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    Fantasy Football: (Weekend Update) Week 6 FLEX Rankings, Starts & Sits

    RotoExperts Staff October 11, 2014 7:45PM EDT

    THE FLEXPERT v14.6 – Week 6 FLEX Rankings (Weekend Update)

    FNTSY Sports Network’s Pat Mayo runs through the Week 6 injury report giving you his Fantasy spin on Calvin Johnson, Reggie Bush, A.J. Green, Toby Gerhart, Vernon Davis, Donald Brown, Jordan Reed and Shonn Greene and how their availability impacts your Fantasy team. 

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    Similar to Roger Meyers’ Sr., Storm Johnson and Bishop Sankey are beloved by all – except in 1938. Try this for me, though: think allllllllllllllllll the way back to last week when many considered Jerick McKinnon an absolute MUST START, can you do that? Guess not. You wouldn’t be making the exact mistake again if you could. I’m not saying automatically bench the duo – it’s undeniable they both have upside to spare – but understand; starting them over a more reliable option like Fred Jackson, Chris Ivory, Steven Jackson or Frank Gore is a gigantic risk.

    I get you want start them. It’d be awesome to be smarter than everyone else and have Sankey in your lineup the week he goes off for 25 points. Although, that’s basically what Sankey owners have been doing since Week 1 – how’s that been working out for ya? The one game Sankey returned a shred of Fantasy value, no one played him. Don’t get too cute with your lineup decisions, this is exactly the type of move that will put you on tilt (See below).

    Of all the “newish” RBs hitting the field, I’m weighing safety of touches over matchup in my rankings. They have both? BONUS!!! So, of the pickup running backs gathered over the last few hunting waiver seasons, here’s how they shake out in Week 6:

    1. Branden Oliver
    2. Ronnie Hillman
    3. Andre Williams
    4. Jerick McKinnon
    5. Bishop Sankey
    6. Darrin Reaves
    7. Storm Johnson
    8. C.J. Anderson
    9. Antone Smith
    10. Lorenzo Taliaferro
    11. Peyton Hillis
    12. Isaiah Crowell
    13. Chris Ogbonnaya

    Look, I’m good with picking up Johnson for my bench and hoping he turns into a running back I can use moving forward. That’d be legit. Why can’t everyone simply be satisfied with that? I’m taking a poll – VOTE NOW – so far, two of every three people think Storm Johnson will have more than 7.5 Fantasy points in Week 6. Gimme the under; with that type of action I can probably get it at +170 at this point.

    While I was pretty anti-Mckinnon in Week 5, I think he’s the gamble you want you want to take a chance on this time around. Detroit’s been terrific clogging the interior running lanes, but have been susceptible to pass-catching backs leaking out into the flats. It’s an excellent scenario to exploit McKinnon’s breakaway speed and receiving ability. So, if you’re feelin’ frisky and wanna take a big swing, trot McKinnon out. It comes with the added bonus of having your leaguemates being all like, “He went to Jerick.”

    Week 6 Rankings: FLEX | QB | RB | WR | TE & D/ST
    Week 6: Weekend Injury Report | Spread Picks | Sell Highs | Buy Lows  
    More Week 6: Ranks Debate | Bye/Injury Pickups | Survivor Picks | FAAB Bids

    Darren Sproles loves him some bright lights. Since the beginning of 2013: in 16 Non-Primetime games, 56 receptions, 682 total yards, one offensive TD – 8.13 PPR PPG; in 5 Primetime games, 31 receptions, 512 total yards, five offensive TDs – 22.4 PPR PPG. Sproles will put you to bed a happy individual Sunday night. Unless you’re a Borg, then the entire collective shall be pleased.

    Looks like the worst case scenario will be avoided in Arizona. Drew Stanton has passed the concussion protocol and will start for the Cards, unless Carson Palmer’s nerves hear their alarm clock Sunday morning and finally wake up. (WHICH HAPPENED!!! Palmer is in) After Week 2, I’ll bet Michael Floyd and Larry Fitzgerald owners never thought “Drew Stanton starting” would ever be a positive thing. But here we stand. Play they duo as you normally would.

    Both Zac Stacy and Vernon Davis are on track to play Monday night. Make sure you have an exit strategy should the improbable occur and they’re deemed inactive.

    Marvin Jones will join A.J. Green as a spectator against the Panthers slightly boosting Mohamed Sanu, Jeremy Hill and even Dane Sanzenbacher in the rankings.

    Cecil Shorts and Marqise Lee are expected to be active, so any plans you had of rolling Allen Robinson or Allen Hurns into your lineup should be reconsidered. Expect Shorts to be top Jags WR, in targets, whenever he’s on the field. I’m actually picking up CSIII and playing as my WR3/FLEX in a few deeper leagues.

    Louis Murphy’s value is slashed with Mike Evans’ likely on the field, unless Vincent Jackson’s injured rib keeps him out, which it doesn’t appear like it will. If V-Jax is a late inactive, both Murphy and Evans become well calculated plug-and-play options.

    THE FLEXPERT v14.6 – Week 6 FLEX Rankings

    Tilt /tilt/ v.

    1. to hold poised for attack, as a lance.

    2. Poker term for a state of mental or emotional confusion or frustration in which a player adopts a less than optimal strategy, usually resulting in the player becoming over-aggressive.

             – Wikipedia (So you know it’s true!)

    I’m not too concerned with the first definition. Unless, of course, I’m settling a dispute through a joust.

    It can be difficult to avoid going on a tilt rampage at the poker table. The best players can suppress it, but even they succumb to the emotional agony that accompanies a bad beat like, oh lets say, getting aces cracked by a four-card flush from another set of aces. It’s maddening. Personally, nothing puts me on tilt more than getting a sneaky two-pair counterfeited on the river, knowing it happened and paying it off anyway. I just can’t help myself. And it sends me into a visceral rage. If it weren’t for uncontrollable bad luck, I’d have triple the chips currently sitting in front of me. That pisses me off. Those are MY CHIPS. Frankly, it’s a pretty moronic way to assess the situation since poker chips should be treated like money. And, as Omar Little is quick to point out, “Money ain’t got no owners, only spenders.” I’d insist he reassure me every time I forget, but I’m not foolish enough to confuse him with a man that repeats himself.

    All the strategery and instant probability conversions that went into accumulating those chips in the first place don’t matter anymore. That would take patience and a clear mind, two things that won’t GET MY CHIPS BACK RIGHT NOW!!! If the next two cards dealt my way A) Can connect to make a straight B) Are suited C) Include a face card D) Aren’t exposed – I can assure you – I’m about to make a really stupid decision; one which, generally, results in a brief cig break and drink order (nothing less than a triple) followed by a stop at the ATM. The worst part? Knowing, even as it’s occurring, that’s it’s an awful idea. I’ve made myself weak, and it’s visible. Identifying who’s on tilt is extremely easy; it becomes more transparent if they’re trying to hide it.

    That’s how people know to take advantage, and sharks gonna be sharks.

    However, tilting isn’t exclusive to poker. It manifests itself in Fantasy Football every week, mainly in the form of bench mistakes and impulse trades. You should never punish yourself in hindsight for making a correct decision that doesn’t work out. If you pushed all-in with two aces and get called by two kings and lose, you can’t be mad about that. Put in the exact situation again, would you really play it differently? No. And you can’t be furious with your opponent for calling with kings. Everyone calls with kings, except Sam Barnhart.

    I used Washington’s defense two Thursdays ago against the Giants. It wasn’t because the Redskins’ defense is amazing, since it’s clearly not. No, it had to do with home defenses consistently killing it in the Fantasy points department on Thursday nights. The numbers showed it really didn’t matter if they were fierce defensive units or not. Washington D/ST scored negative four Fantasy points. It happens. Sometimes you gather the facts, place yourself in the best position to succeed and end up failing regardless. This is Fantasy Football; some variation of this scenario happens 100 times every week, to every single Fantasy player. Dealing with the aftermath is how we all differ. Did Washington’s debilitating performance deter me from streaming Green Bay’s D/ST in Week 5? Absolutely not. I refused to let it get to me. It’s a high-probability strategy; of course I was going to continue exploiting it. Although, understanding it’s high-probability, not absolute, likely helped with that.

    Playing Calvin Johnson last week and witnessing his exit from the field after re-aggravating the same ankle that gave us so much pause all week put many Fantasy owners on tilt. I wasn’t affected. All pregame reports and information pointed to Megatron not acting as merely a decoy against the Bills, but a return to his regular, awesome self. It’s my fault for trusting said reports and information.

    If I hopped in Glover Cleveland’s Presidential Time Machine and went back to the exact moment when I decided to keep Johnson in my lineup over Louis Murphy, with only the same info I had to work with then, I’d do it again. I suppose, eventually, I’d enter a Groundhog Day time loop until I didn’t make the wrong choice. But, that’s a matter best left for those with a Ph.D in theoretical pop-culture illusionary to flesh out, not me. I’m simply an amateur.

    You know what would have put me on tilt, though? Starting Murphy over Johnson and watching Murphy not get a single target while Megatron goes all Megatron on my bench, and losing because of it. Emotion would have taken over and I likely would have blown up my team – unwisely – in a moment of pure frustration. Just because you get lucky and get rewarded for a poor decision doesn’t mean you should double-down on it. That’s how “too cute” lineup moves are born. For sustainable positive results, the worst thing that can happen to your Fantasy season is benefiting from a dumb choice the first time you make one. Now you want to do it every time. While I don’t believe in things like “due” or a “winner’s mentality” in sports, relying on those decision-making tactics will make you a loser.

    A thought like, “MAN, if I had just played DeSean Jackson over Antonio Brown I would have won, I’LL DO IT THIS WEEK!!!” should never cross your mind. That’s faulty logic. DeSean Jackson is a pure “tilt player.” Just not for me so much, but in general. I’ve square danced with DJAX enough to know what I’m getting: crippling inconsistency. He’ll hurt you. After years of emotional abuse, I am no longer duped by the allure of his “upside.” Everyone has players specific to them.

    Reggie Bush is my guy. Oh Reggie, I wish I knew how to quit you. (FYI: The Brokeback Mountain score is one of the best in movie history.) To me, Bush is like a pack of cigarettes: I know he’s slowly killing me, but I’m addicted.

    Fantasy talents like Bush and Jackson are true tilt players; Demaryius Thomas should never put you on tilt. He’s too consistently good. You’re always going to play DT, regardless of matchup. If he sucks, you’re still playing him the next week, no questions asked. It’s the next tier below where the tilting starts: the boom or bust guys. The ones you always start when they post two points and have seated on the bench when they score three times.

    For years, Joey Galloway was that guy for me. Fortunately, Joey did the humane thing and retired. He can’t inflict any more pain on me. The bad news is there’s always going to a passel of players injecting misery in my life.

    Mayo’s 2014 All-Tilt Team

    QB: Matthew Stafford, Colin Kaepernick
    RB: Reggie Bush, Shane Vereen, Pierre Thomas, C.J. Spiller
    WR: Andre Johnson, Justin Hunter, Cordarrelle Patterson, Roddy White, Michael Crabtree
    TE: Jason Witten, Jordan Cameron

    So, who are your biggest tilt players? Let me know. We’ll create a support group and overcome these problems, TOGETHER!


    It’s really too bad I blew my Twin Peaks load in Week 1. It really would have been timely right about now.

    Instead, I’ll direct you to one of my favorite Saturday morning cartoons from the ’90s, The Tick. With it’s pencil animation, masked adult humor and hilarious hero/supervillains, its 36 episodes are assuredly bingeable over a weekend. Live, laugh, move on. And if you’re not sucked in by the Evil Midnight Bomber What Bombs at Midnight, honestly, I don’t know what’s wrong with you. Maybe you just hate humor.


    WEEK 6 Top 20 QBs (Most Updated QB RANKS)

    1. Peyton Manning
    2. I’m Philip Rivers?
    3. Aaron Rodgers
    4. Smokin’ Jay Cutler
    5. Eli Manning Face
    6. Matt Ryan
    7. Andrew Luck
    8. Nick Foles
    9. Russell Wilson
    10. Ben Roethlisberger
    11. Matthew Stafford
    12. HELLO JOE Flacco. Iron helps him play!
    14. Chef Hoyardee
    15. Andy “GINGERVITUS” Dalton
    16. Secret BaldMike Glennon
    17. Ryan Tannehill
    18. Tom Brady
    19. Teddy Throwsevelt
    20. Gonzo Kaepernick


    1. NE/BUF
    2. PIT/CLE
    3. DET/MIN
    4. CAR/CIN
    5. BAL/TB
    6. GB/MIA
    7. JAX/TEN
    8. DEN/NYJ


    CIN over CAR


    1. SEA
    2. DEN
    3. TEN
    4. ARZ
    5. SD
    6. BUF
    7. NE
    8. CIN
    9. DET
    10. SF


    CIN (-7)


    Andre Roberts at ARZ
    Eric Decker vs DEN
    Devin Hester vs CHI


    What do Chad Henne, Kirk Cousins and Austin Davis have in common? Two things: (1) they’re all scrubs and (2) they each tossed multiple passing scores against the Eagles. Which brings us to Eli Manning. Eli is averaging over two touchdowns and 7.5 yards per attempt over Giants’ past three games, and even though he’s only cracked 300 yards once in five tries, the Eagles’ pitiful secondary should assist him in surpassing that number handily. Don’t forget, this game is in PRIMMMEEEE TIMMMEEEEE. And prime time games are hitting the over above an 85-percent clip this season. Oh, numbers.

    With Rashad Jennings sidelined, most have gone mental over Andre Williams’ potential breakout. Please, temper expectations – GET THE NET!!! Most of the running back damage done against Philly this season has been through the air. This isn’t great news for Williams and his Alfred Morris hands. There’s a real chance he actually hides bricks inside his gloves like a Cuban boxer. He’ll get his 15-20 carries, and that’s valuable, no doubt. But, he’s going to need to score to have a legit impact in Week 6 because the yardage won’t be there. I’d wager Peyton Hillis gets more work than you’d expect if the Giants are forced to the air early.

    If you play in any league that forces you to own a maximum at a position or doesn’t use FAAB bidding to conduct business on the waiver wire, do yourself a favor, and join a new league. When God gives you lemons, YOU FIND A NEW GOD!!!!

    The Broncos unleashed Demaryius Thomas last week and finally got him going. Now, it’s Wes Welker’s turn. His first week back, Welk played 47 snaps. Last week, he ran 47 routes, about equal with Thomas and Emmanuel Sanders, confirming he’s back to full strength. And with the Broncos injury situation in the backfield coupled with the Jets strong run defense and lack of coverage linebackers, expect Peyton Manning to be putting the ball in the air upwards of 40-50 times, with around 12 of those passes breaching Welker’s personal space. That opportunity will be enough to make him a Top 20 WR.

    Joe Flacco is inconsistent and untrustworthy. He’s the bad boy of Fantasy quarterbacks. And, his Eugene Levyesque eyebrows only support that case, as does his resemblance to Sesame Street’s Bert. But this is a week to throw him in your lineup if you need some help. Tampa’s given up a trifecta of aerial scores in each of the past three games. Now, those games were away from the pirate ship, but this secondary is porous at best. Treat the Bucs D like telemarketers do old people, exploit them.

    Some do not consider Delanie Walker an every week starter at tight end. Those people, sorry to say, are morons. #SorryNotSorry. It’s your own fault for not bowing to Delanie’s majesty. Consider this – Walker has scored AT LEAST 8.7 PPR points every week, and the situation is setting up perfectly for him. Walker owns the second lowest aDOT of any Titans receiving option, and when your starting QB can’t close his hand, or is Charlie Whitehurst, standing as close to them as possible is going to result in plenty of opportunities. Plus, against a similar offense in Washington: one possession guy, two stretch threats and a seam tight end, Jacksonville couldn’t figure out how to cover Niles Paul. And Walker, he’s much better than Paul.

    Raise your hand if Calvin Johnson has [redacted] you the last two weeks. Let me see those hands. It’s been brutal. Hopefully the Lions do the smart thing and let him rest so he can return to being the top receiver in Fantasy two weeks from now. In the mean time, Golden Tate is a wide receiver one. In Megatron’s two decoy games, GTIII’s averaging 7.5 catches on 10 targets and 125 yards. That’s not going to change against the Vikings, who allow the sixth highest completion percentage against and have ceded a touchdown to a slot receiver in four straight games.

    Need a sleeper for deep league or big man selling for a scrub price in DFS? I suggest taking a gander at Chase Ford. Here are some fun Chase Ford facts:

    • He plays for the Vikings.
    • Teddy Throwsevelt is going to be back under center for the Vikings, and he ranks 29th in QB aDOT – tight ends are like diamonds to quarterbacks, a girl’s best friend.
    • Ford’s ran pass routes on 91.4-percent of his snaps.
    • Chase is a reasonably cool name.

    Sounds pretty good, right? It only gets better. Because the Lions generate so much pressure with their front four and clog interior running lanes so well, RBs and TEs account for a high percentage of targets against them. Sunday against the Bills, that group saw 22 targets versus Detroit. Ford’s not a must play, but he’s certainly a Fantasy John Turturo at the position in Week 6 – I fear we underrate his sneakiness.

    Need a D/ST? I’ll keep it simple. Take Tennessee at home against the Jags. Jacksonville’s ceded double-digit Fantasy points to the opposing D/ST every week, and more than 14 Fantasy points in four of five weeks. The Titans D isn’t great, but they’ll be made to look that way this week. MOVING ON!!!

    Fred Jackson’s ankle issues are somewhat concerning, but all reports point to FJAX being active against the Patriots. If that’s the case you’ll wanna have him in. New England is giving up 132 rushing yards per game in divisional contests since the beginning of last year, and the Bills will exploit that. Outdoors this season, Buffalo has been perfectly balanced. Throwing 88 times, rushing 88 times. Indoors, they pass two times to every one rush. Meaning, there’s gonna be enough work to go around. If Jackson can’t go, C.J. Spiller vaults into the Top 10 at RB. He’s averaged over 20 PPR points per game since the start of 2012 in games without Jackson.

    Don’t be suckered into thinking the Steelers’ defense is of high quality. It ain’t. Yes, they’ve already squared off with the Browns this season, but now they have to hit the road and deal with the surging BRIAN HOYER. Hoyer doesn’t come with a ton a of upside, but if you need a fill in, he’s widely available and makes sure you tread water at QB for the week. He’s coming off his best game of the season in Tennessee, and the Browns’ offensive scheme has shown a propensity to toss it in the red zone.  Stupid Face Jordan Cameron Travis Benjamin, anyone? Chef Hoyardee is averaging 18 Fantasy points in the last two weeks and appears to be gelling with his speedy, but undersized receiving corps. He’s a risky start, but a hardy one.

    It’s no guarantee Donald Brown’s new found case of the dizzies will keep him out against the Raiders, buttttttttttt it’s lookin’ that way. This leaves the bulk of touches bestowed upon Branden Oliver, in a very juicy matchup. And, you can expect a lot of them. San Diego’s fifth in rushing attempts for 2014 and combine those touches with Oliver’s pass catching prowess and it makes him a must play. Oh, you think he’ll need to stand back and block? Think again. Oliver is only being asked to pick up a blitzer on one of every ten snaps when he’s on the field. Eventually, the Chargers running situation will return to full health, but not this week. Just beware of Shaun Draughn or Ronnie Brown hamburgling a TD. That would be the worst.

    You should know by now playing receivers against the Eagles is Fantasy Ovaltine. Many will instinctively gravitate to Victor Cruz in search of a big week, which could very well happen. But, I’d rather side with the consistency of Rueben Randle. While Cruz’s production has more peaks and valleys than a sine curve, Randle has covertly piled up more catches than Kelvin Benjamin and seen more targets than both Dez Bryant and Alshon Jeffery over the past three weeks. And most importantly, Randle has the most end zone targets of any receiver in the league — 12. That’s one more than Antonio Brown. Cruz probably has a higher ceiling than Randle, but I simply don’t trust him as much at this point. Plus, Philly’s been gashed by possession receivers over vertical threats so far this season.


    NOTE: PPR scoring only truly affects outliers. PPR Ranks and Standard Ranks are similar with the exception extreme reception magnets like Pierre Thomas, Justin Forsett & Darren Sproles (PPR Positive) and the stonehanded Alfred Morris, Frank Gore & Stevan Ridley (PPR Negative).

    Week 6 Rankings: FLEX | QB | RB | WR | TE & D/ST
    Week 6: Spread Picks | Ranks Debate | Sell Highs | Buy Lows | FAAB Bids 
    More Week 6: Bye/Injury Pickups | Survivor Picks | Points Against | RB Adds

    Pat Mayo Hour – Week 6 Rankings Debate w/ Jake Ciely

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    SHUNNED!!!: Ray Rice
    RESHUNNED!!!: Adrian Peterson
    ProbableBrandon Marshall (Ankle), Vincent Jackson (Rib), Jamaal Charles (Ankle), Doug Martin (Knee), Ben Tate (Knee), Fred Jackson (Ankle), Delanie Walker (Shoulder)
    Questionable: Tavon Austin (Knee), Cecil Shorts (Hammy), Eric Decker (Hammy), Mike Evans (AHHHH MY Groin), Marqise Lee (Ankle), Maurice Jones-Drew (Hand), Knowshon Moreno (Elbow), Joique Bell (Dizzies), Vernon Davis (Ankle/Back), Jordan Reed (Hammy), Vance McDonald (Knee), Joseph Fauria (Ankle), Ladarius Green (Hammy)
    Doubtful [Not Ranked]: Calvin Johnson (Ankle), Rashad Jennings (Knee), Deangelo Williams (Thigh), Donald Brown (Concussion), Jonathan Stewart (Leg), Reggie Bush X (Ankle), Toby Gerhart (Foot), Rabbi Shonn Greene (Hammy)
    Out: Ryan Mathews (Knee), Montee Ball (Knee), Toby Gerhart (Foot), A.J. Green (Toe), Montee Ball (Knee), MARV Jones (Ankle), Harry Douglas (Foot)
    Keep Stashing: Josh Gordon (Suspension)

    1. Matt Forte
    2. Antonio Brown
    3. Julio Jones
    4. Demaryius Thomas
    5. Alshon Jeffery
    6. Jordy Nelson
    7. Randall Cobb
    8. Dez Bryant
    9. Le’Veon Bell
    10. Marshawn Lynch
    11. Julius Thomas
    12. Vincent Jackson
    13. Golden Tate III
    14. Emmanuel Sanders
    15. Brandon Marshall
    18. Kelvin BenJAMIN’
    19. Jeremy Maclin
    20. Percy Harvin
    21. Gio Bernard
    22. LeSean McCoy
    23. Eddie Lacy
    24. Andre Ellington
    25. Julian Edelman
    26. Brian Quick
    27. Wesley Welker
    28. Roddy White
    29. Rueben Randle
    30. Greg Olsen
    31. Delanie Walker
    32. DeMarco Murray, Present
    33. Branden Oliver
    34. PRIMETIME Darren Sproles
    35. Fred Jackson
    36. Keenan Allen
    37. Victor Cruz
    38. Frank Gore
    39. Justin Forsett
    40. Ben Tate
    41. Joique Bell
    42. Lamar THRILLER (Special Guest Rank: Jake Ciely)
    43. Mike Wallace
    44. Michael Floyd
    45. Andrew Hawkins
    46. The Wreck of the Larry Fitzgerald
    47. Sammy Watkins
    48. Kendall Wright
    49. Antonio Gates
    50. Martellus Bennett
    51. Larry Donnell
    52. Chris Ivory
    53. Zac StacyFilm Credits: “Super Mario Bros.” as Goomba
    54. Alfred Morris
    55. Ronnie Hillman
    56. Doug Martin
    57. C.J. Spiller
    58. Matt Asiata
    59. Michael CRABPEOPLE!!!
    60. James Jones
    61. Eric Decker
    62. Pierre Garçon
    63. HEY VERN Davis
    64. Malcom Floyd
    65. DeSean Jackson
    66. Mohamed Sanu
    67. Jarius Wright
    68. Terrance Williams
    69. Cordarrelle Patterson
    70. Cecil Shorts III
    71. Miles Austin 316
    72. Justin Hunter
    73. Allen Robinson
    74. Markus Wheaton
    75. Brandon LaFell Sexwell
    76. Anquan Boldin
    77. John Brown
    78. Eddie Royal
    79. The New ODB, Odell Beckham Jr.
    80. Jordan Matthews
    81. Andre Roberts
    82. Shane Vereen
    83. Steven Jackson
    84. Andre Williams
    85. He went to Jerick McKinnon
    86. Bishop Cranky
    87. Jordan Cameron
    88. Zach Ertz
    89. Owen Daniels
    90. Allen Hurns
    91. Jason Witten
    92. Jordan Reed
    93. Heath Miller
    94. Chris Johnson
    95. Knowshon Moreno
    96. Jeremy Hill
    97. Darrin Reaves
    98. Stevan Ridley
    99. Riley Cooper
    100. Clay Harbor
    101. Chase Ford
    102. Niles Paul
    103. Charles Dice Clay
    104. Tim Wright
    105. Luke Wilson
    106. Brian Hartline
    107. Taylor “Sledgehammer” Gabriel
    108. Robert Woods
    109. LOUIS MURPHY!!!!
    110. Andre Holmes
    111. Darren McFadden
    112. Super Storm Johnson
    113. C.J. Anderson
    114. Antone Smith
    115. Carlos Hyde
    116. Lorenzo Taliaferro
    117. Benny Cunningham, and his wife, Oprah
    118. Terrence West
    119. Bobby Blame it on the Rainey
    120. Roy Helu Jr.
    121. Peyton Hills
    122. Marquis Lee
    123. Torrey Smith
    124. Greg Jennings
    125. Mike Evans
    126. Dane Sanzenbacher
    127. Isaiah Crowell
    128. THE OG DAWG – Chris Ogbonnaya
    129. Maurice Jones-Drew
    130. Ka’Deem Carey
    131. LeGarrette Blount
    132. Denard Dog Robinson
    133. Fozzy Wozzy Whittaker
    134. Bernard Pierce
    135. Jacquizz Rodgers
    136. James Starks
    137. High Speed” Kenny Britt
    138. Nasty Nate Washington
    139. The Walls of Jerricho Cotchery
    140. Davante Adams
    141. Jason Avant
    142. Doug Baldwin
    143. Jarrett Boykin
    144. Stevie Johnson
    145. Jeremy Kerley
    146. Hakeem Nicks
    147. Travis All About the Benjamins
    148. Jeremy Ross
    149. Eric Ebron
    150. Garrett Graham
    151. Ladarius Green
    152. Mychal Rivera
    153. Scott Chandler
    154. Robert Turbin
    155. Dexter McCluster: Telling you not to LOL and Drive
    156. Lance Dunbar
    157. Chris Polk
    158. Marcel Reece
    159. Stepfan Taylor
    160. Anthony Dixon
    161. James White
    162. Jordan Todman
    163. Juwan Thompson
    164. Marlon Brown
    165. Jermaine Kearse
    166. Mike Williams
    167. Ace Sanders
    168. Devin Hester
    169. Austin Seferian-Jenkins
    170. John Carlson
    171. Levine Trololo
    172. Brandon Myers
    173. Dr. Jacoby Jones
    174. Jermaine Gresham
    175. Anthony Fasano
    176. Derek Carrier
    177. Jace Amaro
    178. Andrew Quarless
    179. Greg Salas
    180. Denarius Moore
    181. Lance Moore
    182. Stedman Bailey
    183. Danny Amendola
    184. Brandon Gibson
    185. Santonio Holmes
    186. Tavon Austin
    187. Damaris Johnson
    188. Rishard Matthews
    189. Kyle Juszczyk
    190. Devonta Freeman
    191. George Winn
    192. Chris Givens
    193. Frankie Hammond
    194. Brandon Lloyd
    195. Cody Latimer
    196. Aaron Dobson
    197. Ryan Broyles
    198. Marquise Goodwin
    199. David Nelson
    200. Kenbrell Thompkins
    201. Jarvis Landry
    202. Jeff Cumberland
    203. Brent Celek
    204. Brandon Bostick
    205. Chris Gragg
    206. Brandon Pettigrew
    207. James Casey
    208. Rhett Ellison
    209. Cole Beasley
    210. Andre Caldwell
    211. Christine Michael
    212. Tre Mason
    213. Jalen Parmele
    214. Tauren Poole
    215. Silas Redd
    216. Joseph Randle
    217. Latavius Murray
    218. Bilal POWWWWell
    219. Leon Washington
    220. Silas Redd
    221. Mike James
    222. Brandon Bolden
    223. Dri Archer #DANGERZONE
    224. Theo Riddick
    225. Bryce Brown
    226. Kris Durham


    1. Oh, hai Mark Ingram
    2. Lamar THRILLER
    3. Second Worst RB of all time, Trent Richardson
    4. Jared Cook

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