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    Chargers Austin Ekeler, Lions LeGarrette Blount Strong Week 13 Streamers

    Chargers Austin Ekeler, Lions LeGarrette Blount Strong Week 13 Streamers premium
    George Kurtz November 29, 2018 9:44AM EDT

    Strong Fantasy streamers for Week 13

    The bye weeks are over, which will give us plenty of options at each position as far as possible starters are concerned. Injuries continue to be a major part of Fantasy, as they always are. Depth is just so important in Fantasy, but we all will have a decision to make. What’s more important to your Fantasy team: a handcuff or usable depth each week? With the bye weeks over, depth is not as important, as theoretically you will be using the same lineup week in and week out with a couple of changes here and there, but that handcuff to Todd Gurley or Kareem Hunt may be invaluable should as injury occur. It’s a decision we all wrestle with, assuming you have limited bench spots. Is there an answer? Not an automatic one. In some leagues I prefer the handcuff. In others, it’s the depth. Good luck in your decision and in Week 13.


    Dak Prescott, Dallas Cowboys: I’ll be the first to admit that it’s tough to trust the Dallas passing offense. They don’t attack defenses via the pass unless they have to. Perhaps Amari Cooper’s breakout will change this, but that would also mean he would have to change this coaching staff’s thinking, which would seem unlikely. Still, you have to love their upcoming schedule as far as pass defenses are concerned.

    Lamar Jackson, Baltimore Ravens: It’s not written in stone as of this writing that LJax will start this week, (though it seems likely) but if he does, you will have to consider starting him. Sure, he has so much to learn as far as throwing the ball is concerned, but he has another great matchup and you can almost guarantee that he will run for at least 60 yards. That’s the equivalent of a TD. LJax has a high floor.

    Baker Mayfield, Cleveland Browns: I would like this recommendation much more if there were still several starting Fantasy QBs on bye this week. However, Mayfield has played better since Todd Haley and Hue Jackson were fired. The Browns’ schedule is extremely friendly as far as passing is concerned. If you’re looking for a high upside play, Mayfield may be it.

    Running Back

    LeGarrette Blount, Detroit Lions: Blount is only a play if Kerryon Johnson were to miss this game once again. Blount had a productive game on Thanksgiving, scoring twice. Odds are he will need that kind of day to once again pay off in Fantasy. It would be a risk to start Blount, though, as the Lions figure to be trailing against the Rams and may not be able to run the ball consistently, especially in the second half.

    Carlos Hyde, Jacksonville Jaguars: Hyde is your probable starting RB in Week 13 following Leonard Fournette’s one-game suspension. The Jags benched Blake Bortles for Cody Kessler, so they will run the ball a ton in this game. Even T.J. Yeldon could have Fantasy value this week, as the Jags aren’t going to put the game on Kessler.

    Austin Ekeler, Los Angeles Chargers: Melvin Gordon will miss this game due to a knee injury. Ekeler isn’t Gordon, but he’s a very usable RB. If the Chargers had a better matchup this week, you could make the argument that he’s a RB1. However, the matchup isn’t the best, so he comes in as a mid-range RB2. Ekeler should be used similarly to Gordon, however, as he can be a weapon in both the run and pass game.

    Jalen Richard, Oakland Raiders: Just like last week, this one is pretty simple. The Raiders will likely be trailing big in this game and forced to throw the ball 40-plus times. This should lead to plenty of chances for Richard to pile up points in a PPR league. However, a big game is unlikely as Richard seems to be allergic to the end zone.

    Wide Receiver

    Josh Reynolds, Los Angeles Rams: If he wasn’t already claimed because of the bye week, he sure had better be now. The Rams, Chiefs and Saints seem to put up as many points as they want to. This may not change anytime soon. I’d want any starting part of these offenses that I can get. It’s not like every pass can go to Robert Woods or Brandin Cooks.

    David Moore, Seattle Seahawks: We are now at the Moore portion of our column. Moore probably benefited from Doug Baldwin not being at full strength once again last week, but who is to say that can’t happen again. It’s not like last week was the only week that Moore has had a solid performance. Moore does have five TDs this season and the Seahawks do have a solid matchup this week. You could do worse.

    D.J. Moore, Carolina Panthers: What the Panthers offense need is speed from someone outside of Christian McCaffrey. At this point in his career, Greg Olsen lacks any kind of explosiveness and I’m not sure Devin Funchess (when healthy) had any to begin with. Moore is good for both Cam Newton and the offense as a whole. The safeties will have to play off the line of scrimmage for fear that Moore will just run by them. The Panthers signed Torrey Smith to be that player. Well, Moore is a much better Smith.

    Antonio Callaway, Cleveland Browns: If we like Mayfield because of the upcoming matchup, then we sort of have to like Callaway also, don’t we? It’s not like Jarvis Landry is catching a ton of passes or getting a plethora of targets. Duke Johnson and David Njoku are nice options but lack the big play ability of Callaway. Yes, consistency is certainly a worry, but if you’re looking this deep, you’re trying to hit a home run.

    Josh Doctson, Washington Redskins: We all know the problems the Eagles are having in their secondary right now with injuries. It may get better this week, but probably nowhere near full strength. Washington probably won’t be able to run the ball with any kind of consistency. They will need to hit big plays in the passing game to succeed. Doctson is that big play guy. Washington will take their shots Monday night.

    Tight End

     Ben Watson, New Orleans Saints: It’s always a risk starting Watson, even on the high-scoring Saints. Are there enough balls to go around to feed Michael Thomas, Alvin Kamara and Mark Ingram? Watson would come in after them, and Tre’Quan Smith will be playing, which complicates it further. Still, the Cowboys have had their issues covering TEs in the past and with all of the injuries to TEs, you may not have any other choice.

    Jonnu Smith, Tennessee Titans: Smith is no Delanie Walker, but big things were expected from him when Walker went down this season. Well, it’s taken a while, but Smith and Marcus Mariota finally seem to be in sync. Once again, we lost two more TEs this week in Jack Doyle and Jeff Heuerman, and possibly Evan Engram. We are just running out of options.

    Defense/Special Teams:

    Buffalo Bills: The problems with the Bills this season have been on offense, not defense, and it’s not like the Dolphins possess a whole lot of offensive firepower.

    Indianapolis Colts: Let us see. The Jaguars have fired their offensive coordinator. They have benched their starting QB. Their star RB is suspended for the game. What’s not to like about the Colts being a streaming defense this week?

    Seattle Seahawks: Nick Mullens may have had a nice first game against the Raiders, but the bloom is off of that rose. Mullens has looked like the undrafted rookie he is in his last two starts and that’s not going to change Sunday in Seattle.

    Tennessee Titans: Yeah, it was ugly Monday night, but life should get better Sunday against the Jets. New York is offensively challenged to begin with, and will be playing with a less than 100-percent QB as Josh McCown is dealing with a thumb injury and Sam Darnold with a foot injury. Even if one of those two is able to start, they may not finish the game and give way to the other injured player or Davis Webb.

    Kansas City Chiefs: The Chiefs don’t have a great defense, not even a good one, but the Raiders’ offense is just plain bad and will be one dimensional once the game starts to get out of hand. It’s hard to see how they don’t become one dimensional really quick. Turnovers are coming.

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