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    Several Quarterbacks Top List of Week 14 Injured Players

    Special from Virginia Zakas InsideInjuries.com December 12, 2016 2:48PM EST
    Matt Forte RB, Jets: knee injury

    A right knee injury forced Forte to leave Sunday’s comeback win over the 49ers, and he will undergo an MRI today to assess the damage. The veteran running back, who has been one of the only things going right for the Jets this year, was quickly ruled out of the game, and that’s often a bad sign. Forte hyperextended his knee on a first quarter play but says all of his ligaments are intact. When the knee is hyperextended, it can result in a few things including a bone bruise, ligament damage or a cartilage tear. Forte has been dealing with soreness in his left knee throughout the season, so now both knees are problematic.

    Shane Vereen RB, Giants: concussion

    Vereen was playing in his first game since a triceps tear landed him on injured reserve early in the season, but his night ended early because of a concussion. Vereen caught a pass in the second quarter that resulted in him hitting his head on the turf when he was tackled. He was immediately taken to the locker room and is now in concussion protocol.

    Ryan Tannehill QB, Dolphins: torn left ACLInjury Scale

    Initial tests revealed a torn left ACL for Ryan Tannehill; his left leg was planted when he went to deliver a pass and a defender hit him low, causing his leg to hyperextend. As we said with Forte, this can result in a few different things, including torn ligaments. He underwent an MRI today the results were very positive- it’s an ACL and MCL sprain and he won’t need surgery for now. A sprain can still indicate a partial tear, which would end his season, but his knee should be fully healed by training camp.

    Aaron Rodgers QB, Packers: calf strain

    Rodgers has been playing well through a mild hamstring strain, but now he also has a calf injury to deal with. Rodgers admitted after the game that the new calf injury could be a result of overcompensating for the hamstring problem, which often happens when players are trying to play through an injury. The Inside Injuries algorithm had him in the elevated injury risk category before the calf injury, and this is exactly why. Associated injuries are common when a player tries to protect himself from further damage to a current injury. While Rodgers is expected to continue to play through these injuries, it will affect his mobility and could impact his ability to deliver the long ball.

    Matthew Stafford QB, Lions: dislocated middle finger with ligament damage

    Stafford suffered a dislocated middle finger on his throwing hand, described as “a solidly jammed knuckle,” and some reports have also mentioned ligament damage. If it’s just a dislocation, there isn’t much concern for the next game – his finger will just be more fragile. But if there is ligament damage, that will have a greater impact on his ability to grip the ball and deliver a pass. Like with Derek Carr, he may take fewer snaps under center and he’s expected to wear a glove, which will help with his grip and protect the hand.

    Melvin Gordon RB, Chargers: hip injury

    Gordon had to be carted off the field after a first quarter hip injury, and he will undergo an MRI today. Gordon was hit in the back while trying to recover a Ryan Tannehill fumble. The Inside Injuries algorithm has already dropped him into the elevated injury risk category because hip injuries, even minor ones, are tough on running backs. This is another tough injury for the Chargers, who can’t seem to go a week without losing a key player. Hopefully, the MRI shows no significant damage to Gordon and he can return before the end of the season.

    Torrey Smith WR, 49ers: concussion

    Smith had to be carted off the field after going up for a pass and then landing on his head/shoulder. He lay motionless for a few seconds after the hard fall and was quickly surrounded by the 49ers’ medical team. He is now in the league’s concussion protocol and hopes to be cleared in time to play next weekend, but it’s no guarantee.

    Randall Cobb WR, Packers: ankle sprain

    Cobb gave the Packers a scare when he was carted off due to an ankle injury, but he was able to return in the second half and finish out the game. He looked fine, so hopefully it was a minor injury and he will be good to go next Sunday. Cobb has been pretty banged up throughout the season and is very touchdown-dependent, so even if this injury isn’t a big deal he’s a risky Fantasy play according to the Inside Injuries algorithm.

    Darren Sproles RB, Eagles: concussion

    The Eagles running backs can’t seem to stay healthy. Sproles was limited due to a rib injury a few weeks ago, and they also lost Ryan Mathews for two weeks because of an MCL sprain. Now Wendell Smallwood has the same injury, and Sproles is in concussion protocol, so Mathews is the only “healthy” running back they have. Sproles has a chance to clear protocol in time for Sunday, but it’s way too soon to tell if that will happen.

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