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    Overvalued Players to Avoid for 2017 Fantasy Football

    Chris Ventra June 14, 2017 12:10AM EDT
    Everyone’s starting to get amped for Fantasy Football, as they should. Many NFL players are participating in OTAs and early Fantasy Football rankings are beginning to emerge. Experts are coming out of the woodwork with their predictions, projections, and opinions while everyone attempts to digest as much info as they can. The anticipation period is one of the best parts of the Fantasy season, a time when everyone can analyze the landscape and look to nail a bullseye on their projections…I intend on doing the same.

    Each season we put price tags on every relevant player looking to get it right, but no one is ever perfect and we end up with a bunch of overvalued players. Rookies are especially put on a pedestal due to the unknown excitement they bring to the table. This is understandable because let’s be honest, they’re fresh, new, and have extremely high-ceilings sometimes. With quite a few rookies expected to be competing or locked into key roles in 2017, you can bet there will be some overvalued ones as well.

    The Overvalued

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