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    Week 3 Waiver Wire: Brandon Weeden, Rishard Matthews and More

    RotoExperts Staff September 22, 2015 7:18PM EDT
    In the Book of Revelation, the “beginning of the end” starts when God opens the first four of seven seals, unleashing the Four Horseman of the Apocalypse – Conquest, War, Famine and Death. While they may have not been riding horses on Sunday, four major injuries plagued star and it seemed like the end of times for their owners of Tony Romo, Drew Brees, Eddie Lacy and Jay Cutler.

    I’ve been playing Fantasy Football for a decade and a half, and I can’t remember a day which inspired so much grief in such a short span of time. Twitter was abuzz with owners complaining about they lost by a mere point or two due to one of these four major stars going down. While the timeframe differs amongst each player in terms of the duration of their expected absence, one thing is clear – injuries breed opportunity in the form of the waiver wire.

    It may not be what you want to read, and I understand that. But you should all know me well at this point, I like to cheer folks up. Will Dallas Cowboys fans be upset that they drew the short end of the stick this season, losing both Dez Bryant and now Romo? Sure. But none of us can change that, and as much as it stinks losing integral parts of your team, it creates chances for backup players to really shine, including several that are widely unowned. Here’s the Week 3 Waiver Wire top picks from the Wizard’s Wand.

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