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    Jordan Reed Could Miss Multiple Weeks

    Inside Injuries November 29, 2016 2:53PM EDT
    When Jordan Reed went down with a left shoulder injury in the first half on Thanksgiving Day, it didn’t look good. He was initially seen in a sling on the sideline but somehow returned to the game and finished the day with 95 yards and two touchdowns, dominating the Cowboys’ defense.

    But now, after further tests, Reed has been diagnosed with a grade 3 separated shoulder, meaning it’s pretty serious. The good news is Reed has teInjury Scalen days to recover, but the bad news is this injury comes with ligament tears in the joint and can be extremely painful. Reed even reported that he was having a hard time getting dressed by himself and can’t really lift his arm. Range of motion and strength are both greatly affected by this injury, which will make it hard for him to play through. It will hurt his ability to block and reach for any balls thrown his way.

    Inside Injuries has the optimal recovery time for this injury at three weeks minimum, so while he may try to play through it, his performance won’t be as strong and he will be in a lot of pain. It may also prolong his recovery and cause the injury to linger throughout the rest of the season and into the playoffs.

    With a capable tight end in Vernon Davis sitting second on the depth chart, the best move for the Redskins is to sit Reed Week 13 and possibly longer to allow time for the shoulder to heal. He is at high risk and poor HPF, so according to the algorithm he is a clear “do not start” for Fantasy purposes. Once he returns to practice and gets closer to the optimal recovery time, his numbers will start to improve. Until then, Reed needs to be receiving constant treatment on his shoulder and rest to allow time to heal.

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