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    Injury Update: Rams Todd Gurley May Not Perform at Best Levels

    Injury Update: Rams Todd Gurley May Not Perform at Best Levels
    Inside Injuries December 18, 2018 7:55PM EDT

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    Tyler Boyd WR, Bengals: MCL sprain

    Boyd’s season is likely over after suffering an MCL sprain on Sunday. This is an injury that typically needs 4 weeks to heal, and with the Bengals eliminated from the playoffs, it doesn’t make sense for him to play in their final two games. Boyd is now a High Injury Risk, and it wouldn’t take much for him to make his knee injury worse if he returned in week 16 or 17. His injury leaves the Bengals even thinner at running back as A.J. Green is already on I.R. after undergoing foot surgery.

    Frank Gore RB, Dolphins: foot sprain

    The Dolphins are expecting Gore’s season to be over after the vet suffered a foot injury. That will end his streak of seven straight 16 game seasons, an incredibly impressive run, especially for an older running back. Gore will undergo further tests to determine the severity of his injury. If no surgery is needed for a more serious injury such as a ligament tear, he should have a normal offseason and could return in 2019. At 35 years old, though, his NFL career could be coming to an end.

    Keenan Allen WR, Chargers: hip pointer

    In the Chargers’ huge Thursday night win over the Chiefs, Allen went down early with a hip injury and wasn’t able to finish the game. Allen was targeted in the end zone in the first half and came down hard on his side. He tried to return but quickly aggravated the injury. Allen hopes to return in week 16, but hip injuries are tough to recover from in just a week. Inside Injuries is showing a 2-4 week Optimal Recovery Time right now. With the playoffs approaching, the team should have him rest next week and then try to return in week 17 if his hip is feeling better. Allen is likely dealing with a hip pointer, which is a contusion to the upper pelvis. While it does heal on its own, it’s very painful as all lower body movements are affected. Everything from accelerating to jumping to changing directions involves the hip.

    Marcus Murphy RB, Bills: dislocated elbow

    The Bills had just two running backs on their active roster in week 15 as LeSean McCoy (hamstring) and Chris Ivory (shoulder) were both ruled out before kickoff. That left Murphy and Keith Ford, but Murphy dislocated his elbow in the first half and was quickly ruled out. When this injury occurs, it is incredibly painful until the joint can be reset. The Bills medical staff popped it back into place while treating him on the field and then took him for additional tests and treatment. While Murphy likely avoided a serious injury such as a ligament tear that would require surgery, his season could still be over. It takes a few weeks for everything in the elbow to calm down after the trauma of a dislocation.

    Julian Edelman WR, Patriots: aggravated foot injury

    It’s clear that Edelman’s foot isn’t fully healed, but he was able to return to last week’s game after aggravating it in the second half. It’s no surprise that he continues to be bothered by it as his Injury Risk currently sits at 19% (Elevated Risk). Edelman hasn’t missed any game time yet, so it makes sense that this has turned into a lingering problem. He could be in and out of games throughout the end of the regular season and the playoffs, but he should be able to play well as long as he can stay on the field. His HPF (Health Performance Factor) is Peak at 84%, which tells me he should be able to produce a solid stat line despite the injury.

    Aaron Jones RB, Packers: MCL sprain

    An MCL sprain could end Jones’ season. It’s the same injury he suffered last season but to the other knee. In 2017 he missed 2 games, which is on the short end of the 4 week Optimal Recovery Time for his injury. This isn’t something that should affect his offseason, but it is not an injury that he should try to play through as it wouldn’t take much to cause more damage to the knee. The Packers will rely on Jamaal Williams over the final two weeks of the season.

    Todd Gurley RB, Rams: knee inflammation

    Gurley didn’t look quite right in the Rams loss to the Eagles on Sunday night. He was seen with a wrap around his knee and trying to stay loose on the bike at times throughout the game. Gurley is not expected to miss any time, but his practice reps could be limited over the next few weeks in an effort to keep him fresh and allow the inflammation to calm down. Right now his Injury Risk sits at 20%, which is Elevated. His Below Average HPF (51%) is also an indicator that he isn’t healthy enough to play his best right now. A few weeks of rest and treatment should be very beneficial, but this could become a lingering problem if he continues to play through it. This could flare up from time to time throughout the rest of the season.

    Lamar Miller RB, Texans: ankle sprain

    Miller missed the entire second half after suffering an ankle injury early in Saturday’s game. He underwent a series of tests that confirmed this isn’t a serious injury and it isn’t a high ankle sprain. A standard sprain comes with a two week Optimal Recovery Time. He won’t be healthy if he suits up in week 16, but he should be good to go by week 17 or the first round of the playoffs. The Texans have left the door open for him to play just a week after the injury, but it isn’t a smart decision if they want him right for the playoffs. Right now his Injury Risk is at a concerning level at 27% (High Risk).

    Ito Smith RB, Falcons: knee injury

    The Falcons have placed rookie RB Ito Smith on I.R. Smith was playing through a knee injury and aggravated it against the Cardinals. He will now undergo surgery, but it’s unclear what exactly will be addressed. All we know is that it isn’t an overly serious injury such as an ACL tear. Smith may have damage to the cartilage or meniscus in his knee, which would come with an 8 week Optimal Recovery Time. If that’s the case, he should be fully recovered for OTAs and ready to go by the preseason.

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