But, what you may not know, is that I’ve actually spent some time with him. And no, he wasn’t cracked out, maybe slightly tipsy however.

Three years ago I was the play-by-play announcer for the online stream of the University of Toronto football team home games. Not a quality gig – that I can assure you. But, for one of the games, Rob Ford did the ceremonial coin toss, or kickoff, or something. I wasn’t really paying attention. I was busy trying to figure out the pronunciation of 150 people I had never heard of before. And no, that night was not when Ford pulled this stunt.

At halftime, the mayor decided to venture into the media booth to escape the cold. Sorry – feast on the free hot dogs. Somehow, he ended up chatting with me for 15 minutes. And I must say, a very personable guy. I get why people like(d) him. We talked about the game, he broke down what U of T needed to adjust at half to get back in the game and the football team he was coaching at the time. He no longer coaches the team, as that too turned into a scandal.

Eventually, I asked him if he would join the broadcast for a bit. He was more than game. He actually seemed pretty excited to do it. So, as the teams returned to the field for the second half, Mayor Ford donned the headset and was ready to go. Then, one of his advisors noticed what was happening. He immediately stormed in the booth and pulled him out of the room; likely fearful of what may come out of his mouth. He probably wasn’t wrong. I’m guessing that advisor is no longer babysitting pulling the strings for Mayor Ford.


Despite it’s awfulness Mortal Kombat is probably the best video game adaption of all time. Mortal Kombat 2: Annihilation… is not. But that didn’t stop me from watching when it came on the other night. Here’s a retro review:

  • For a supposed superior realm, why does Outworld have medieval technology?
  • The B-acting of the first movie was endearing. But this one has V-acting. It’s truly horrendous. Somehow, even the low rent actors from the original wouldn’t comeback – except Robin Shou. That the dude from Highlander, Johnny Cage and Mrs. Pete Sampras aka Veronica Vaughn – who we know is one piece of ace – all decided it was beneath them. Ouch. Although, the script wasn’t above Melinda Clarke. Who you may remember from The OC, or maybe Entourage. I would have preferred they got Sandy Cooper to be involved instead, or at least made an offer to his hair for a cameo.
  • Speaking of which, what ever happened to Robin Shou? He did the first MK, then Beverly Hills Ninja, then this. I assume this flick destroyed his career. Probably due to exchanges like:

Kitana: It’s up to Liu.
Liu Kang: I don’t know if I’m ready to beat [Shao] Kahn.
Kitana: We believe in you.
[Exit to go fight Shao Kahn]

  • Those American Gladiator style underground gyro-ball personal subways are pretty cool.
  • While I really like Jax, how does removing his super powered metal arms make him stronger?
  • They really failed by not playing the awesome Mortal Kombat song during every fight scene. And by ‘fight scene’, I mean people throwing one punch then reeling off 10 straight cartwheels.
  • Somewhere they didn’t fail? Overuse of MK catchphrases. You’d be hard pressed to find a scene where someone doesn’t shout “Finish him” or “Fatality”.
  • The guy who plays Shao Kahn looks exactly like Billy Zane. This guy isn’t a cool dude, though.
  • Is the use of Kahn a Star Trek reference?

Side Note: As a kid I read the Mortal Kombat novel that came out at the same time as the first movie. Even though it included glossy stills from the picture, it centered around Kung Lao – who is not in either movie. Which sucks, because from what 8-year-old me can remember from the book, he was incredibly bad ass.



  1. SD/KC
  2. PIT/CLE
  3. TB/DET
  4. NYJ/BAL
  5. CHI/STL
  6. MIN/GB
  7. CAR/MIA
  8. JAX/HOU


NO over ATL






Wes Welker vs NE
Greg Jennings at GB
TED GINN JR!!!!!! at MIA
Ed Reed at BAL

Bruce Arians vs IND (Not sure if this counts because he was only Indy’s interim coach. Henceforth, Arian’s success/failure shall be the precedent.


PIT/CLE over40


Beat it Leon Sandcastle, there’s a new Primetime coming through, and his name be Darren Sproles, sorry Elix Skipper. In eight games contested before 8:20pm ET, Sproles has been rather mediocre, collecting just 379 total yards, 34 catches while failing to cross the goalline. In just two primetime games however, he’s been nary unstoppable: 14 receptions, 230 total yards and 4 scores (but not seven years ago). Guy loves the bright lights. He is questionable to play, but if he’s in Thursday night, he’ll be in all my lineups.

As will his battery mate Pierre Thomas. In PPR leagues, there simply aren’t many better options at running back. And that’s not just this week against the awful Atlanta defense – this has been a consistent thing – Lucky Pierre is mad underrated. Would it surprise you to learn he’s been a Top 10 RB over the past seven weeks? It shouldn’t. But this is what happens when you’re a lower upside, but elevated floor player. His 6+ receptions a game make him about as safe as condoms – around 85%, give or take –  just no one notices because his value is doesn’t come from touchdowns. Oh, and if Sproles ends up missing the game, please do yourself a favor and don’t play Mark Ingram, he’s actually the worst. He only posts numbers when he’s not in your lineup. When he is, expect a 4 carry, -5 yard, 2 lost fumble showing – MINUS’D!!!!!!

Still give me C.J. Spiller down the stretch. He has the match ups in the Fantasy playoffs, and finally gets a bye week to heal up. You can probably get him for nothing if your trade deadline hasn’t passed yet, I suggest you do that.

Ray Rice too. Let’s utilize Grover Cleveland’s Presidential Time Machine once again and return to two weeks ago when I claimed Ray Rice was the best buy low in all of Fantasy football. I’m certainly not claiming victory because of one good week, but don’t forget he’s primed for a huge Weeks 13-16. Notice Week 12 isn’t mentioned. He won’t be doing much against the Jets concrete run defense. It’s like the Berlin Wall, pre-1989.

Santonio Holmes is back like ALF, in POG form. And he’s the only person #GENOPICKS wants to target… on his own team. Remember ALF?

Kendall Wright continues to be underrated in PPR and overrated in standard. If only he scored touchdowns. I suppose that’s the downside of never making a catch for more than 8 yards.

I love Rashad Jennings, especially this week, however, you need to factor in Darren McFadden’s impending return mviing forward. If we knew DMC was done for the year, I’d like RJ as a fringe Top 10 guy the rest of the way (In PPR). But since we don’t, I’d rather have Bobby Rainey.

Not a big #ChocolateRainey this week, though. The Lions are shockingly good at limiting running backs, and unlike the past two games, Tampa will likely have to be playing from behind most the game. If that’s how the game plays out, expect Brian Leonard and Rainey to be a lot closer in value than you’d expect in PPR formats. The Bucs recent success is also why Tim Wright has David Blaine’d from the offense; if “No longer secret good, but actual good” Mike Glennon has to toss it up 45+ times, Wright will be a factor again.

Good spot for Ben Tate against Jacksonville. Just sayin.

Don’t care that Roddy White put a tick in the TD column last week, he’s still unstartable.

Also unplayable, and potentially cuttable? Lamar Miller. If TEN D/ST is on your waiver wire, I’d drop Miller and stash them away for their softer than a Bounce dryer sheet Fantasy playoff match ups: Arizona and Jacksonville.

I’m a big Scott Tolzien fan this week. Not in the sense that I’d start him over any legitimate QBs, but if you’re stuck you can certainly do a lot worse – like playing Ryan Tannehill. As Tom Brady showcased Monday night, don’t start QBs against Carolina, ever. It’s not that Tolzien is good, I wouldn’t want that opinion to appear in a public forum, but he’s going to have plenty O’Pportunies to pile up Fantasy points. Since Aaron Rodgers went down, teams have decided to let Tolzien try and beat them, so they’ve clogged the box on poor Eddie Lacy and the former Wisconsin man has taken his talents to the air – 73 attempts in just seven quarters. That’s rather outrageous. He’s collected 619 yards on those attempts, and no, I’m not forgetting the 5 picks. Tolzien could chuck another five, But that doesn’t matter against Minnesota – he’s going to do so much scoring it would make 70s Burt Reynolds blush. The Vikings have given up multiple TD passes in nine of ten games this season. They’re like addicts; they just can’t help themselves. That makes not only Jordy Nelson a superb start, Jarrett Boykin too. Boykin has 14 catches in those seven Tolzien quarters.

I fear you’re underrating the sneakiness of Chris Ogbonnaya. The Og Dawg, and his catching prowess, is a Fantasy John Turturro this week and beyond. Not to infinity though.

Ditto for Ace Sanders in PPR if Mike Brown’s shoulder doesn’t let him play.

In Dolphins WR Russian roulette – DI DI MAU!!!!!! – it’s Rishard Mathews > Mike Wallace > Brian Hartline against the Panthers.

Miles Austin will return to the Cowboys, but I’d be hesitant to play him. If you’re desperate, you may not have a choice as it’s a pretty good match up; I’d go out of my way not to, though. Give me Nate Burleson instead, both this week and for the remainder of 2013. The Pizza man was averaging over six receptions a game before earning a year’s supply of DiGiorno’s.

How good did Shane Vereen look Monday night? Awesome, right? He’s going to outscore Stevan Ridley in PPR scoring from here on out, but in standard, Ridley’s goalline work will likely surge him ahead.

And finally… you’ll notice Zac Stacy’s name higher than Dwayne Bowe in the rankings. That’s cause he’s awesome. If you don’t consider the battering Ram a Top 10 option at the position the rest of the way, I hate to inform you, but YOU’VE LOST IT PAL!!!!!!!!


Remember to check back Saturday evening for an injury update and Sunday after the Inactives are released for full rankings adjustments and fresh QUICK READS covering the Fantasy spin one every news event.

Pat Mayo Hour – Full Week 12 Fantasy & Spread Preview: Rankings, Starts & Sits

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Rankings set to PPR scoring format:

1 point for every 10 yards Rushing/Receiving
1 point per reception
6 points per Touchdown 

Points per reception (PPR) scoring must be treated differently than standard leagues. Receivers and scat backs like Darren Sproles, Danny Woodhead and Roy Helu have inflated value in PPR scoring. As do possession receivers – Wes Welker, Danny Amendola and others in their mold are safer options. Catches tend to be more consistent and predictive. Obviously, touchdowns and yards are still important, but when considering FLEX options exploit any advantage you can. For standard scoring, running backs with hands of stone like Alfred Morris, BenJarvus Green-Ellis and Stevan Ridley all see their stocks rise without catches in the mix.

  1. Calvin Johnson
  2. Matt Forte
  3. Andre Johnson
  4. Vincent Jackson
  5. Jamaal Charles
  6. Zac Stacy
  7. Brandon Marshall
  8. Rob Gronkowski
  9. Demaryius Thomas
  10. Victor Cruz
  11. Knowshon Moreno
  12. Reggie Bush
  13. Dez Bryant
  14. Josh Gordon
  15. Eric Decker
  16. Jordy Nelson
  17. Alshon Jeffery
  18. Torrey Smith
  19. Adrian Peterson
  20. Andre Brown
  21. Danny Petrified Woodhead
  22. Rashad Jennings
  23. Alfred Morris
  24. Frank Gore
  25. Jarrett Boykin
  26. Pierre Garcon
  27. Wes Welker
  28. Demarco Murray
  29. Ben Tate
  30. Eddie Lacy
  31. Aaron Dobson
  32. Sideshow Cecil Shorts
  33. Danny Amendola
  34. Kendall Wright
  35. Le’Veon Bell
  36. Shane Vereen
  37. Stevan RIDLEY
  38. Chris Johnson
  39. Larry Fitzgerald
  40. Steve Smith
  41. Maurice Jones-Drew
  42. Antonio Brown
  43. Bobby Rainey
  44. Anquan Boldin
  45. Reuben Randle
  46. Terrence Williams
  47. Vernon Davis
  48. T.Y. Hilton
  49. Michael Floyd
  50. Coby Fleener
  51. Santonio myHolmesboy
  52. Hakeem Nicks
  53. Ray Rice
  54. Chris Ivory
  55. Chris Ogbonnaya
  56. Ryan Mathews
  57. Donald Brown
  58. Nate Burleson
  59. Too NukedDwayne Bowe
  60. Keenan Allen
  61. Mike Tolbert
  62. Andre Ellington
  63. Greg Olsen
  64. Delanie Walker
  65. Jason Witten
  66. Julius Thomas
  67. Jordan Cameron
  68. Antonio Gates
  69. DeAngelo Williams
  70. Joique Bell
  71. Brian Leonard
  72. James Jones
  73. The Walls of Jericho Cotchery
  74. Rishard Mathews
  75. Rashard Mendenhall
  76. Montee Ball
  77. Jonathan Stewart
  78. Martellus Bennett
  79. Rod Streater
  80. Kendall Hunter
  81. Tim Wright
  82. Daniel Thomas
  83. Brandon LaFell SEXWELL
  84. Marlon Brown
  85. Ace Sanders
  86. Charles Dice Clay
  87. Andre Roberts
  88. Heath Miller
  89. Mycha Rivera
  90. Mike Wallace
  91. Rob Housler
  92. Garrett Graham
  93. Dallas Clark
  94. Cole Beasley
  95. Emmanuel Sanders, THE COLONEL
  96. Chris Givens
  97. Julian Edelman
  98. Mike Brown
  99. Miles Austin 3:16
  100. DeAndre Hopkins
  101. Brian Hartline
  102. TED GINN JR.
  103. Fozzy Wozzy Whittaker
  104. Roy Helu
  105. Kris Durham
  106. Vincent Brown
  107. Aldrick Robinson
  108. Mario Manningham
  109. Tiquan Underwood
  110. Cordarrelle Patterson
  111. Eddie Royal
  112. Greg Jennings
  113. Tavon Austin 3:16
  114. Nate Washington
  115. Bilal POWWWWell
  116. Brandon Pettigrew
  117. Marcel Reece
  118. Dexter McSuckster
  119. Tandon Doss, C:/DOSS RUN
  120. Bernard Pierce
  121. Devone Bess
  122. Brandon Jacobs
  123. Ladarius Green
  124. Dennis Johnson
  125. Benny Cunningham and his wife, Oprah
  126. Willis McGahee
  127. Joseph Randle 
  128. Donnie Avery
  129. DeVier pocket full of Posey
  130. Markus Wheaton
  131. David Nelson
  132. Austin Pettisphile
  133. Greg Little
  134. Justin Hunter
  135. Santana Moss
  136. Stephen Hill
  137. LaVon Brazil
  138. Dwayne Harris
  139. Julius Wright
  140. Jordan The Todman
  141. Daryl Richardson
  142. James Starks
  143. Ronnie Brown 
  144. LeGarrette Blount
  145. Darrel Young
  146. Michael Bush
  147. Anthony Fasano
  148. Marcedes Lewis
  149. Brandon Myers
  150. Jonathan Dwyer
  151. Knile Davis
  152. Toby Gerhart
  153. Khiry Robinson
  154. Stephan Taylor
  155. Anthony Dixon
  156. Not Christian Fauria
  157. Andrew Quarless
  158. John Kuhn
  159. Denard Robinson
  160. Alfonso Smith
  161. Felix Jones
  162. Brian Quick
  163. Greg Salas
  164. Seyi Ajirotutu
  165. Jerome Simpson
  166. Jacoby Jones
  167. Marlon Moore
  168. Myles White


  1. Oh, Hai Mark Ingram
  2. Trent Richardson
  3. Kenbrell Thompkins
  4. Lamar Miller
  5. Jared Cook
  6. Zach Miller

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