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    Playoff Fantasy Football: How and Where to Play

    Playoff Fantasy Football: How and Where to Play
    Davis Mattek December 23, 2019 3:39PM EDT

    Playoff Fantasy Football Options for 2019

    No one ever actually wants to stop playing fantasy football. The entire reason that playoff fantasy football exists is because all of us are so into the activity that we do not want it to be over when the regular season ends. There is really money to be made playing in several high-stakes playoff fantasy football contests (similar to the Main Event and the other large regular-season fantasy football championships) and playoff contests arguably include even more strategy. In a vast majority of these contests, not only are we projecting individual player performance but also projecting team performance and who will win each conference. Below is a quick analysis of the available playoff games with links to join the contest.

    2019 NFL Playoff Fantasy Football Options

    One of the biggest high-stakes playoff fantasy football formats is the NFFC Postseason Hold ‘Em Contest. There is a top prize of $125,000 and the Top 50 positions overall pay out, with the opportunity to at least make back your entry fee if you land in the prize pool range.  From the NFFC description: “Owners must manage a team of 12 players throughout the playoffs to accumulate the most league points. The description of the format is pretty simple: “Owners will initially complete their roster by selecting one player from each team that qualified for the playoffs. In the second round as teams are eliminated from the NFL playoffs, owners can have as many as two players from the same team on their Hold ’Em roster. In Week 3 of the playoffs, owners can have three players per team from their roster and during the final playoff game, teams can have a maximum of four players per team (for a total of 8 players).” We will have content on this format after Week 17 and before the start of the playoffs. If a player is on a team with a bye, his points are automatically doubled for his second round production, which is basically the biggest wrinkle of the format.

    An even bigger high-stakes playoff fantasy football challenge is the Fantasy Football Players Championship Playoff Challenge. This format includes $500,000 to first place (!!!!) with a $200 entry fee with a simple scoring system. From the FFPC Website: “FFPC scoring rules are in effect. Contest runs from the first week of the NFL playoffs through the Super Bowl. Each week’s score will be added to your team’s total which will accumulate for the duration of the contest. Super Bowl points will count as DOUBLE the points toward each team’s total.” Each team starts 10 players and you can choose from any playoff team but only ONE player per team. So, if you select Patrick Mahomes, you cannot also select Travis Kelce.

    Apex Fantasy Leagues offers a playoff fantasy football game for mid-stakes players with six-team leagues that features a draft for 14 roster spots with various pricing formats. These leagues are total points leagues without the setting of weekly lineups which makes them essentially, playoff fantasy football best ball leagues with no trading or waivers. These drafts also have a live clock and the strategy should be pretty intuitive: without big wrinkles, you simply want to select as many players as possible on the teams that you think are going to advance to the Super Bowl. We will have full postseason rankings published on RX next week before the start of the playoffs.

    The NFL.com Fantasy Football Playoff Challenge is likely the game that is going to be most popular with your friends and family. The game is free to play with the top prize being a trip to next season’s Super Bowl. This a four-point passing TD format with no points for receptions. The points multiplication scoring is similar to what was previously described in the NFFC Game. There are eight-team rosters with no limits on players from any team. You can join individual groups while also competing overall. This would really be a game best used if you wanted to do a side-pot with your friends or a group of people as opposed to trying very hard for the grand prize (essentially a freeroll with very low equity).

    Head2Head Sports has a Pro Playoff Pick ‘Em Game, which requires you to pick one player from each team, but rosters are locked once the Wild Card Round starts. It is a six-point TD pass and PPR format with a $12.95 entry and a $2,000 Grand Prize and 100 payout slots. The games offered on Head2Head Sports are low-entry fee and really just a way to have something to sweat during the NFL playoffs. The projections on Daily Roto and the weekly rankings here at RotoExperts will be useful for all of you playing in any type of playoff fantasy football but this game is really just an extension of Daily Fantasy Sports and you might be better off taking your game to DraftKings or Fanduel.

    It would also be reasonable if you simply wanted to run your own playoff fantasy football league with your own rules, stipulations, and payouts. If that is what you are looking to do with a postseason draft league, MyFantasyLeague is the easiest site to customize and use. You can use their default scoring or set up your own formats, deciding on custom scoring for TD passes, receptions and much more if you so choose. In addition to draft style total points leagues, you can also create “contest style” formats where a player can only be used once during the entire NFL playoffs. In these formats, if you believe a team will be eliminated in any given week, but their best players will perform well, then you should roster them for a singular week.

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