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    Anthem Media Acquires LuDawgs.com

    RotoExperts Staff January 14, 2015 3:51PM EST

    NEW YORK —  Anthem Media Group, Inc. today announced the acquisition of LuDawgs.com, a rising player in the daily fantasy gaming space in terms of community, traffic, tools and other related daily gaming endeavors. Anthem, the parent company of RotoExperts.com, intends to absorb the dynamic and thriving LuDawgs user base into a new destination content site spearheaded by daily gaming gurus Drew Dinkmeyer and Mike Leone, who have run the highly successful Daily Fantasy Rundown at RotoExperts.com since 2013. The new destination, which will be named DailyRotoX.com, will be a stand-alone platform with new features and tiers, and will become the ultimate central hub for daily fantasy gamers looking to gain a decisive edge on their competitors.

    “We have a unique position in the marketplace with the combination of industry-leading premium daily Fantasy content and distribution channels,” Dinkmeyer said. “We’d like to continue to leverage this advantage by making site navigation easier for customers and providing them a value proposition to stay on the site and continue to devour all of our content.  LuDawgs will provide forums and develop the community at DailyRotoX.com while also cultivating premium site sponsorships and games that will benefit our users and encourage customers to stay on our site.”

    Founded in 2011 by Adam Hummell, LuDawgs.com is home to a rapidly growing and thriving daily fantasy community that has attracted approximately 4,000 gamers to its regularly bustling message boards. LuDawgs.com has generated nearly 400,000 forum posts since its inception and will now become a featured component on DailyRotoX.com.

    “I am very excited for the LuDawgs community,” Hummell said. “Over the past four years, we have built an outstanding fellowship of thousands of daily fantasy sports players, whose unparalleled passion and knowledge are the hallmark of LuDawgs. We are excited about joining an exceptional brand run by first-class leaders, to form DailyRotoX.com alongside Mike Leone and Drew Dinkmeyer. The tools we are developing will put our members in a position to make better lineup decisions and become more profitable. I’m excited to lead and grow our community of players as we collectively take the next step.”

    Hummell and his community will combine with the leaders of the Daily Fantasy Rundown to mobilize and fine tune the prime destination for daily gamers. Dinkmeyer and Leone are widely known and hailed in the Fantasy industry as elite players and producers of content. The Daily Fantasy Rundown debuted on RotoExperts.com for the 2013 NBA season, and has since produced three millionaire players, including Dinkmeyer himself, who won a Millionaire Maker Fantasy Football contest on DraftKings this season.

    “With Drew and Mike, along with other standout daily gaming experts such as Tony Cincotta, RotoExperts has become a clear leader in daily gaming content, and it’s due time for the expansion of the brand into its own deserved destination space,” said Louis M. Maione, Chief Strategy Officer at Anthem Media Group. “This new home for Drew, Mike and their team provides the perfect landing spot for the acquisition of LuDawgs, one of the leading Daily Fantasy communities. The acquisition will foster a stronger sense of community on the new site and encourage customers to feel like a true part of ‘our team’, and will create trust and comfort with our users as well as our existing and potential partners.”

    The Daily Fantasy Rundown is currently home to highly successful premium content products in daily fantasy football, baseball and basketball. Prior to joining RotoExperts, Dinkmeyer had eight years of experience as a premier analyst in the Fantasy Sports industry and independent ranking sites have rated him in the Top 10 among daily gamers.  Prior to joining RotoExperts, Leone was a top daily fantasy analyst in the industry for five years and was ranked as a Top 75 daily player. He won three national daily fantasy gaming competitions in 2012 and 2013, totaling $135,000. Ts

    “It’s a fantastic deal for all parties,” Leone said. “By pairing content of that quality with a DFS community of the same quality, the sky is the limit for what RotoExperts and LuDawgs together can provide Daily Fantasy sports players – from premium content to free teaching tools to a passionate and interactive forum and the ability to interact with our users on many different levels.”

    About Anthem Media Group Inc.

    Anthem Media Group Inc. is a global leader in operating targeted specialty television channels on linear, digital and mobile platforms with offices and studios in New York, Toronto and Los Angeles. In addition to FNTSYSports Network, Anthem’s portfolio includes RotoExperts.com, a leader in fantasy sports content, Fight Network, the world’s premier combat sports channel now broadcasting in the U.S., Canada and over 30 other countries, as well as significant ownership interest in Pursuit Channel, one of the top outdoor channels in the U.S. available in over 40 million homes. Anthem also owns SportsGrid.com, a leader in general sports entertainment commentary.


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