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    Fantasy Football Week 10 Rankings By Matchups: Where Is Mark Sanchez?

    RotoExperts Staff November 5, 2014 9:40AM EDT
    It figures that of all of last week’s matchups, the one I highlight at tight end results in Charles Clay having a huge day. The rest of the column was near aces: Marshawn Lynch, Mark Ingram, Bobby Rainey, Alfred Morris, Jeremy Hill, Jeremy Maclin, Steelers WRs, Travis Kelce… just to name a few. It was your typical 70-80 percent success rate for Fantasy Football rankings by matchups, yet, everyone wants to focus on Clay. Look, the tight end position has been nuts this year, and who knows, my analysis might just be counteracted when it comes to tight ends. It’s frustrating, sure, but as I always say, you’re not going to find 70-80 percent accuracy in anyone’s rankings. So, saddle up for the Week 10 Fantasy Football rankings by matchups.

    Quarterback Points Allowed
    Rank Team Opp DAFP Rank Team Opp DAFP
    1 Pittsburgh Steelers NYJ 21.0 14 Cleveland Browns CIN 16.6
    2 Green Bay Packers CHI 19.6 15 St. Louis Rams ARI 16.5
    3 Carolina Panthers PHI 18.9 16 Baltimore Ravens TEN 16.4
    4 Atlanta Falcons TB 18.8 17 New York Jets PIT 16.4
    5 Oakland Raiders DEN 18.8 18 Jacksonville Jaguars DAL 16.3
    6 Arizona Cardinals STL 18.6 19 Cincinnati Bengals CLE 16.1
    7 Philadelphia Eagles CAR 18.3 20 Denver Broncos OAK 15.9
    8 San Francisco 49ers NO 18.2 21 New York Giants SEA 15.8
    9 Seattle Seahawks NYG 17.7 22 Buffalo Bills KC 15.5
    10 Tennessee Titans BAL 17.7 23 Kansas City Chiefs BUF 15.1
    11 Tampa Bay Buccaneers ATL 17.1 24 New Orleans Saints SAF 15.0
    12 Dallas Cowboys JAX 16.9 25 Detroit Lions MIA 14.0
    13 Chicago Bears GB 16.8 26 Miami Dolphins DET 13.9


    Now the Defense Adjusted Fantasy Points (DAFP) has a smaller gap than usual here, but there are additional factors involved. The Giants allow 17.7 DAFP to quarterbacks, while the Titans allow just 16.4. The Giants DAFP went from under 15 to 17.7 in just four games. How? Injuries have decimated the Giants’ secondary. Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie has been battling and less than 100 percent (back), Walter Thurmond (pec) is done, Trumaine McBride (thumb) is too, and they just lost Prince Amukamara (bicep) for the season as well.


    It’s time to take advantage of the Giants matchup like you did last year. Russell Wilson needs a bounce back game, and this is the perfect storm: at home, Giants reeling, no secondary. Meanwhile, Joe Flacco faces the Titans and they have allowed more than one passing touchdown just twice. That list includes Alex Smith, Tony Romo and Andy Dalton, so it’s not all lesser talents. Flacco continues to be inconsistent with nearly as many one-touchdown games (four) as games with two or more (five). There is a good chance those numbers even up this week. By the way, as the title suggest, Sanchez comes into a great matchup with the seventh-easiest opponent.

    Other matchup-boosted QBs: Ben Roethlisberger (good grief), Aaron Rodgers, Cam Newton, Matt Ryan, Carson Palmer, Mark Sanchez

    Running Back Points Allowed
    Rank Team Opp DAFP Rank Team Opp DAFP
    1 Tampa Bay Buccaneers ATL 26.0 14 Jacksonville Jaguars DAL 17.4
    2 Denver Broncos OAK 23.5 15 Detroit Lions MIA 17.4
    3 Philadelphia Eagles CAR 22.4 16 Green Bay Packers CHI 17.4
    4 Cleveland Browns CIN 21.7 17 Miami Dolphins DET 16.8
    5 Seattle Seahawks NYG 21.5 18 Oakland Raiders DEN 16.5
    6 Baltimore Ravens TEN 21.2 19 Pittsburgh Steelers NYJ 16.3
    7 Dallas Cowboys JAX 20.3 20 Arizona Cardinals STL 16.2
    8 Cincinnati Bengals CLE 20.2 21 New York Giants SEA 16.1
    9 Chicago Bears GB 19.6 22 Buffalo Bills KC 15.2
    10 Atlanta Falcons TB 19.5 23 New Orleans Saints SAF 15.1
    11 San Francisco 49ers NO 19.2 24 Kansas City Chiefs BUF 15.0
    12 Carolina Panthers PHI 18.9 25 Tennessee Titans BAL 14.4
    13 New York Jets PIT 18.3 26 St. Louis Rams ARI 14.3


    The Bengals matchup was extremely favorable last week, and that’s what made Jeremy Hill an easy fill-in for Gio Bernard. With Bernard still questionable for this week, Hill is a borderline RB1 again, as the Browns’ defense is almost as forgiving as the Jaguars’. It’s a short week (Thursday night game) which means the running game is always the better bet and the Browns just had Bobby Rainey put up 12.1 FP on 121 yards and 20 touches (one catch). Hill should easily replicate those numbers, which is why I’d use him over Mark Ingram… and you know I love Ingram.


    In the Week 10 rankings by matchups, the 49ers rank fourth with 15.1 DAFP. It’s a very tough opponent, and there is a good chance that Khiry Robinson and Pierre Thomas are both back and in the mix. Ingram will still be the lead dog, but going from 25 touches to 15 is a significant loss of value, and that is why Ingram drops into RB2 territory.

    Other matchup-boosted RBs: Bobby Rainey and Charles Sims, Ronnie Hillman, LeSean McCoy, Terrance West (Shanahanigans?), Justin Forsett, Marshawn Lynch

    Wide Receiver Points Allowed
    Rank Team Opp DAFP Rank Team Opp DAFP
    1 Atlanta Falcons TB 28.2 14 Chicago Bears GB 22.3
    2 Tennessee Titans BAL 27.4 15 Baltimore Ravens TEN 22.0
    3 Carolina Panthers PHI 25.8 16 Green Bay Packers CHI 21.9
    4 St. Louis Rams ARI 25.6 17 New York Jets PIT 21.7
    5 San Francisco 49ers NO 25.5 18 Oakland Raiders DEN 21.6
    6 Arizona Cardinals STL 24.9 19 Seattle Seahawks NYG 21.5
    7 Cincinnati Bengals CLE 24.5 20 Buffalo Bills KC 21.1
    8 Philadelphia Eagles CAR 24.4 21 Detroit Lions MIA 19.6
    9 Tampa Bay Buccaneers ATL 24.1 22 Jacksonville Jaguars DAL 19.2
    10 Pittsburgh Steelers NYJ 23.4 23 Cleveland Browns CIN 19.1
    11 Kansas City Chiefs BUF 23.2 24 Denver Broncos OAK 19.1
    12 Dallas Cowboys JAX 23.1 25 Miami Dolphins DET 18.7
    13 New Orleans Saints SAF 23.0 26 New York Giants SEA 18.6


    The Bucs’ defense is simply giving away Fantasy Points to receivers this year. In fact, 7.1 FP is the lowest they’ve ever held a team’s top receiver, and that was Brandin Cooks in Week 5, when the Bucs still gave up 15.0 FP overall to Saints’ receivers. Roddy White has been mildly disappointing, but he has taken advantage of good matchups: 13.2 FP vs. Saints, 13.3 vs. Vikings, 16.0 vs. Ravens. With a bye week to rest and get ready, White is once again a great WR2 play with potential to hit WR1 numbers. Meanwhile, the Giants are not only flailing defensively, the offense hasn’t been the same since the loss of Rashad Jennings… even with Odell Beckham adding to their impressive list of rookie receivers. Last year, Manning had -2.2 FP, zero touchdowns and five interceptions… and that game wasn’t in Seattle!


    Rueben Randle is still struggling to connect with Manning. Through eight games, Randle has 67 targets (on pace for 134… you know, just double it) but only 38 receptions for a poor 56.7 catch percentage. That’s outside the Top 80 for receivers and alongside guys like Allen Hurns, Andre Holmes and Jason Avant. White is clearly the better play.

    Other matchup-boosted WRs: Julio Jones, Kendall Wright and Justin Hunter, Kelvin Benjamin, Kenny Britt, Michael Crabtree and Anquan Boldin, Cardinals WRs

    Tight End Points Allowed
    Rank Team Opp DAFP Rank Team Opp DAFP
    1 Green Bay Packers CHI 12.8 14 Chicago Bears GB 7.8
    2 Pittsburgh Steelers NYJ 11.9 15 Miami Dolphins DET 7.5
    3 Jacksonville Jaguars DAL 11.2 16 Denver Broncos OAK 7.5
    4 Seattle Seahawks NYG 11.2 17 Detroit Lions MIA 7.2
    5 Cleveland Browns CIN 10.6 18 Philadelphia Eagles CAR 7.1
    6 New York Giants SEA 10.5 19 Kansas City Chiefs BUF 7.0
    7 New York Jets PIT 9.7 20 Cincinnati Bengals CLE 6.8
    8 Oakland Raiders DEN 9.6 21 New Orleans Saints SAF 6.8
    9 Baltimore Ravens TEN 9.3 22 Tennessee Titans BAL 6.7
    10 Dallas Cowboys JAX 8.9 23 Arizona Cardinals STL 6.3
    11 St. Louis Rams ARI 8.7 24 Tampa Bay Buccaneers ATL 6.2
    12 Buffalo Bills KC 8.3 25 San Francisco 49ers NO 5.8
    13 Atlanta Falcons TB 8.2 26 Carolina Panthers PHI 5.6


    This is the boldest call of the week, and what do you know, it’s with tight ends again. Maybe I’m a sucker.


    Okay, maybe I’m just guaranteeing a big game for the lesser player after the Clay call last week. But it’s not just the head-to-head Week 10 rankings behind the call, so hear me out. If I told you a player was the 29th ranked tight end, who’s averaged just 4.0 targets, 2.4 catches, 23.4 yards and 2.34 FPPG since Week 2, would you start him? Heck, would you even roster him? That player is Vernon Davis. Even in Week 1, with his 16.4 FP, Davis still only had four catches for 44 yards. So, give me a reason to use him. In fact, tell me why I should start him and not Mychal Rivera. Over the last two games, Rivera has 20 targets, 15 receptions, 121 yards, two touchdowns and 24.1 FP. Rivera also faces a Broncos defense ranked eighth with 9.6 DAFP. Meanwhile, Davis draws a Saints team allowing just 5.8 DAFP that hasn’t given up a tight end touchdown since Week 1, while holding names like Jason Witten and Greg Olsen to 6.1 and 3.0 FP, respectively. Not so crazy now, is it?

    Other matchup-boosted TEs: Heath Miller, Larry Donnell, Jace Amaro, Owen Daniels

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