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    Fantasy Football: (Weekend Update) Week 5 FLEX Rankings, Starts & Sits

    RotoExperts Staff October 4, 2014 5:50PM EDT

    The FLEXPERT – Week 5 FLEX Rankings Weekend Injury Update

    Ben Tate appears as if he’ll be on the field in Tennessee, but he’s Ben Tate. A man that once appeared on TLC’s Strange Addictions showcasing his enslavement to suffering injuries. Let’s face it, this is the comeback no one wanted. Tate’s expected to be the primary ball handler with the Browns effusing Terrance West and the beloved Isaiah Crowell into the mix when they deem fit. How often will each be used, who knows? But guessing is pretty fun, so I’ma do that.

    ***Total Touches, inside 5-yard line carries in parenthesis

    Browns RBs

    Tate: 17 (3)
    West: 12 (0)
    Crowell: 6 (2)

    That was fun. I wonder where else this works…

    Ravens RBs

    Justin Forsett: 20 (2)
    Lorenzo Taliaferro: 11 (2)
    Bernard Pierce: 4(1)

    OK, one more…

    Panthers RBs

    Superman, Darrin Reaves: 16 (2)
    Chris Ogbonnaya: 9 (0)
    Fozzy Whittaker: 4 (0)

    Can’t wait to see how wrong I am on all of those. Also, Tweet me your guesses and the closest gets a prize. Not a good one, mind you.

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    Sooooooooo… the “expectation is Calvin Johnson will play on Sunday.” That’s positive news. I’m penciling MEGATRON into all of my lineups without hesitation. If he’s merely a decoy, like in Week 4, well, sucks to be me, but you always start him when he’s playing. Nothing is official, and won’t be until Sunday morning, so have a “worst case scenario” backup plan at the ready. Preparation is king! Jeremy Ross would gain the most value with Calvin on the sidelines.

    Arian Foster’s been upgraded to probable. Use him, and pray he doesn’t tweak his hammy on his first carry. Andre Johnson’s shaping up to be a game time call after a lack of practice all week, however, Texans’ beat reporters anticipate he’ll be active against the Cowboys, so that’s how I’ve ranked him. He’ll be a quality WR3 in Week 5, if he’s in.

    I’d prepare my roster as if I won’t have Vernon Davis, Joique Bell and Eric Decker available to use. Decker is the most likely to play, but he’s 50/50, at best. I’ve moved Reggie Bush inside the Top 15 RBs and Jeremy Kerley will get a slight bump too if Decker’s confined to the sidelines getting the rolling-pin treatment. But, Kerley’s is in no way a must start. Just a deep flyer.

    Week 5 Rankings: FLEX | QB | RB | WR | TE & D/ST
    More Week 5 Mayo: Spread Picks | Ranks Debate | Pick or Stay Away? 
    Week 5: WR Adds | Bye Week Pickups | FAAB Bids | Points Allowed

    Drew Stanton will be starting under center for the Cardinals. I’d start Michael Floyd and Larry Fitzgerald where I normally would, and John Brown is an interesting sleeper if you think the Broncos jump out to a sizable lead.

    Jordan Reed falls into the Ben Tate camp of, “even if he’s active, can you really trust him to make through a quarter without getting carted off?” He’s one of those guys. I hate those guys. His status for Monday night is still uncertain and I wouldn’t wait on him. If Reed is somehow in uniform against the Seahawks, I still prefer Niles Paul for this week.

    FYI: Add Cordarrelle Patterson to the list of buy lows. Better times rest ahead for CP, at least THEY BETTER, and if not, what you have to give up for his services coming off a dreadful Thursday night outing isn’t going to alter your season one bit. I woke up Saturday morning to discover my Allen Robinson for Patterson had been accepted. Seriously. This is what you can get Patterson for right now.

    THE FLEXPERT v14.5 – Week 5 FLEX Rankings

    There’s a singular, pervasive theme in THE FLEXPERT every season, stretching Week 1 through 16 – Mayo don’t do Week 17, and neither should you. Shockingly, this column isn’t exclusively reserved for non-sequiturs and deranged, esoteric allusions.

    In 2013, my thesis was manipulating league rules and settings to use for personal gain. In 2011, it was seeing how many, uhhhh…….. sandwiches I could eat and come up with the most bizarre strategy theories possible. This year, it’s all about how perception affects every move you make, and exploiting that perception to shift the odds of winning in your favor. Consider it the card counting of Fantasy Football. Except, I demand someone better looking than Jim Sturgess play me in the movie adaption of this column, when the time comes.

    I only mention this because most lack the skill of picking up on subtext – which links directly to peoples’ lack of perception and awareness. That’s what makes the masses morons. And that type of stupidity deserves to be abused. While it only takes a village to raise a child (and a enough money for a failed future presidential run), it takes the combined efforts of all of us – PROLETARIAT AND BOURGEOISIE… LET OUR POWERS COMBINE – to teach these senseless people a lesson. Consider it duty. And the best way accomplish this so it sticks, is to leverage their lack of logic against them and rip them off in a deal.

    Fantasy players are panicky, with one-week blinders affixed to their noggins. YOU have clarity. YOU possess foresight. YOU deal in reason. Be a Fantasy psychic and drum up the intestinal fortitude to shame these idiots via trade. You owe it to your team. If not, just rely on me to tell you. I am an official Fantasy Miss Cleo, you know – CALL ME NOW!!!

    There are two important factors to weigh before making a trade or assigning value to any player: 1) Your specific team’s needs, and 2) The size of your league.

    It’s number two that most don’t understand. Take Isaiah Crowell. I heart Isaiah Crowell. But just because I love Isaiah Crowell doesn’t mean I have to own him in a 10-team league. I think I own him in every 14-plus team league I’m in. A few deep bench 12-teamers too. But with the bounty of available talent in shallow leagues, there’s not really a point to stash anyone. Aside from Josh Gordon. Who, hopefully, between now and Week 11, doesn’t decide keep a stash of his own. In a 10-team format, basically everyone on your roster is already a capable starter. There’s no need to pick up a player that won’t be able to contribute consistently, or at all, for AT LEAST a month or so. And, if Crowell is available to pick up in your league, unless he explodes over the next few weeks, he’s still going to be there in three weeks. Trust me.

    As opposed to stashing a future talent in that type of league, you’d be better off adding a more immediate asset, hoping his value appreciates with a huge game, then short sell in a two-for-one trade to acquire an elite player. As a bonus, it opens up that same roster spot you wanted to blow on a stash in the first place, so you can do it then. With an added upgrade of having a superior squad than you did when you wanted to make the stash in the first place. Make sense? If not, I suggest enrolling in Everest College to obtain the proper skillz that pay the billz.

    Another tricky thing to assess from a distance is trade value inside your particular league. You know that better than I do. You know these people: what they like, who their favorite team is, whether they’re one of those aforementioned imbeciles or someone with a modicum of brain activity. Objectively speaking, based on the trade questions you’ve been sending me, here’s who you should be targeting for a whole lot less than they’re worth right now. With names comin’ at ya with supersonic speed

    Rob Gronkowski – #GRONKSMASH has #GRONKSMASH’D in three of four games while physically getting healthier each week. His snap count was down from Week 3 but that was due to game flow – New England couldn’t sustain a drive, resulting in only 60 offensive plays. I was actually incredibly encouraged by the Pats feeling good enough about his health to keep him on the field when the game was out of hand. GRONK’s a Top 3 TE and a Top 35 player. Show him the proper respect.

    Darren Sproles This one is truly baffling. I’ve received a multiple questions asking whether Sproles should be dropped. For serious. Doesn’t matter that’s been a Top 10 RB in both standard and PPR formats, playing a very defined role in one of football’s most explosive offenses, coming off a week in which said offense was rendered inert, and his positional versatility still allowed him to find dirt. But, NOPE: Sproles sucks and I WANNA CUT HIM!!! He’s a Top 15 RB in PPR formats and Top 25 in standard, making him an every week FLEX, at worst. Tailor your trade offers accordingly.

    Justin Hunter It’s funny, Hunter and Travis Kelce would have been lumped together if Kelce hadn’t realized his Fantasy potential Monday night. But the same principle applies, as it uses expected expectations – preconceived notions – many have regarding the duo. Both Hunter and Kelce (along with Ahmad Bradshaw!!!) were at the top of my 2014 sleeper list, and it wasn’t just me. So, both trigger a certain “upside” cachet association. It all perfectly played out with Kelce. This time last week, many were starring at the Chiefs’ big man on their waiver wire, but didn’t want to commit a roster spot to him because he hadn’t broken out yet. Fast forward to now, and people are demanding to know if Kelce is a Top 5 TE the rest of the season. He’s not. Yet, the same inquiries are not flooding my inbox concerning Larry Donnell. Why? Because there was no expectation for him to ever be good. After the amount of sleeper buzz Kelce created in the preseason, actually being able to see it realized during a game exponentially increased his value. And the same thing’s happened to Hunter. I loved Hunter coming into the year, and while I must admit he’s been far worse than I ever would have anticipated, one good game will skyrocket his value. Again, it’s all about perception. Despite posting back-to-back monster games, it seems like no one truly believes in Eddie Royal – myself included. But if Hunter posts just one of those games, everyone will forgive his slow start and value him as a Top 25 receiver, because that’s what a few Fantasy writers speculated his upside could potentially be, like, eight weeks ago. Sound insane? That’s because it is. But it remains true. I actually still believe in Hunter’s Fantasy outlook as a startable option at some point this season. Through three weeks he had the largest discrepancy between actual Fantasy points and projected Fantasy points based on game action, and still sits 32nd in targets among wide receivers – the Titans simply need to either A) Get Jake Locker healthy ,or B) Never play Checkdown Jesus, Charlie Whitehurst ever again, or C) Use Zach Mettenberger and his glorious deep ball; that would fix Hunter’s issues. Purchase Hunter for a quarter today and sell him for a Salmon P. Chase tomorrow.

    Andre Ellington – Remember when everyone loved this guy in the preseason? Nether does anyone else. He’s still Top 15 RB because of skills and touches, and he’s not being treated that way in the present. BUY.

    Calvin Johnson, LeSean McCoy & Brandon Marshall – These guys are all still awesome, but performance has scared a lot owners, especially if those owners are sitting at 1-3 or 2-2. In fact, they’re so terrified right now, their fear alone would be enough to keep Dr. Vink’s evil soup shack in business for eternity. Whether you’re at the top of the standings, the middle or the bottom, be certain to target this underperforming triumvirate. It’s critical decisions like this that put you in position to win in December.

    Montee Ball – Trade for Ball now if you want. But, if you wait for him to get stymied by the Cards and Jets first (1st and 10th in run defense DVOA), you’ll get him for a quarter of the price. Patience, you must have my young padawans.

    Matt Asiata – Again, use expectations against your opposition. I feel like we’ve come to a consensus that, talent wise, Asiata is lacking. Yet, that doesn’t appear like it will alter his opportunity. Now, conduct some expectation alchemy with Jerick McKinnon’s performance against the Falcons, which was so electrifying it made The Rock raise both eyebrows, and everyone thinks Asiata is finished. He’s far from finished. He’ll persist as the Vikes’ primary ball carrier between tackles and at the goal line. Through attrition alone, he’ll be fringe Top 25 running back. But still, everyone wants to rid themselves of him for the new hot thang. Capitalize on their ignorance.


    As I write this, the trailer for Inherent Vice has 117,633 views. Annnddddddd… I probably account for about 2,463 of them. I tend to get real FIRED UP for any P.T. Anderson news in general, but a NEW TRAILER? Please. Since PTA’s my favorite filmmaker, I recommend commemorating this new release by plowing through Sydney Hard Eight, Boogie Nights (My favorite flick), Magnolia, Punch-Drunk Love, There Will Be Blood (The best movie of the this millennium) and The Master. It’s basically like taking a more modern Kubrick plunge, the second best plunge you can experience, trailing only the Nestea Plunge. FYI: Clockwork Orange and 2001 are not the best Kubrick movies. It’s Dr. Strangelove, and it’s not particularly close.

    Inherent Vice looks like everything American Hustle wanted to be, with the added caveat of being inspired by two of the top spoofs of all time: Airplane! and Top Secret. 

    Do the PTA binge and, I guarantee, you’ll be as fired up as me. And even if you don’t do it, who doesn’t love a flick based on a “stoner detective novel.”

    WEEK 5 Top 20 QBs (Most Updated QB RANKS)

    1. Drew Brees
    2. Peyton Manning
    3. Aaron Rodgers
    4. Matthew Stafford
    5. Nick Foles
    6. Andrew Luck
    7. I’m Philip Rivers?
    8. Ben Roethlisberger
    9. Smokin’ Jay Cutler
    10. Russell Wilson
    11. Matt Ryan
    12. Tony Romo
    14. Gonzo” Colin Kaepernick
    15. Austin Davis
    16. HELLO JOE Flacco. Iron helps him play!
    17. Brian Hoyer
    18. Secret BaldMike Glennon
    19. Andy Dalton
    20. Eli Manning Face


    1. BAL/IND
    2. HOU/DAL
    3. ATL/NYG
    4. CHI/CAR
    5. CLE/TEN
    6. BUF/DET
    7. TB/NO
    8. STL/PHI
    9. PIT/JAX


    GB over MIN


    1. SEA
    2. GB
    3. PHI
    4. DET
    5. PIT
    6. CLE
    7. DEN
    8. SF
    9. HOU
    10. CIN


    BUF +7.5


    Greg Jennings at GB
    Alex Smith at SF
    Greg Olsen vs CHI


    If you’re a big fan of streaming, well, just about anything, you have to be using Google Chrome and downloading AdBlock immediately. BOOM!!! I’ve changed your life. You’re welcome.

    While the difference between Carson Palmer and Drew Stanton has a major impact on Arizona’s receiving corps, it won’t affect Andre Ellington. Juke’s back to full health coming out of the bye, and running backs tend to excel off a bye. Playing Denver is an excellent situation for a pass catching back too. Ahmad Bradshaw’s the only true receiving RB the Broncos have faced in 2014, and he racked up five catches for 70 yards. And even though Denver too is coming off bye, they’ve still ceded the fifth most rushing TDs of any defense.

    Bye weeks can be a nightmare for Fantasy owners, but me, I love ’em. A week away generally deflates players’ values, or outright Men In Black’s them from our collective memory. Prime example: Brian Quick. Who had posted three straight Top 25 WR scoring weeks to open the season before taking a mandated leave of absence. And in his big comeback, he gets the Eagles – the fourth most generous team to opposing wide outs. Quick is far and away the most targeted receiver among the Rams’ pass catchers, and based on expected game flow – Philly getting ahead – there’s going to be a lot of passing.

    Another guy to start coming off bye: Andrew Hawkins. Who, despite playing in one fewer game than everyone else, is still in the Top 15 of targets on the season. Hawkins is consistent, and his elevated floor is very enticing. What do I mean? He has AT LEAST six catches in every game. Andre Johnson hasn’t had a stretch like that in over a year. Then consider the Titans get GASHED by receivers that are one part L’IL and one part QUICK. Look at T.Y. Hilton in Week 4 as a reference. Hilton set yearly highs in receptions and yards per catch against this awful Tennessee defense. Expect Hawkins to do the same. I like Miles Austin in this game too.

    Need a Tight end? Use Garrett Graham. He’s playing Dallas. Dallas can’t cover tight ends. Got it? Good. If you don’t, I’m sure you’ll hear Graham’s name pop up on every sleeper list this week. Because it’s true. However, in daily formats, always beware of sleeper buzz. If everyone agrees someone’s a sleeper, they’ll show up on every roster and you don’t want that in large tournaments. Winning a giant DFS event requires fading the public and generating a unique roster. If you want to go contrarian, abstaining from Graham and the top TEs, give Clay Harbor a glance. With Marcedes Lewis out and Cecil Shorts sentenced to hamstring Hell… again, Blake Bortles has no more safety valves other than Harbor. And rookie QBs, they love their safety valves. Bortles peppered Harbor with eight targets in Week 4, producing eight receptions for 69 yards. That lack of yardage is directly attributable to Harbor’s minuscule 2.8 aDot. He merely hovers around the line of scrimmage, soaking up a slew of high percentage catches. PPR players, YOU’RE ON NOTICE.

    Ben Roethlisberger has historically been an unreliable Fantasy quarterback. For years, many of his red zone TDs were hamburgled away by the running game. Not no more. Because Big Ben be passin’ all the time these days, no matter where the Steelers are on the field. Ben’s on pace for a career high in attempts and completions – only Drew Brees has put the ball in the air more in 2014. Fuse that with the Jags’ brutal defense, which has given up the most Fantasy points per game to opposing quarterbacks AND are proud owners of the league’s second worst pass rush, and you have another Big massive Ben week upcoming.

    Like streaming defenses? Then Week 5 is your week, PALLLLLL. Cleveland might get Charlie Whitehurst (but IT DOESN’T MATTER if Locker’s in either way), the Steelers draw the Jags – who’ve given up 10-plus Fantasy points to the opposing D/ST every week – and the Lions will beat up on Dave Grohl’s loser younger brother who looks like he sits at home and play C.O.D. all day – Kyle Orton, who actually kind of looks like fat Keanu Reeves as well. But I like Philly the best. The Rams have scored 51 points in their past four road games and the one thing they want to do, run the ball, isn’t going to work against a formidable Eagles run D. Expect Philly to jump out ahead and make Austin Davis play catch up. Think about what “make Austin Davis catch up” means for a moment. Need a hint? Turnovers. Ones, hopefully, that produce touchdowns.

    Everyone’s on the Eddie Royal bandwagon. But beware of Malcom Floyd, because he’s hankering to commit some regicide on Royal’s value, at least this week against the Jets. New York’s been brutal against the pass as is, but WR2s have exploited Gang Green, averaging almost a 100 yards and a score per week against.

    You see, if Chris Ivory could catch, he’d be a Top 10 RB. But, he can’t, so he’s not. Doesn’t stop him from trying, though. SUPREME EFFORT!!! His rushing prowess? That’s top notch. Ivory set season highs in carries and routes run in Week 4 and is only one of five running backs to earn double-digit Fantasy points every week this season.

    The Colts are a very very sneaky match up for Joe Flaccosince they can’t tackle around the line of scrimmage. Consider that Darren Sproles managed 152 receiving yards against them with an aDOT of just 0.2. That’s not good. Plus, Bert Flacco is completing 75-percent of his passes inside 10 yards. And when you have YAC specialists like Steve Smith, Jacoby Jones and an excellent passing catching back in Justin Forsett (who’s a Top 20 RB play this week, btw), the blueprint for Flacco having a big day is evident. He’s not a must start, because you should have better options at pivot, but he makes a stupendous stream and a terrific value play in DFS.


    NOTE: PPR scoring only truly affects outliers. PPR Ranks and Standard Ranks are similar with the exception extreme reception magnets  like Pierre Thomas, Justin Forsett & Darren Sproles (PPR Positive) and the stonehanded Alfred Morris, Frank Gore & Stevan Ridley (PPR Negative).

    Week 5 Rankings: FLEX | QB | RB | WR | TE & D/ST
    More Week 5 Mayo: Spread Picks | Ranks Debate | Pick or Stay Away? 
    Week 5: WR Adds | Bye Week Pickups | FAAB Bids | Points Allowed

    Pat Mayo Hour – Week 5 Rankings Debate w/ Jake Ciely

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    SHUNNED!!!: Ray Rice
    RESHUNNED!!!: Adrian Peterson
    ProbableJamaal Charles (Ankle), Doug Martin (Knee), Ben Tate (Knee), Arian Foster (Hammy), Alshon Jeffery (Hammy), Allen Hurns (Ankle), Delanie Walker (Shoulder)

    QuestionableMaurice Jones-Drew (Hand), Calvin Johnson (Ankle), Andre Johnson (Ankle), Brandon Marshall (Ankle), Harry Douglas (Foot), Tavon Austin (Knee), Marvin Jones (Ankle), Niles Paul (Concussion), Vance McDonald (Knee), Ladarius Green (Hammy), Joseph Fauria (Ankle), Ladarius Green (Hammy)
    Doubtful [Not Ranked]: Deangelo Williams (Thigh), Joique Bell (Dizzies), Cecil Shorts (Hammy), Mike Evans (AHHHH MY Groin), Eric Decker (Hammy), Vernon Davis (Ankle/Back)
    OutMarqise Lee (Ankle), Deangelo Williams (Thigh), Mark Ingram (hand), Knowshon Moreno (Elbow), Ryan Mathews (Knee)
    Keep Stashing: Josh Gordon (Suspension)

    Byes: Oakland, Miami

    1. Le’Veon Bell
    2. DeMarco Murray, Present
    3. A.J. Green
    4. Julio Jones
    5. Dez Bryant
    6. Antonio Brown
    7. Jamaal Charles
    8. Gio Bernard
    9. LeSean McCoy
    10. Matt Forte
    11. Rashad Jennings
    12. Alshon Jeffery
    13. Demaryius Thomas
    14. Andre Ellington
    15. Marshawn Lynch
    16. Jimmy Graham
    17. Julius Thomas
    18. Calvin Johnson
    19. Kelvin BenJAMIN’
    21. Jeremy Maclin
    22. Percy Harvin
    23. GRONKKKKKKKKK!!!!!!!
    24. Julian Edelman
    25. Brandon Marshall
    26. Arian Foster
    27. Darren Sproles
    28. Fred Jackson
    29. Brian Quick
    30. Keenan Allen
    31. Emmanuel Sanders
    32. Marques Colston
    33. Vincent Jackson
    34. DeAndre Hopkins
    35. Michael CRABPEOPLE!!!
    36. Victor Cruz
    37. Michael Floyd
    38. The Wreck of the Larry Fitzgerald
    39. Andrew Hawkins
    40. Roddy White
    41. Andre Johnson
    42. Golden Tate III
    43. Martellus Bennett
    44. Greg Olsen
    45. Delanie Walker
    46. Larry Donnell
    47. Pierre Garçon
    48. Wesley Welker
    49. Brandin Weber Cooks
    50. Terrance Williams
    51. T.Y. Hilton
    52. Malcom Floyd
    53. Chris Ivory
    54. Reggie Bush
    55. Montee Ball
    56. Ahmad Bradshaw
    57. Zac StacyFilm Credits: “Super Mario Bros.” as Goomba
    58. Justin Forsett
    59. Allen Robinson
    60. Markus Wheaton
    61. Reggie Wayne
    62. Antonio Gates
    63. Garrett Graham
    64. Jordan Cameron
    65. Zach Ertz
    66. Jason Witten
    67. TRAVIS KELCE!!!!!!!
    68. Clay Harbor
    69. Heath Miller
    70. Kendall Wright
    71. Miles Austin 316
    72. Sammy Watkins
    73. Alfred Morris
    74. Donald Brown (Ranking courtesy of Gregg Sussman)
    75. Frank Gore
    76. Doug Martin
    77. Anquan Boldin
    78. DeSean Jackson
    79. Rueben Randle
    80. LOUIS MURPHY!!!!!
    81. John Brown
    82. Justin Hunter
    83. Eddie Royal
    84. Jeremy Hill
    85. C.J. Spiller
    86. Bishop Sankey
    87. Chris Johnson
    88. Darrin Reaves
    89. Pierre Thomas
    90. Steven Jackson
    91. Ben Tate
    92. Khiry Robinson
    93. Knile Davis
    94. Shane Vereen
    95. Stevan Ridley
    96. MARV Jones
    97. Allen Hurns
    98. Dwayne Bowe
    99. Torrey Smith
    100. Jordan Matthews
    101. Brandon LaFell Sexwell
    102. Riley Cooper
    103. Jeremy Kerley
    104. The Walls of Jerricho Cotchery
    105. Robert Woods
    106. Devin Hester
    107. Stevie Johnson
    108. Kenny Stills to Pay the Billz
    109. Terrence West
    110. Toby Gerhart
    111. Shonn Greene
    112. Carlos Hyde
    113. Travaris Cadet
    114. THE OG DAWG – Chris Ogbonnaya
    115. Lorenzo Taliaferro
    116. Denard Dog Robinson
    117. Roy Helu
    118. Greg Salas
    119. Andre Roberts
    120. Harry Douglas
    121. Jermaine Kearse
    122. Mike Williams
    123. High Speed” Kenny Britt
    124. Hakeem Nicks
    125. Niles Paul
    126. Owen Daniels
    127. Jordan Reed
    128. Coby Fleener
    129. Nasty Nate Washington
    130. Fozzy Wozzy Whittaker
    131. Branden Oliver
    132. LeGarrette Blount
    133. Bobby Chocolate Rainey
    134. Isaiah Crowell
    135. Bernard Pierce
    136. Jacquizz Rodgers
    137. Alfred Blue
    138. Eric Ebron
    139. Ladarius Green
    140. Scott Chandler
    141. Dwayne Allen
    142. Austin Seferian-Jenkins
    143. John Carlson
    144. Levine Trololo
    145. Andre Williams
    146. Jason Avant
    147. Lance Moore
    148. Donte Moncrief
    149. Mohamed Sanu
    150. Donnie Avery
    151. Stedman Bailey
    152. Danny Amendola
    153. Robert Turbin
    154. C.J. Anderson
    155. Dexter McCluster: Telling you not to LOL and Drive
    156. Benny Cunningham, and his wife, Oprah
    157. Lance Dunbar
    158. Chris Polk
    159. Stepfan Taylor
    160. The New ODB, Odell Beckham Jr.
    161. Brandon Gibson
    162. Santonio Holmes
    163. Tavon Austin
    164. Kenbrell Thompkins
    165. Country Music Sensation Griff Whalen
    166. Ka’Deem Carey
    167. Anthony Dixon
    168. James White
    169. Jonathan Grimes (Or, Grimey, as he likes to be called)
    170. Antone Smith
    171. Jordan Todman
    172. Kyle Juszczyk
    173. Devonta Freeman
    174. Ronnie Hillman
    175. Damaris Johnson
    176. Chris Givens
    177. Frankie Hammond
    178. Travis Benjamin
    179. Brandon Lloyd
    180. Chase Ford
    181. Brandon Myers
    182. Jermaine Gresham
    183. Anthony Fasano
    184. Derek Carrier
    185. Jace Amaro
    186. Tim Wright
    187. Zach Miller (SEA)
    188. Jeff Cumberland
    189. Cody Latimer
    190. Aaron Dobson
    191. Ryan Broyles
    192. Marquise Goodwin
    193. David Nelson
    194. Cole Beasley
    195. Da’Rick Rogers
    196. Andre Caldwell
    197. Christine Michael
    198. Tre Mason
    199. Jalen Parmele
    200. Luke Wilson
    201. Brent Celek
    202. Brandon Bostick
    203. Chris Gragg
    204. Brandon Pettigrew
    205. James Casey
    206. Rhett Ellison
    207. Josh Hill
    208. Tauren Poole
    209. Silas Redd
    210. Peyton Hills
    211. Joseph Randle
    212. Bilal POWWWWell
    213. Leon Washington
    214. Kris Durham
    215. Silas Redd
    216. Mike James
    217. Brandon Bolden
    218. Daniel Herron
    219. De’Anthony Thomas
    220. Theo Riddick
    221. Storm Johnson
    222. Cyrus Gray
    223. Bryce Brown
    224. Junior Hemingway


    1. Second Worst RB of all time, Trent Richardson
    2. Oh, hai Mark Ingram
    3. Lamar THRILLER
    4. Jared Cook

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