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    My #DFBInvitational Dynasty Fantasy Football Draft

    My #DFBInvitational Dynasty Fantasy Football Draft
    Davis Mattek April 12, 2019 12:40PM EDT

    The #DFBInvitational Dynasty Fantasy Football League

    I was recently invited to participate in the DFB Invitational Dynasty Fantasy Football League. Scott Barrett from Pro Football Focus put together a dynasty fantasy football league with some very impressive names that I felt like lucky to be included with. The 12-team, 33-round dynasty startup draft included:

    • Myself
    • Matthew Berry
    • Scott Barrett
    • Graham Barfield
    • Bob Harris
    • Danny Kelly
    • The Seige
    • Jeff Collins
    • The DynastyTradesHQ Guys
    • Evan Silva
    • Rich Hribar
    • Pat Thorman

    The rules for the draft and the league were unique in several ways. The league home page can be found here. This was a tight-end premium scoring league with a Super-flex (meaning that most teams will elect to start two quarterbacks) and a total of 10 starters per week. Instead of including rookies in the start-up pool, Scott and TJ Calkins included the 2019 rookie dynasty fantasy football draft picks in the actual pool of players. So instead of taking Kyler Murray, we had the option to draft the 1.01 dynasty rookie pick whenever we saw fit.

    My Roster

    My #DFBInvitational Dynasty Fantasy Football Draft

    The roster is not perfect and the largest thing you will notice right away is that I did not use any of my startup picks to acquire rookie picks in 2019. I feel that this class, overall, is fairly devoid of value relative to the players that were around them. It would have been nice to get Kyler Murry, N’Keal Harry or Darrell Henderson but at the 5th or 6th round of a startup, there were more obvious values. Instead of going pick by pick, I am going to diagnose what I think went well and what I would do differently if we started the draft over again.

    Dynasty Fantasy Football Mistakes:

    • I traded what was my fourth-round pick (10th pick in the fourth round) for a 2020 first-round rookie pick. I probably lost that trade by about 5-10%. The logic I used to make the trade was that I knew I was not going to be selecting rookies this year so I wanted to have some extra trade bait in-season to make moves if it appeared that I would be in contention.
    • If I could do it over, I would probably want Kyler Murray over Dak Prescott in any dynasty fantasy league context. At 5.03, where I took Dak, the 1.01 2019 rookie pick was there and went immediately after.
    • Austin Hooper at 8.10 was likely a reach by a round. It will look like a decent selection if the Falcons do not draft a tight end but there is definitely a chance that Hooper is on my bench for Jack Doyle for long stretches. Sammy Watkins or Kenyan Drake would have been stronger selections.
    • Holistically, I left myself pretty short at running back. After Nick Chubb and Ezekiel Elliot, one could argue that I don’t really have a potential starting option. Running backs matter less in dynasty league formats due to their short shelf life but being put in a spot where I might have to start Giovani Bernard or Theo Riddick is not super optimal.

    What Went Well In The Draft:

    • My core of wide receivers feels better than league average. Kenny Golladay and Chris Godwin at a very young age both fell further than they should have due to the Superflex nature of the league. Davante Parker would have been a bad pick had gone anywhere other than re-signing with Miami but should be a stable source of targets for the next two years.
    • Tre’Quan Smith and Curtis Samuel are two young but unproven wide receivers that I am higher on than the market. Smith, in particular, could become a fantasy starter as soon as this season but is not being valued as such.
    • Between Austin Hooper, Jack Doyle, Adam Shaheen and C.J Uzomah, I feel pretty confident that I will have starting-quality tight end options most weeks. In a tight end premium league, being able to start two tight ends is a relatively major advantage and there will be weeks that it makes sense for this roster to do just that.
    • The quarterback group is mostly fine. There is a little bit of upside with Derek Carr if the additions of Tyrell Williams and Antonio Brown boost his average depth of target but the word I would use for this group is fine. I don’t have Patrick Mahomes or Baker Mayfield and after that point in a dynasty sense, there is no reason to overvalue any of the rest of the quarterback field.

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