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    AutoMattek Absolutes: Week Six NFL Fantasy Football Start/Sit

    AutoMattek Absolutes: Week Six NFL Fantasy Football Start/Sit premium
    Davis Mattek October 10, 2019 6:10PM EDT

    Week Six Fantasy Football Start/Sit Advice

    By this point, you should probably have a pretty idea if your fantasy football team(s) is/are good or bad. Rest assured, if you are 1-4 right now, you can still grind and make it to the fantasy playoffs. In fact, I have a few teams that are in the same predicament. The worse off your team is, the harder the decisions you are going to have to make. Of course, here at RotoExperts, we are trying to stay rooted in the data and make our decisions as analytically sound as possible.

    TTiebreakers will often go to the games with the most projected points by Las Vegas sportsbooks but this can’t apply to every scenario. The player projections referenced on RotoExperts will come from the Daily Roto NFL projections model and will be how I opt to make many of my decisions as well. My weekly rankings will be finalized by Sunday morning and will be live on the site HERE.

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