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    Fantasy Football ADP Duel: Bears Allen Robinson vs. Broncos Demaryius Thomas

    Fantasy Football ADP Duel: Bears Allen Robinson vs. Broncos Demaryius Thomas premium
    Brandon Murchison August 21, 2018 5:08PM EDT

    The Fantasy Football ADP WR Showdown: A-Rob vs. DT

    As you’re progressing through the early rounds of your draft, you are hit with tough decisions. One of these decisions comes early in the fourth round, as you may be seeking a player to plug into your WR2 spot (or WR1/3 depending on how the first three rounds play out). Whether you are playing in a PPR format or standard scoring, this draft decision can prove to be fruitful or costly. In the early rounds you are attempting to avoid land mines in your draft. You want players that are safe bets and not someone that could potentially crush your season with poor play or injury. Pulling the trigger on a player that you can count on in your starting lineup each week will be key. At the receiver position in Fantasy Football, some players in your draft can be coin flips on whether or not they provide quality value at the right draft slot.

    Two players that could present such an issue are Allen Robinson and Demaryius Thomas. With Robinson, you have a receiver coming back from injury and also changing teams. Thomas is a player that is coming off a down season. But who should be the selection if you are faced with this drafting challenge?

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