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    Initial 2020 Dynasty Fantasy Football Rankings: Two Players You Are Way Too Low On

    Initial 2020 Dynasty Fantasy Football Rankings: Two Players You Are Way Too Low On
    Anthony Amico February 24, 2020 9:31AM EST

    2020 Dynasty Fantasy Football Rankings

    The Super Bowl was three weeks ago, meaning there hasn’t been NFL football played in almost a month. The thing about dynasty fantasy football, however, is that it never sleeps. Never.

    This especially applies to dynasty fantasy football, which is a complete 12-month project embarked upon every year. Right now is a very popular time of year to make trades, and generally assess your roster. Fortunately, I created some rankings to help you sift through what can be a very mentally taxing part of the dynasty year.

    Dynasty is a lot different from season-long fantasy in that you need to consider not just the upcoming seasons, but the seasons after that as well. Longevity must be balanced against immediate return, your needs, and your goals. Just so you get an idea of what went into the rankings, here are my fundamental tenants of dynasty fantasy football:

    1. Build your team around stud WRs
    2. Target RBs when they are young, move off of them after a couple of seasons when the cost is high
    3. Look to trade QBs if they can net you a top-50 type of skill player (1QB dynasty)
    4. The value of the next season far outweighs the value of each successive season

    Two Early Off-Season Targets

    When I first put together the rankings, the value of two players inside of my top 21 stood out to me. These are both WRs ranked inside of my top 12 at the position that the expert consensus at FantasyPros has much lower.

    Calvin Ridley, WR, ATL
    Overall Rank: 18
    Position Rank: 10

    Ridley missed the final three games of 2019 with an abdominal injury, and it has caused fantasy-gamers to forget just how good he was when on the field the past two seasons. Last year, he was 18th in PPR points per game, and should be on an upward trajectory as Julio Jones continues to age and Ridley commands a larger share of the offense. Ridley earned 2.14 fantasy points per target in 2019, versus 1.80 for Jones in games the pair played together. I am expecting Ridley to jump Jones in 2020, but even if it remains close, the upcoming third-year player should be getting a lot more love.

    Jarvis Landry, WR, CLE
    Overall Rank: 21
    Position Rank: 12

    I’m not totally sure what more fantasy players want from Landry. Here are his fantasy finishes at WR since entering the league in 2014:


    In 2019, Landry had to battle complete ineptitude from the Browns’ coaching staff, as well as Odell Beckham, who played in every contest. Now Baker Mayfield should be expected to bounce back under new head coach Kevin Stefanski and Landry is being ranked…far lower? That doesn’t jive. Buy.

    Check out further rankings HERE!

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