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    MFL 10 Fantasy Football Draft Review

    Corey Parson July 11, 2017 7:01AM EDT
    MyFantasyLeague.com runs some of the most popular Fantasy Football Best Ball competitions in the industry, known as MFL 10s. In MFL 10s, 12 owners compete in a Best Ball PPR format with a 10 dollar entry fee. Teams are constructed via slow email draft. MFL 10s leagues regularly feature some of the top names in the Fantasy Football industry, as well as some of the best players you never heard of. These leagues are a great way to prepare for the upcoming season. So, I will break down some of these drafts to help you compete better in them. Heck, I know what I’m doing here, so just listen to me and you’re going to win these leagues, just like I will. You know who I am. The Fantasy Executive.

    Team 1 Top Choices

    QB Matt Ryan

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