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    Fantasy Basketball: Recommended Players Per 25 Picks

    Ricky Sanders Staff Writer October 3, 2014 6:09PM EDT
    Fantasy Basketball drafts are much more complex than just picking the next guy on a list. Try not to be one of those guys who will draft a player just because he’s still available. Instead, try to be of the mindset of going down with YOUR  guys. One year I drafted a player in football just because he fell and he ended up missing a majority of the season. Since that day, I’m going down with my guys and my guys only.

    That strategy is recommended for everyone else as well. From the rankings, players are identified as no-problem “all-in” options. They are divided by tier and where you are in the draft. There was no reason to include the Top 5 picks because you aren’t going to land Kevin Durant or Stephen Curry at pick 10 anyways. So the players are divided according to which 25 pick sub-segment of the draft you would be in at the time. The column is laid out this way for a reason: these guys are great selections in the spots they are listed. For example, it is not recommended to draft the guys written in the 51-75 section in the Top 25 picks. However, when your draft reaches the appropriate pick and beyond, these are players outproducing where you end up taking them. Here are guys who are strong candidates to lead your Fantasy team to victory:

    Recommended picks from 5-25

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