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    Week Ten Fantasy Football Streamers: QB, TE, K And DST

    Week Ten Fantasy Football Streamers: QB, TE, K And DST
    Davis Mattek November 6, 2019 11:09AM EST

    Week Ten Fantasy Football Streamers: Quarterbacks, Kickers, And DST

    All offseason, we told you here at RotoExperts that you could find fantasy football streamers at quarterback, kicker, tight ends and defense/special teams. Of course, the implicit part of that agreement is that we would help you FIND said quarterbacks, kickers, tight ends and defenses! We have had quite a successful year with streaming suggestions and hope to keep that positive momentum.

    Streaming has been pretty successful for us and we have seen a few players (Josh Allen, Jacoby Brissett, Gerald Everett, and Zane Gonzalez) go from streaming options to bonafide fantasy football starters which is the whole point of streaming in the first place!

    The RotoExperts rankings and projections will guide you in making streaming and start/sit decisions, and the RX staff will be in the Daily Roto slack to answer questions for RotoExperts subscribers as well.

    Streaming Notes: All players in this weekly column will be under 50% owned in Yahoo! Fantasy Football. A given player might be owned in your league but is not owned in all leagues. FAAB bids will be listed during the regular season but you know your league better than I do. FAAB dollars are also worth more the earlier they are spent in the calendar, so keep that in mind while streaming QB/K/TE/DST. 

    Week Ten Fantasy Football Streamers

    Week Ten Quarterback Fantasy Football Streamers

    Daniel Jones– When the New York Giants get down 20 points, Daniel Jones transforms from Sam Darnold into Steve Young. He didn’t exactly get there against the Dallas Cowboys but we can forgive him a minor transgression. Jones has added at least 1.5 points in every game with his legs except the blowout loss to New England where he was also unable to find the garbage time magic. This week against the New Jork Jets, however, Jones is the best streamer on the board. Similar to Derek Carr last week, he just about matches everything you want in a streamer (good matchup, good projectable volume) but he also is going to add a few fantasy points per game with his legs which you very rarely find with streaming quarterbacks. If you have DeShaun Watson on bye this week, Danny Pennies is your man against the Jets.

    Ryan Tannehill – There is this tendency when thinking about streaming quarterbacks to go directly to “Well, they are going to be trailing in the game which means lots of passes, which should mean more fantasy points!” Unfortunately, the data doesn’t really bear that out. Fantasy points are more correlated to yards per attempt and team total than they are to just pass attempts. So, Ryan Tannehill is not a slam dunk streamer even though the Titans will be trailing in this game against the Chief’s weak defense. However, the Titans are one of the more rush-heavy offenses in neutral game-script which means that trailing in any given game fundamentally changes the Titans offense from its’ normal state.

    Going away from handing the ball off to Derrick Henry and instead, throwing the ball to first-round picks Corey Davis and A.J Brown should positively influence Tannehill’s projection against the Chiefs and make him a streamable QB2 this week.

    If You Are Desperate: Mitch Trubisky

    Week Ten Kicker Fantasy Football Streamers

    Matt Gay- Never has there ever been an easier kicking streaming option than Matt Gay this week at home against the Cardinals. Gay is 8th in the NFL in field goals attempted this season and 12th in extra points attempted. The Cardinals have allowed the fourth-most points total in the NFL and the second-most play’s total. The Buccaneers high-scoring and efficient passing offense should have Gay lined up for a chance at five or more scoring opportunities this week (FGA+XPA) and make him an easy add at the kicker position.

    Adam Vinatieri– It is always hard to play a #bad kicker as your streaming kicker but it doesn’t get much more of a layup than an indoors home game against the Miami Dolphins. Even with Brian Hoyer under center, the Colts will have a healthy team total, the Dolphins have allowed the most points against in the NFL and the 20th most field goals. Vinatieri has had games of four and three field goal attempts against Kansas City and Denver so the upside is fairly plausible. I greatly prefer Matt Gay but think that Vinatieri is a solid consolation prize.

    Week Ten Tight End Fantasy Football Streamers

    Mike Gesicki – Gesicki had six targets last week against the Jets and with Ryan Fitzpatrick under center, the Dolphins offense is looking semi-professional instead of completely amateur. Preston Williams is also gone for the rest of the season so that should move Gesicki up a rung in the pecking order for targets. Mark Walton’s suspension also leaves the backfield to Kalen Ballage who has only one target since Week Six. The flux in the Dolphins offense that took place this week makes Gesicki a borderline top 12 option in Week Ten and I would have no qualms about starting him in any format.

    Jack Doyle – In two games this year without T.Y Hilton, Doyle has 12 targets and two touchdowns. Is he ever going to be Rob Gronkowski? No. He is more like a mobile right tackle than a shifty, move tight end but that has never mattered in the Colts offense. There is no one better at running for seven yards and turning around to catch a curl than Jack Doyle. The Dolphins passing defense is the worst DVOA pass defense in the entire history of DVOA. If Doyle is on your waiver wire and you are struggling at tight end, he is an easy start.

    If You Are Desperate: The healthiest out of O.J Howard/Cam Brate/Tanner Hudson (If only ONE of these players is active, they will be ranked as a top 15 option on the week)

    Week Ten Defense/Special Teams Fantasy Football Streamers

    Structural DST Streaming Philosophy: The core tenants of finding a good streaming defense are finding a home defense that is going to face a lot of passing attempts. While your league settings might differ, in general, what we are chasing is sacks, turnovers and the main goal is finding DST touchdowns. DST touchdowns happen most often on passing plays as opposed to rushing plays.

    Cleveland Browns – In the entirety of Josh Allen’s career, he averages one interception per game and has added 18 fumbles in 19 starts (20 appearances). I am not saying that Josh Allen is BAD, per se, but ball security is not his strong suit. Mobile quarterbacks are also more susceptible to sacks because they take longer in the pocket and often try to scramble which leads to running directly into tacklers. Allen has taken 21 sacks already this year. While the Browns are also not great, they are a home favorite against a turnover-prone quarterback. This is not rocket science.

    Tampa Bay Buccaneers-  I love Kyler Murray, you guys know this. Streaming against him, especially on the road, is a viable strategy. The Cardinals have slowed down their offensive pace since the beginning of the season and become a bit more run-heavy, but in any sort of shootout, he is going to provide opportunities for the opposing defense to score fantasy points. He has taken at least two sacks in all but one game this year and while he hasn’t turned the ball over much, the fact that the Cardinals likely won’t be able to run against the Buccaneers should increase the number of pass attempts he throws. I would prefer the Browns or Colts but with so many teams on bye, the streaming DST situation is a bit more thin than usual.

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