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    How and Where To Play Best Ball Fantasy Football

    How and Where To Play Best Ball Fantasy Football
    Ricky.sanders15@gmail.com March 11, 2019 12:17PM EDT

    All The Ways To Play Best Ball Fantasy Football

    Deciding to do a best ball league is just the first step these days since multiple sites now offer similarly-formatted games. Choosing the league and site that is best for you is important. As part of our on-going coverage of Best Ball fantasy football, I have put together a guide to a few of the different formats.

    The FFPC Best Ball Fantasy Football Leagues

    The FFPC, or “Fantasy Football Players Championship,” offers best ball leagues that range from $35 to $1,250 in entry fee.  The site uses basic point per reception (PPR) scoring that includes four points for a passing touchdown (TD) but also features a twist. Notably, thy tight ends (TEs) slightly more heavily, as the position is rewarded 1.5-points per reception. Furthermore, the FPPC includes kickers and defenses in their best ball leagues, which is not the industry standard like it is in true seasonal leagues.

    The FFPC removes one fantasy point per interception and awards one fantasy point per 20 passing yards. On defense, six points are awarded for every TD, two points are awarded for every takeaway and one point is awarded for a sack (which are all standard). However, 12 points are awarded for a shutout and five points are awarded for a safety. Fantasy owners are required to draft twenty-eight (28) total roster spots with the starting lineup including one quarterback (QB), two running backs (RB), two wide receivers (WR), one tight end (TE), two FLEX, one kicker (K) and one defense (DEF).

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    Both live drafts (with a 90 second time limit per pick) and slow drafts (eight-hour time limit per pick) are offered so people can choose their preference. Depending on the entry fee, FFPC leagues will pay out the top 2-3 finishers in the league, but they also offer double up satellites where those who finish in the top half win credits to two leagues at the same buy-in as the original league fee. Essentially, if fantasy owners join a $35 double up and finish in the top half, they can win two $35 league tickets if they finish in the top half. The exact payouts can be found here. In general, the FPPC is catered to those with slightly higher bankrolls and those who prefer leagues nearly identical to the classic format of fantasy football.

    MFL Best Ball Fantasy Football Leagues: Football10’s

    “My Fantasy League,” or MFL, is the original popular site for best ball leagues and they have chosen not to include kickers in their format.  They use a standard point-per-reception (PPR) scoring format where passing TDs are worth four fantasy points but interceptions are weighted doubly as negative as they are in the FFPC (negative two fantasy points). MFL does not put a premium on receptions for TEs and defenses can only earn between 10 and -3 points depending on how many points they allow.

    Otherwise, their scoring format is similar to the FPPC on defenses, although safeties are only worth two points (as opposed to five in the FFPC). Roster size is slightly smaller, as fantasy owners will only draft 20 players, with the required roster spots including one QB, two RB, three WR, one TE, one FLEX and one DEF (and 11 bench spots). All leagues are slow drafts with an eight-hour time limit per pick and the ability to pre-select players for an upcoming draft pick. Entry fees begin at $10 on MFL and max out at $100 so these leagues are more affordable for those on a strict budget. Like the FFPC, MFL offers both top-heavy formats and 50/50 leagues, and their prize pools are as follows:

    Auto Draft 5

    Auto Draft 6

    MFL was the original site for best ball fantasy football, offers a variety of payout structures and avoids kickers, which the FFPC does not.

    DRAFT Best Ball Fantasy Football Leagues

    DRAFT’s scoring is based on a basic half-point PPR scoring format and roster size is the smallest of the three sites with only 18 players total. Unlike the other sites, DRAFT offers daily fantasy games, so it was nice of them to keep the scoring consistent between those and their best ball games. DRAFT decided to completely avoid both kickers and defenses and focus on rosters where fantasy owners must start one QB, two RB, three WR, one TE and one FLEX. As is the industry standard, DRAFT offers slow drafts, but, unlike the other sites, DRAFT offers an extension between the hours of 2AM and 5AM. The example that explains the exact additional time awarded can be found here. On the other hand, fast drafts are also offered as well, and take just over an hour on average. Best balls on DRAFT range from $1 to $100 which means DRAFT offers the cheapest games of the three. Their drafts are the quickest, they offer the cheapest games and their offensive scoring format is significantly different from the others if looking for site differentiators.

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