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    Injury Update for Cardinals’ David Johnson

    Inside Injuries November 16, 2017 6:54PM EDT

    Q: Now that David Johnson’s cast is off, how long until we see him on the field?

    A: It will be at least 2-3 weeks, but it is also possible that we don’t see David Johnson at all this year. Johnson still has stitches in his wrist, which limits the upper body workouts he can do. His wrist is also very weak and his range of motion has a long way to go.

    Getting his cast off is a great first step as Johnson attempts a comeback, but there are a few more major hurdles to clear before he can suit up and be effective on the field. Johnson needs his wrist to be strong enough to protect himself and the ball. It also makes it difficult to be involved in the passing game, which is one of his greatest strengths. If the Cardinals are out of the playoff picture, they may decide to shut Johnson down for the season.

    Q: Is Ty Montgomery’s rib injury a new one, and can he play this weekend?

    David Johnson is still not close to returning and may be shut down for the season. AP Photo/Duane Burleson

    A: With Aaron Jones out for the next 3-6 weeks, the Packers need Ty Montgomery to be healthy. He missed Week 5 after suffering multiple rib fracture, and the injury has lingered ever since. Now he could be dealing with a cartilage injury to the same spot. Once this gets aggravated, it is very painful and difficult to control.

    Montgomery was not at practice on Wednesday and Thursday, making him more doubtful than questionable for Sunday’s game. His Optimal Recovery Time is three weeks, so he shouldn’t play. Pain management is very difficult once this injury gets aggravated, and every hit to the chest will hurt. Jamaal Williams will be the Packers top option if Montgomery can’t go. Montgomery currently sits at an Elevated Injury Risk with a Below Average Health Performance Factor. That’s a sign that he won’t be very effective if he does suit up.

    Q: When will Danny Woodhead be ready to go?

    A: Woodhead has been practicing for the last two weeks, but he remains 2-3 weeks away from his Optimal Recovery Time. He battled a hamstring strain during the preseason, then played in Week 1. We had him at a High Injury Risk, and he shouldn’t have played. It resulted in a partial hamstring tear that landed him on IR.

    Woodhead is eligible to return for the first time on Sunday, but the Ravens have been non-committal on his Week 11 status. The intensity of playing in a game just doesn’t compare to rehab or practice. This time around they want to be sure he is healthy enough to return and remain healthy.

    Q: How much time is Devonta Freeman going to miss with his concussion?

    A: This is Freeman’s second concussion of the year and third since 2015. That’s a very concerning number of concussions in a short time. Freeman is not expected to play on Monday night against the Seahawks, and his absence could extend weeks past that. Once Freeman got hurt during the preseason, he jumped to a High Injury Risk. And he has remained there for the past three months. Along the way, Freeman has picked up shoulder, abdomen and knee injuries. Now he has another concussion to deal with.

    Concussion recoveries are incredibly difficult to predict, especially when a player has a history. What we do know is that concussions have a cumulative effect. Freeman’s Optimal Recovery Time sits at three weeks right now, but even if he hits that mark he will remain a High injury Risk. He has too many injury concerns to be a reliable running back the rest of the season.

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