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    Three Quarterbacks To Target In ALL Superflex Fantasy Football Formats

    Three Quarterbacks To Target In ALL Superflex Fantasy Football Formats
    Davis Mattek March 13, 2020 4:57PM EST

    Three Quarterbacks To Target In ALL Superflex Fantasy Football Formats

    The lifeblood of Superflex fantasy football leagues are cheap(er) secondary quarterbacks that are essentially an afterthought in “standard” leagues. We have talked often on the SportsGrid Fantasy Football podcast and in articles here on RX about how fun we believe Superflex fantasy football dynasty leagues are with a best ball component. I play in loads of Superflex leagues and with all the time on our hands due to the mass cancellations of sports leagues around the world, it is only right to turn our attention towards drafting!

    The FFPC has dynasty and redraft leagues open, both Superflex and non. The SportsHub Network has a variety of for-money contests on offer as well. There are of course formats on MyFantasyLeague.Com and others where you can start a dynasty draft with your friends and set up your own rules and settings.

    What follows are three quarterbacks who are appropriately priced in all formats of Superflex fantasy football leagues, redraft or dynasty. They are the sort of “glue” that makes the whole exercise work. ADP from Dynasty League Football.

    Superflex Fantasy Football QB Targets

    Jameis Winston

    I have already outlined why Winston is such a screaming value in his own space earlier this offseason but he deserves a mention here as we approach free agency. If Jameis does in fact not land a surefire starting job if the Buccaneers move on from him, he will become a MEGA value in dynasty Superflex fantasy football leagues. He is one of only three players ever to pass for 19,000 or more yards in his first five seasons as a starter and that includes time where he was on the bench behind Ryan Fitzpatrick. If you are uncomfortable with projecting Jameis to go back to the Buccaneers, there are still reasons to be buying him right now.

    If Tampa Bay does not resign Jameis, he will probably have to take a semi non-desirable deal in which he is a backup quarterback but that is not guaranteed. If I offered you odds that right now, before the beginning of free agency, Jameis would start over or under 8.5 games, you would rush to take the over. There is an interesting dynamic where Jameis is going earlier in redraft leagues (QB11 as of this moment) but later in dynasty leagues which is probably backward. There is almost no chance that Jameis is done as a useful NFL QB but he might have to bide his time for a year before some retirements/injuries/ect clear out the Phil Rivers’, Tom Brady’s and Drew Brees’ of the league.

    In all of these formats, Jameis is a fantastic buy. He is young, he is likely to land in an offense that is already high-flying or would become high-flying with his addition and his ceiling is not really priced into this current ADP in redraft or dynasty Superflex formats.

    Tyrod Taylor

    Tyrod has long been a favorite of the bargain buyer in Superflex and Two-QB formats. He is always inexpensive, he always runs (at least a little bit) but for some reasons, his coaches always hate him. Taylor is now in a unique position to quarterback the Los Angeles Chargers as their bridge quarterback while they either prepare to start one of the non-Tua/Burrow rookies (Jordan Love, Jake Fromm, Jalen Hurts) or perhaps he will get the entire season if the Chargers decide he is ready to go. The organization has already publicly alluded to being prepared to start Taylor for the entirety of the 2020 season.

    Right now, Tyrod is being drafted in FFPC Superflex drafts as the 35th overall quarterback. Even if he only starts eight games, that is pretty preposterous price tag. In dynasty Superflex leagues, he is being drafted as the 30th quarterback and the 207th pick overall. Given his age (30), current situation (presumed starter for a good offensive team), previous history as a starter (QB14 in 2015, QB8 in 2016, QB16 in 2017 the only three years he started more than eight games), it seems that the market has given up on what could be a really solid multi-year asset particularly if he gets the Chargers to a wildcard spot in 2020.

    Ben Roethlisberger

    For once, I have to go off brand. While it is much more exciting to take quarterbacks with rushing upside or legit league-leading passing upside like Tyrod and Jameis, Ben is just steady value whenever he is healthy. Ben has been cleared to resume throwing after recovering from an elbow surgery. “It was a good report,” Roethlisberger told Ron Cook of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. “I got to bypass the tennis ball throwing for a month and go right to the football. Still going to be about two and a half-three months until I get total clearance from the doctor but we are doing good!

    Athletes are notoriously optimistic about their own recoveries but it is better to hear that things are going well than that things are going poorly. Mason Rudolph and Duck Hodges both proved themselves to be extremely non-threatening  as it pertains to taking Ben’s job and he is going to return to an offense that is full of weaspons. Juju Smith-Schuster, James Washington, Diontae Johnson, Vance McDonald and the James Conner/Jaylen Samuels backfield all adds up to an above-average offensive unit. Ben finished as a top-12 QB every year he played at least 14 games since 2008 and is going literally in the 30’s of quarterbacks in dynasty leagues and as QB19 in FFPC Best Ball leagues. That is pretty late for a guy who realistically projects as a backend QB1 in most healthy seasons.

    There is clearly risk with Ben due to health and the ceiling will not be there the way it was in 2018 unless one of James Washington/Diontae Johnson really flourishes as a top-end NFL wide receiver. However, Ben is a starting QB with a long track record of being good enough to be your QB2 at mostly QB3 prices.

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