RotoExperts’ Fantasy Grinder to Automate Content for Fantasy Leagues

RotoExperts is looking to bring personalized content each and every fantasy football league with a new service it calls the Fantasy Grinder. The Fantasy Grinder will bring personalized game write-ups to fantasy football leagues. Designed to immerse fantasy players in a much more realistic experience, it promises to offer a personal experience unlike any other in fantasy sports.

According to Scott Engel of RotoExperts:

“The Fantasy Grinder, initially designed for football, produces newspaper-style results for every fantasy football matchup in every league, in every week. All results and reports are customized to feature unique results and writeups for every individual matchup in your league every week. Skinned in an entertaining package that includes a fantasy “reporter” who spotlights actual key results and decisions, the game recaps include pointing out good decisions by fantasy owners, and take the losing owners to task for their questionable choices.”

In other words, instead of just looking at the results of your matchup, there would be a “recap” option, much like a real-life boxscore. Fantasy Grinder will also include the option for fantasy players to add their own comments (read: trash talk) into the article, to add an extra special touch to it. Here is some sample output below:

Fantasy Grinder Sample Output

The Fantasy Grinder is the kind of product that works really well with a fantasy commissioner product; however, RotoExperts does not have one. Which makes you wonder if a commissioner offering is in the works for RotoExperts, or if the Fantasy Grinder is something that it plans to license out to other fantasy sites. Something to watch out for there.

Automated sports content is suddenly becoming a bit of a hot new trend as StatSheet announced last month that it plans to look to automate sports reporting. From a business perspective, the ability to automate content could be a gold mine for sports sites, since there is so much going on that can be reported, but it is so time intensive to do that. Creating written content is the single most labor intensive part of sports reporting out there, and the hope there is a way of automating it might change things. If you apply a product like the Fantasy Grinder to a site like Yahoo! Fantasy Sports’ fantasy leagues, it would lead to tens of millions of extra page views every week for Yahoo!, which would lead to a nice little chunk of change every week.

By: Derrick Eckardt
April 10th, 2010