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    ADP Duel: Keenan Allen vs. Golden Tate vs. Brandon Marshall

    Brandon Murchison August 13, 2015 11:14PM EDT

    Keenan Allen vs. Golden Tate vs. Brandon Marshall

    You may be gearing up for your draft, anticipating what player you will land in the first round and build your team around. But year after year, titles are won based upon selections made in the mid rounds. This edition of the ADP Duel, we slide down the draft board a bit, and focus on the battle at the tail end of the WR2 position. As it stands now, Keenan Allen (Current ADP: 53), Golden Tate (52), Brandon Marshall (57) are going neck and neck in mock drafts. Which player ultimately holds the advantage over the others? You have the third year receiver looking to bounce back from a horrible year. The No. 2 receiver on a high octane offense, playing opposite arguably the most physically gifted receiver in the league. There is also the veteran, moving to a new team that has not been known for its up-tempo passing game. Time to jump into the numbers and see who has the edge.

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