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    Welcome to FNTSY Sports Radio Network, where you can get your free fantasy fix 24 hours a day, seven days a week, from the FNTSY Sports Network.

    Season long, daily fantasy (DFS), weird pools and formats -- it doesn't matter. We give you tips, strategy, and advice that is produced, hosted, and over-analyzed by your favorite fantasy personalities. In short, we're here to help you win.

    And while fantasy sports is a passion for us, we understand that too much of a good thing is boring. We'll hit some real sports, give tips to those looking to legally wager, and there's a nice mix of pop culture swirled in; all the topics people are talking about around the water cooler are weaved into the content, providing entertaining, informative and trendy programming, all while making certain you'll be raising your fantasy belts high over your head at season's (or day's) end.

    Want to participate? Call in at (844) 843-6879 that's (844) 84 FNTSY.​ Listen for FREE, dominate your league, and thank us later.

    The FNTSY Sports Radio Network. You bring your ears, we'll bring our "A" game.


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