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    Positional Trends and Dynasty Roster Construction

    Positional Trends and Dynasty Roster Construction premium
    Anthony Amico March 1, 2019 9:32AM EDT

    What Should Dynasty Roster Construction Look Like?

    So much of fantasy football content is about selecting particular players. Which rookies are the best? Which players should we buy low or sell high on. Who is going to break out this year? All of those questions are important to answer, but the most under-discussed question is what is the correct dynasty roster construction? The overall roster trends are more useful to building winning teams that just giving out players.

    Choosing the correct players will always be important, but is a daunting task, and one that is likely impossible to master. One way to can beat the variance and implicit challenge of precise player selection is through roster construction. If we can build our teams in an optimal way, then even when we don’t have the perfect roster, it will be possible to compete.

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